Friday, 24 August 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

(click the pic if you want to join in)
I'm off out this morning
(more of that later)
so I'm going to try and get this 
post done quickly.
Apologies for any typos.

Lunch out with Grant's parents,
John and Barb.
It was a treat for me and Barb to not
have to cook and we could just
enjoy each other's company.

And leave the washing up behind too.

Coffee and catch-up with
work colleagues.
We've got less than two weeks
before we return to school,

Meeting up with my friend Louise
last night for a chat over a glass of vino.
She's quite bonkers, but in a good way :)

This fab needlework picture
I bought from a charity shop this week.

It's 50cm x 50cm.
It was £3.99,
imagine how much it would be if it
was for sale in Cath Kidston?

Hope and I are going to London this morning.  
We're heading for Tate Modern and the

I will, of course, report back.

Grant, Top Husband always.

I put together Hope's new computer chair,
with Hope as my beautiful assistant.
As usual, you need to be a member of MENSA
to be able to follow the instructions, but it's done,

His name is Malkolm

It (he?) has the name of Malkolm.
Malkolm may not be a thing of beauty
but he is a thing of great comfort.

Luke returned home safely after his first
 experience of night driving.
He'd gone to a night club with friends
and returned home at 2.30am,
by which time I'd worried myself into a 
right old pickle.

Someone please tell me this gets easier?!

Right,  that's my Rocking list done.
It's easy once you get started.
I ALWAYS sit for the first few seconds
thinking that I haven't got anything positive to
remember from the week, and then POW! 
the positives start rolling in :)

I'll leave this post link with Virginia
and visit the other Rockers later.
But now, my shower is calling to me!

Bye for now.



BadPenny said...

I'm always anxious when Jess drives at night. I shouldn't be as she's so good !
Have a lovely time with Hope - a flatpack free day ! xx

Clarky J said...

What a great list x Hope you have fun today. I think us Mums take worrying to an extreme over the kids - not sure it gets easier I think you get better at distracting your thoughts.... have a great weekend xx

Virginia said...

I'm glad it's not just me that happens to, I sit and groan and think I haven't had any positives and then the floodgates open and I don't know when to stop.

I think I would have been exactly the same about the night time driving, my only word of warning to Luke would be remember your lights, having learnt to drive ENTIRELY in the daytime, lights were something of a novelty that I didn't always realise were essential particularly when you bear in mind that there are so many streetlights these days!

The embroidery is pretty and yes would cost a fortune and WTG you and Hope and the computer chair known as Malkolm - awesome stuff and what have you started with this Ikea malarky we've now got a trip planned as has Carmen LOL!

Have a fabulous weekend


missy k said...


Glad you've had a great week and not one mention of a sniffle!

Enjoy the exhibition.... I'm meeting Livi next week in London but not sure quite what we will be doing yet...

Well done for getting Malkolm sorted out...

I'm not a fan of night time driving... Barry got me some special halogen lights for my micra (he has them on his car) and they make such a difference... so much brighter, maybe you have them already but definitely worth thinking about.

Easier.... honestly? I don't think you ever stop worrying about your children. Maybe, hopefully as they are older there is a little less to worry about.

Have a great weekend :)

Love to you all


ps loved Luke's thank you card... thank him :)

JansArtyJunk said...

OMG..I was hoping it will get easier too...but my eldest driving there and back to Manchester for a festival this weekend and my 18year old going off with his friends for a boys holiday to Majorca tommorrow!! So can't see I'll be sleeping much this week!! :O
Well done you for putting Malkolm together!! When we bought one from IKEA..I admitted defeat and hubby and son made it up!! :I
Have a good time at the exhibition..
Jan x

SusieJ said...

Ooh, enjoy the exhibition and your girl's day out!
Well done to you and Hope for putting Malkolm together...:)
And, no it doesn't get easier....I think us Mums will always find s'thing to worry about!
Have a great weekend. xx

Eileen said...

Well done on assembling Malkolm and your charity shop find is quite lovely and what a bargain too.
Hope you enjoyed your day at Tate Modern.
Have a good weekend.

scrappyjen said...

I have been To IKEA today too! How strange! I would be exactly the same about the night driving. The cross stitich is lovely. And the art visit... ooh I am so jealous! Try to post some pics if you can! Glad you had a good week! We have school in one week, grrr! jenx

misteejay said...

Okay...had a bit of a Twilight Zone moment earlier when I tried to leave a comment. Blogger told me I didn't have an account and my blog didn't exist **panic** Sorted now; phew!!!

The embroidery was a super find and the chair looks lovely and comfy.

Enjoy your weekend and hope the coming week is as 'rocking'.

Toni xx

Susan T said...

Hello Sweetie. You deserve a medal for putting an IKEA flat pack together.
Neither of my two can drive, neither can afford a car! so that is one less worry then, except Helena runs at night, well evening. I know it isn't exactly dodge city in our village but I do worry. She might get roughed up by a passing sheep or something.

The needlework picture is a real bargain, so sweet.

Off to The Tate again huh, never mind I did get one big city outing this year.

Have a great weekend, it has suddenly gone all autumnal here, so now it is cold AND wet. I have chilblains on two fingers. I will have to wear computer gloves.

Kristin said...

I agree! Putting together that chair is quite an accomplishment - I bet he will be well loved ;)
Glad you had a good week and survived the big driving night out! Xo

Caz said...

I hope you have had a great time at the exhibit....not a clue how to spell that :-S

Sam said...

Great list this week. As I am reading it late and have read your post above, I'm glad you had a great time at the exhibition! That membership deal was a bargain.
Love the little needlepoint, so cute!
So glad Luke made it ok with the night driving...I am glad my two are not old enough to drive yet!
Hope you have a fab week x

Carmen said...

You know what? I was positive I commented on this. I KNOW I read it 'cos I thought of you in Hastings near that shop... am going bonkers!

Anyway - great week, great bargain and I LOVE your write up of the exhibition in the post above! Much food for thought! x

p.s I always sit thinking I have nothing and I mean NOTHING to say too... and then it all comes spilling out when you start typing :) Really is a remarkable exercise in positive thinking!

Sabrina said...

Oh . . . I'm so behind on reading posts I must have them all out of order as I've already read your run down of the Munch exhibit. Best wishes dealing with the young man driving — I won't be ready to deal with that, and I can't imagine it gets easier, but it must.

I saw you are reading Stiff! I love that book. It's amazing how readable she is especially given the topic but I found it fascinating. I tried another book by her and it just didn't carry on as well. I'll be curious to hear your take on it.

Hope you and the fam and the critters are doing well. Sabrina