Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Life is a circus, enjoy the show!

Jewels and I arranged another swap,
and we settled on her suggested theme of
'Vintage Circus'.

Our swap comprised of a
6"x 4" postcard
sent in a Mail Art envelope.

I have the original photograph of the
(or should I say Ringmistress?)
which I found in a charity shop.
20p to them, treasure to me.

I sent it in this envelope.

Thank you for the swap, Jewels!
(I sent mine before Jewels has even had a chance to 
make hers - I like to keep her on her toes, haha!).



Sandi McLean said...

What a treasure!

Monica said...

How fortunate you had the photo.

craftattack said...

Lovely card and envelope! Great photo, too! Valerie

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Wonderful, as always, love it!

Printed Material said...

You obviously go to a better class of charity shop Jo. I'd have hyper ventilated if I'd come across that card for 20p. Lucky you... and turned into a great peace of mail art, clever girl.

Terri Neggers said...

Ah, vintage circus - just makes me happy! Love love the picture, what a great find, and I love what you did with it!

Jewels said...

I still can't get over where you found that pic - it is just wonderful - I know I would NEVER find anything like it at my local Sally Ann LOL. I really love my mail art Jo and yes the heat is on (egad I thought it would take AT LEAST 2 weeks to get across the pond buying me a little time to get mine done).

Privet and Holly said...

Girlie, you are SO
clever and I love how
exuberant your swaps
always are.....so you : )

Happy Tuesday,
xo Suzanne

Eileen said...

I love that postcard, what a wonderful find!

Alix said...

I love the little masterpiece you created - what a fortuitous find that photo was! It makes me sad when I find 'lost' photos when I am sorting at the charity shop, but now I know they can go on to be cherished again!

Susan T said...

I am sure that lovely little girl is happy to be part your beautiful artwork. I bought a stamp an inkpad and some nice card yesterday, I am making some recipe cards. It is a start!

missy k said...

Treasure indeed..... and for 20p!!!

Great find!

I love what you have done... the lettering and the perfect

I am itching to do some arting but other things are calling me this week with Livi being home this week... we've had a pretty lovely but packed week so far.... and Elliott and Charlotte are coming home for his 21st on Saturday so busy busy busy :)

I bet you are not missing your day at work :) Which two days are you doing now?

Not long to Corfu now.... :)
Love to all


SusieJ said...

Wonderful postcard and mail art! That image was a real find!
Hugs xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

what fabulous mail art! Jewels will be so tickled. This is a good thing!! I always like when a friend keeps me on my toes : ) Great use of colour and of that fun photo, Jo. Love this!

Carmen said...

Gorgeous. Love what you did with the image (and what a find in the first place!) and really love the colours you've used - real vintagey effect!

Katie said...

Fabulous! And that envelope really makes it even better!!!

Carolyn Dube said...

Too much fun!!! I love the circus and these capture it so perfectly!