Friday, 7 September 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday! (and an ATC)

(click the pic if you want to join in)
Here I go with my Friday
round-up of things/people/events
that have totally made my week ROCK!

the beautiful weather.
I have really enjoyed the sunshine,
warmth and having flip-flop feet.

Going back to work on Tuesday
was actually ok, especially 
as I am now only doing 2 days a week
[insert happy face].

I know, I am a spoilt brat.

I am happy that Luke drove back home 
safely from a late night 'do' with friends
and that I didn't lay awake in bed 
fretting until he arrived home
(at silly o'clock).

I am relieved that, unusually,
Hope's new school shoes did NOT rub
her feet into blistered and bleeding wrecks.

The Paralympics have been
It saddens me that other countries are not 
being given the tv coverage that we 
are getting -  shame on their tv stations. 
Did anyone else see the 100m final last night
(with Jonnie Peacock and Oscar Pistorius)?


And that is just one example of how exciting it
has been - and I know will continue to be until
the Ceremony on Sunday.

There will be a huge sport size hole in our
lives come Monday morning!

Luke, Hope and I went to the cinema to see

Did I have a clue what it was about?
Did Luke and Hope?
Oh yes, they knew all the 'ins and outs'
and the 'whys and where-fors'.

I still enjoyed the film.
Lots of beautiful people
and far removed from real life

Rosie Mae,
who gave Hope such a rapturous welcome
upon her return from school.
So sweet.

Grant, who has soldiered on
throughout the Paralympics.
(Hang on in there, love -
not long to go now until we enjoy
some wonderful sunshine in Corfu).

That's about it for today.
I'll post this with Virginia as usual
and later on I'll visit the other Rockers :)

And, it's also time for my August ATC
for Bad Penny's Monthly ATC challenge.

The background is shimmerier 
(I know that's not a word but I kinda 
like it!) than it looks in the photo.

I didn't realise 
(until reading up about them for this ATC)
that dragonflies are flesh eating insects,
that hunt on the wing chasing butterflies and
other insects that form its food.

Oh, but dragonflies are so pretty!

Have a great weekend :)



misteejay said...

I watched the Jonnie Peacock race - amazing performance along with that of David Weir and Hannah Cockroft. All our Paralympians have been superb.

Sounds like you have had a great week and that ATC is really pretty.

Toni xx

missy k said...

Lots of happy making things :)

The weather is so gorgeous... I've really enjoyed spending time in the garden this week...

I like the shadow effect on your atc... cool!


craftattack said...

Glad your week was good, and with only 2 days a week at school - what luxury - you will have more time for other things. We have full coverage of the paralymics here on the sport chanels, so can't complain. These people are so inspiring, it brings a lump to my throat every time! Like your ATC, too!

Havea good weekend! Valerie

SusieJ said...

Wonderful week Jo!
Bet Grant is really looking forward to Corfu....I think the Games have been wonderful all round but we really need to thank the people who've made them happen the police, the Army and other security staff.
Happy for you that you're down to two days a week...more crafting time...and getting together time...are you up for Highgate Cemetery with Penny??
Hugs xx
p.s. in answer to your long as the Times do a souvenir magazine for the Paralympics I'll be doing more LOs.

scrappyjen said...

Thanks for visiting. Still shocked really. jenniferx

Terri Neggers said...

Loved the race! And all the fun updates, and your ATC! I love dragonflies as well, although I don't think I knew they were flesh eating either. I think I won't dwell on that...

Eileen said...

The weather has been lovely this week, I hope it lasts for a bit longer. Working 2 days a week sounds good, you'll soon wonder how you ever found the time to work full-time, if you know what I mean :-)

Virginia said...

oh wow awesome week, glad going back to work has proved OK and only two days to deal with big smiley face. Loving the fact Rosie Mae was excited to see Hope! Loved the you tube link, we'd not managed to catch it so we've all sat this morning and watched it through - awesome stuff!

Glad you enjoyed the film even if you didn't have a clue what was going on LOL!

Hope Grant is OK and hanging on in there, looks like you've got a holiday due so fingers crossed he gets to relax for that - I'm guessing he's been exceptionally busy during the olympic coverage!

Have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


Susan T said...

Hello lovely, the sun has even got it's little hat on up here too. Your week sounded full of positives. Grant will need that break after all his hard work.
Dragonflies - flesh eating insects eh, as long as they gobble up all the flies and wasps that make it into our conservatory I would be happy. I could line a little posse up by the door, it would look so pretty too. xxx

BadPenny said...

We have been spellbound by the para olympics too. Will watch the closing ceremony with mum in a hotel room !
I didn't know that about dragonflies, we have had a few in the garden this summer. Lovely ATC.

Dillon went mad over Joe coming in from college...perhaps it was all the new aromas !

Corfu sounds idyllic x

Lenna Young Andrews said...

sounds like a good week, Jo. I've got your swap package in hand and I plan on opening it and sharing it today! : )

Sabrina said...

Love the colors in your ATC. Can I ask what you're using for lettering, I love the look of the words. I adore the addition of the "beauti-ful in the corner.

Hope work will be good, 2 days sounds like a nice balance. I find when I have a bit of structure, I use my free time more effecively (of course I fight the structure every time - strange creature I am).

Luke seems to be very responsible in his driving, despite the times of his returns. Good boy.

I agree your UK TV coverage sounds amazing, for the Olympics as well as the Paralympics. I wouldn't even know they were going on if not for reading about them from my overseas bloggy friends. I guess most things here are gearing up for elections.

Have a great week and here's wishing your sunny weather holds up!

Sam said...

Sounds like a good week, the sunshine, flipflops and returning to work! Enjoyed watching the you tube clip, thank you!
Glad you enjoyed the film, I've only seen the first one.
Hope you have a great week x

Carmen said...

Millionth time lucky - I've lost count of the amount of times I've sat down to comment on this post only to be distracted!

Love the dragonfly! I assumed they were meat eaters 'cos you seem them hovering near water and I assumed they were scoffing those teeny weeny flies... but butterflies... Awwww no! But they are gorgeous aren't they?

Lovely week - yay to non-bleeding tootsies, safe drives, hubby back from Olympics, holiday on the horizon.

Must admit I've loved the Olympics and possibly the Paralympics even more.

Hope you are having a lovely HOT week Jo. Me, I'm a bit miffed that I didn't get my promised cooler weather today ;)

Sandi McLean said...

You certainly have had a lovely week! I am adoring your ATC. Didn't know about the "flesh eating" habits of dragonflies but admit I have always thought they were a bit creepy :) Now I have a reason, so thanks for that I won't have to hide my dislike of something that most people like LOL

duaa said...

This is brilliant!

duaa said...

This is brilliant!