Saturday, 1 September 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

(click the pic if you want to join in)
I have a good excuse for being a day 
late with my Rocking post this week - 
family Urbani were at the Paralympics!

So my first ray of sunshine from 
last week was our day at Stratford.

We walked past this vessel,
which I thought was the Royal Barge
but now I'm not so sure.

Can you see us?
We're the 4 in the middle of 
the giant reflective screen.

The Wheelchair Basketball was fantastic.
We watched the end of the
Germany v Colombia Men's Preliminaries
and the whole of the
Germany v USA Women's Preliminaries.

Germany won both matches,
but the Women's game was particularly 
close, I wanted it to be a draw because 
they were so equally matched.
We cheered, we clapped and we sang.  
It was fun :)

(My red, white and blue crew with The Orbit
apparently growing out of Luke's head)
I was surprised how big the Olympic Park is.
We had a good wander round which was really
enjoyable in the warm sunshine.

(Me now in the pic with our Union flag)
It was wonderful to see so many Union flags 
and people wearing red, white and blue - 
and just as lovely was to see all the other
nationalities proudly wearing their country's 
colours. Unlike football venues, there was no 
animosity or rivalry. The atmosphere was 
really happy and friendly.
Excellence was applauded by all, 
whatever the nationality.

All the volunteers were superb - friendly, helpful
and some of them were very funny too - and they 
were great ambassadors for the UK.

A truly wonderful experience.

So what else was good about last week?

Success in the dreaded school shoe 
shopping trip for Hope.
We put this off for as long as possible but 
we finally accepted the inevitable and went 
last week.  All done and dusted in 20 minutes, 
which has to be a record for us.  
We're hoping that they might be the
last pair of school shoes we'll have to buy. 

[small moan : why were the Christmas decorations
already up at Bluewater shopping centre?]

(The evidence)
I had my hair cut and feel 3 stone lighter.

Always enthusiastic, always positive,
he lifts my spirits on a cloudy day.

Our day at Wisley
on the Surrey Sculpture Trail was fun.
You can read about it 

Rosie Mae is better.
We're not sure how she hurt her leg 
but she started carrying it and looking a
bit sorry for herself.  We made her rest it
and kept her in for a couple of days,
and she now seems to have recovered.

The latest Somerset Studio arrived
(they were offering free p+p over the
Bank Holiday Weekend).

I love these magazines SO MUCH!
They might be pricey (£8.50)
BUT I read them again and again and again
and then a few months later I'll go back 
and read it yet again (and again).
I have the memory of a fish so it's like 
reading a new magazine every time!
So I think it is actually really good value :)

I made orange marmalade and apricot muffins
and they are de-lish.

Just saying.

That's about it for this week, I'll
be linking up with Rocking Queen Virginia
and later I'll visit the other Rockers.
Next week will be all about me and 
Hope returning to school :(
Now where's all that sports kit......?!



Carmen said...

We looked out for you on the TV. Devvie said "would she be wearing a union jack jacket and jumping around?" I said "I wouldn't say no for definite..." I take it it wasn't you :D

I love Somerset Studio and occasionally buy back issues from eBay - didn't realise you could get it from AFTH! Must check shops more often - this issue looks particularly good!

One set of school shoes down for us (Devvie wanted these super shiney black patent boots that look like Doc Martens off eBay. Nice and quick!) Just got the other two to do this week and a few odds and ends before we're finished! How can it be that time already!

Have a fabulous week this week Jo :D

Sabrina said...

Ahhh, everything looks so lovely and sunny and fun where you are right now! We are already well into the start of school and I have yet to take my daughter on the dreaded trip to get her trainers for gym class. We always have a row when shopping for her shoes!

Glad Rosie Mae is doing better. I was thinking about her little face the other day. Not sure why, I only know her, of course, from her exploits on Fiddlesnips.

Somerset - yes!! So expensive, but addictive, yes? I had ordered a previous copy by mail because of some special they offered me. To my surprise, the Poe issue also came to my post. Not sure if I was charged for it, but it was a welcome sight just the same!! It's making me want to start some halloween projects although I'm still in denial that we are facing that time of year already again.

missy k said...

Hi lots of lovely happy making things to read....

Livi and Alex are at the Olympic Park today...looks like you all had fun yesterday :)

I think its awful that the decorations are already up in Bluewater.... and they are boring to boot!

Poor Rosie .... glad she is better.

Your muffins sound yummy!

I don't miss school shoe shopping!

Elliott's gone back to Uni today... I can't believe the 'summer' has gone by so fast.

Love to you all


Eileen said...

Your day at the Paralympics looks fantastic and glad the weather was good too.
Hard to believe that they would put Christmas decorations up in August, dear oh dear! They seem to start earlier and earlier each year!
Pleased Rosie Mae is better.

craftattack said...

Sounds like a wonderful week, glad you were able to do so much. But I bet you didn't get 10 stitches like I did! (Bet you wouldn't have wanted them either!) Valerie

BadPenny said...

I love how you all dressed for the Olympics ! We saw a bit of the wheelchair basket ball on TV. Must say, I'm watching more of the para olympics than the other !
It seems odd not to have to organise back to school stuff so I dressed " The girls " in the shop like saucy school girls !
Have a good week ahead ...September - how did that happen ? xx

misteejay said...

Christmas decs at Bluewater...are they having a laugh?

Sounds like you have had a super week and so glad the sun shone for you whilst at the Paralympics (we've had some very heavy downpours in Stratford this week).

Hope the coming week is just as good.

Toni xx

Monica said...

Sounds like a good week. I too read those magazines over and over and find myself thinking "Oh I heard about this before". Well doing laundry from our trip. Next time will take less.

Privet and Holly said...

How thrilling to have
attended the Paralympics!!
Looks like the weather
was fab, too. What an
adorable family!

Had to laugh at the shoe
shopping, as my own
daughter {17} absolutely
abhors it, which I don't
think is the norm for
most girls, is it?!

Can't believe that mall
has the X-mas decor up.
That is pushing the envelope,
even for us here in the states,
although I did see signs of
Christmas for sale at Costco
earlier in the week....ugh!!

Good luck as you launch
the new school year. We did
that this week and now have
a three day holiday weekend,
so they ease us into it : )

Love and hugs from across
the pond.....

xo Suzanne

marigold jam said...

Looks like a perfect week there. I hope the Olympic park will be open to visit for a while as I'd love to come up and see it even if there are no games in progress. I wish I'd known about free p+p for the magazine I'd have ordered one as like you I can read and read them and find something new each time! Hope the shoes fit and are comfy although at Hope's age comfort will not be a priority I know!! Hope your week will bring up more happy times to rock you.

Virginia said...

Wow so much going on loving the photos from the olympic park - particularly the family ones! The wheelchair basketball is awesome to watch so I'm not surprised you had a great day!

Shoe shopping - we went to Meadowhall at midday on Friday - I thought not much hope of a wait less than an hour - we were seen in less than 10 minutes, got school shoes and trainers and remortgage the house as a result £75 gulp and gulp again!

I wish I could feel 3 stone lighter with a hair cut but alas I don't think its my hair that is heavy LOL!

Loved the sculpture trail that looked fabulous!

Glad Rosie Mae is OK after resting.

Never bought the Somerset Studio, but always fancied it but never thought I could justify the price LOL

The muffins sound gorgeous

Hope you have had a beautiful and blessed weekend, off for my bacon and egg butty - diet begins (again) tomorrow!

Susan T said...

You look like a lovely lot in your Olympic gear. Such a lot to be glad about in this list. I had to laugh about the magazine comment. I keep some of my favourite magazines and it is just hoarding really as I rarely look at them again UNTIL I discovered if you start at the bottom of the pile again it's like a new magazine as I couldn't possibly remember what had been in one a year or so ago.

The thought of feeling three stone lighter after a haircut really appeals, it's looking it that I need most.

We had to kit Paddy out for uni, what a task, he is a terrible shopper.

I am glad Rosie Mae is strutting her stuff again.

Good luck with the return to school, all the schoolchildren up here will be fizzing with pent up energy due to the horribly wet summer, God help the teachers!

Jee said...

They were unpacking Christmas cards and decs at our garden centre last Tue, I hope they don't start playing carols as well! Used to hate shoe shopping with my daughter.

Sam said...

A very full week! Loved the photo of your family on the big screen, sounds like a great day at the paralympics!
Can't believe they have the xmas decs up already, that is way to early!
Pleased Rosie Mae is better.
Hope you have a great week, sorry its not a longer comment I am rushing to get round everyone before finishing my work!

scrappyjen said...

Plenty of rocks in your week! Those photos are great - i like the one with the structured growing out of the head! happy monday, jenx

SusieJ said...

ROFL @ Carmen's observation!
What a great week!
Boo to the Christmas's far too early!
Yay for the success of the Paralympics!
Hugs xx
p.s. Hope looks so much like you...:)

SusieJ said...

p.p.s Soooo pleased to hear that Rosie Mae is better...hugs from Max. xx

JansArtyJunk said...

You all look fab in your Olympic gear Jo..great pics!! Poor Rosie .. glad she is better. I usually hate school shoe shopping, but son #3 first pair of shoes he saw...liked..tried on...fitted.. result!!