Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Swap

and I recently arranged to do a 1:1 swap - a
postcard and accompanying Mail Art envelope.

Totally lacking any imagination that day
I suggested 'Halloween'.
I know Sabrina has received mine but even
though she sent hers before I sent mine,
the postal system seems to be unwilling to let go 
of hers and unfortunately I'm still waiting :(

As it's Halloween today I thought I'd 
show you what I did.

I only loosely went with the theme for the postcard
and chose an image of the spook-meister himself,
Mr Edgar Allan Poe.
Not only did he write a mean scary story
but he really was a tormented soul and
died at the young age of 40 (alcohol related).

The background for the postcard is smooshed up, 
glued up, painted up tissue paper.
I then printed the image of Ed onto paper kitchen 
towel, a technique I stumbled across on Youtube.

The great thing about this is that it has a better
texture than printing onto tissue,
and it is also more robust than tissue.
After sticking the image onto the card I went over it
 with more paint to make sure it was fully integrated.

The wonderful image of the bat on the envelope
(from the Graphics Fairy)
is also printed onto the paper kitchen towel.

I'll show you Sabrina's when it arrives.......

Right, I must go and get ready now -
Family Urbani are off to the cinema tonight 
to see the new James Bond film, Skyfall.

Now who wouldn't like a bit of Daniel Craig on
a cold dark evening??!!



Monica said...

Interesting technique printing on paper towel. I await the delivery of home appliances, and ink cartridges from EPSOM. it is a gorgeous perfect day. no trick or treating for me. i continue to screw around with Blogsy.

Eileen said...

She'll love the bat on the envelope, and your technique with tissue paper and kitchen towel very interesting!
Do enjoy DC in Skyfall.
Happy Halloween.

Caryl said...

That was an amazing video. I love listening to your voice :o)

Joanna said...

Thank you Caryl - although it isn't me on the youtube video! I just found the tutorial on Youtube and thought I'd share it for others.


scarlett clay said...

Cool mail art! THnx for sharing the tutorial. :)

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Hope you enjoyed the film.... only heard good things about it so far....

Love your postcard and envelope... the scrumpling look - so full of texture, looks great.

Hope yours arrives soon :)

Hmmmm printing on kitchen roll!!!! Not heard of that. Just going to watch the video now! Thanks for sharing!

Have a great day

Exercise class and a cut and colour this morning for me and then this afternoon finishing touches to my deck and a walk to the post office!!!!


missy k said...

Loved the video..... thanks for sharing :)


BadPenny said...

oooh what effective printing & lovely images & colours.
Enjoy Skyfall - we did ! ( shock at the end though )

Susan T said...

Mr Poe looks rather an odd cove as they used to say. I think the bat is fab, Helena tried to do an origami bat but it came out a bit wrong. Skyfall -loved it. I was squashed in between Alan and Paddy, now you will have seen it I can say the demise of M made me feel rather misty eyed, you can't kill off our Judi. I loved the addition of Ben Whishaw and Ralph Fiennes though, the good acting count is rising and bikinis going down,not a bad swap at all fom my point of view,can't speak for Alan or Paddy though.

Sabrina said...

I do LOVE my side of the swappage. Thanks again Jo. I hope the postal service cooperates soon. The only thing I can think of is if they patched it through the East Coast before heading overseas, but I did send it well before the storm so . . . questions remain.

Hope the Urbanis enjoyed the show. Looked like a good one! Happy November!

Jewels said...

Ugh spoiler alert! I have not seem movoe yet so did mot know ending, sigh! Going to see if my printer can take that new technique