Monday, 1 October 2012

Happy Days

Well, we're back - did you miss me?!
Family Urbani had a wonderful week in Corfu
with Grant's parents, John and Barbara.

We stayed in a small fishing village to the north
of the island, called Roda,
which has a lovely family atmosphere,
with no noisy nightclubs :)

There was LOTS of sunshine,
thank goodness.

(The Sparkling Urbani gals: me, Hope and Barbara)
The family run hotel was small and perfectly 
formed, and had a lovely pool to cool off in.
Hope and I shared a room and had some great 
girlie giggles, while Luke and Grant were
'the odd couple' along the corridor.
By the end of the week Luke wanted 
to smother his loudly snoring father.

Welcome to my world, son!

(the pool **sigh**)
During the day we enjoyed relaxing,
reading, snoozing and playing in the pool.

(Are you impressed by Luke's bulging biceps?!)
It was the end of the holiday season
so we had plenty of space in and
around the pool.

The temperature hovered between
80 and 90 degrees, phew!

(Hope is half mermaid)
There were lots of beautiful dragonflies.

(John 'Dr Dolittle' Urbani, charming a dragonfly)
Unfortunately there were also a lot of 
wasps and Barbara was stung, ouch :(
There were also the biggest hornets 
I have ever seen.

I put on a swimming cozzie
and that was rather scary too!

I ate and drank far too much over the week,
and went to many different restaurants.
My favourite was a fish restaurant, with fish 
on the menu caught that same morning.

(Grant being photo-bombed by tambourine guy)
In the Mexican restaurant we were 
serenaded by some wandering musicians,
and the restaurant whipped out some
sombreros for this 'spontaneous' event.

(John was clearly having a wonderful time!)
One evening we ventured into the hills to eat 
at an authentic Roda restaurant - 
the locals found us quite entertaining, I think!

(Why is Hope pulling that horror movie face?!)
The sea was very shallow and we enjoyed 
walking along the beach to a beautifully 
situated beach bar.

(Hope photo bombed by what appears to be a shark attack
 but is, in fact, Grant and Luke splashing about)

(Luke laughing at his Dad, who clearly thinks he is in CSI Corfu)
This holiday was all about relaxing
with family and simply enjoying their company,

and making the most of some breathing space
from life in a very beautiful part of the world.

(.....and breathe)

It's going to take me a few days to catch up 
with all of your news in your blogs, 
but I'll catch up with you as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading!



BadPenny said...

Jo this looks divine and soooo happy. Glad you all had a lovely time & I really enjoyed your holiday snaps x

Carmen said...

Blimey Jo! I thought Hope was you in at least two of those photos! (The first one and the one where she is pulling her horror face! Not saying you have a horror face at all!) Isn't she the spit of you?

Looks like you had an amazing time - did chuckle at the shark attack photo bomb, John in his sombrero and CSI Corfu!

It's great to have you back :D

Alix said...

Your holiday looks fab - full of fun and laughter. The sombrero shot and the photobombing made me chortle! Welcome back!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

jo I am so happy for you, looks like a wonderful holiday! Now I will have to look up Corfu . . . glad you are back, though!

marigold jam said...

Looks like a great holiday - welcome back!

Monica said...

A perfect vacation away from all the noise that some folks seem to require to have a good time. Idyllic.

Susan T said...

You were missed ( a lot) fabulous photos of what looks like the perfect family holiday. The last time I was in Corfu was 27 years ago! I really need a catch up.

JansArtyJunk said...

Oh.... looks like you had a fabby family holiday Jo...Great photos! Loving the 'shark attack pic!! lol :)Good to see you back in Blogland!! x

SusieJ said...

Wow! Like Carmen I thought Hope was you in some of the photos..
Looks like a fab holiday all round..wonderful!
Great photos and even better captions!
Hugs xx

Anns Art said...

Oh I do envy you - what a lovely holiday that looked. So nice to be with the family like that.

Jewels said...

So do you think on your next vacation you could find room to tuck me in your suitcase (LOL) - I'm still looking at the pic of your pool! Still, sure is good to have you back.

Terri Neggers said...

How beautiful - what a lovely place to spend quality time with your lovely family! I hope your re-entry into real life is going smoothly!

Privet and Holly said...

Welcome home, lovely!

WOW, what a trip!!!

And what a beautiful family,

I really laughed at your
caption with your FIL in
the sombrero ~ too funny.

Have a wonderful week!!

xo Suzanne

Eileen said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful holiday pics. Welcome home.

Virginia said...

Oh I have missed you, so glad you had a lovely time, but wasps and hornets - could they not have toddled off before you got there, not my favourite of creatures, I still struggle to understand why we need

Loving all the photos and family shots, it looks like you all had a very well deserved break away.

Hope the washing mountain isn't too awful!


craftattack said...

Glad you had a lovely holiday! I did wonder where you were, and asked Karen if she knew why you had disappeared! Nice to see you back, hugs, Valerie

menopausalmusing said...

Welcome back! A lovely post about a great holiday. Good to know you had such a great time together.

Printed Material said...

Yes, I missed you. I realised you were not around and hoped all was OK. Glad the absence was because you were on hols and it looks gorgeous. Lots of happy family memories there! Shame you couldn't have brought some of that sunshine back with you Jo but welcome home.

Gill said...

It looks as though you had a great holiday! I bet you're glad to be back to this torrential rain!!!

missy k said...

Great holiday pics.....

See what you mean about CSI Corfu!!!!


scarlett clay said...

Your photos say it all,what a great time! (except for the wasps!)