Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lenna's Prayer Flag Swap

recently organised a
Prayer Flag Swap
and I joined in with the creative fun.

The flags I made for the swap
can be seen at the bottom 
of this post.

(LtoR: Tina Wittmer, Constance Taylor, Barbara Johnson)
These are the wonderful flags I got back.
I am so happy with my selection,
Lenna did a great job!

When I saw Tina's 'HOPE' flag
on the Creative Swaps blog
I fell in love with it and 
brazenly hinted  that I would
Lenna got the message, thank you!
I really like the fabric choices, 
the layering, 
and of course, the word
You can see more of Tina's art
 on her Flickr page by clicking

Constance's flag is so
It really is so gorgeous,
the photo really doesn't do it justice.
The vintage fabrics, sweet image transfer,
the rusty heart and, a great idea this,
a little tinkling bell on the reverse.

More of Constance's art can be seen
on her Flickr page by clicking

Barbara hand rusted some fabric to use
in her 'Rest' Prayer Flag -
doesn't it look great?
She got the instructional cd and synthrapol 
(used for washing the fabric afterwards), from
The tweedie birdie's nest is made out of fibres
and you KNOW I love the simple stitching
(remember the stitching on my flags?!).

You can see all the other Creative Swaps that
Barbara has taken part in by clicking

I love my Prayer Flags and now I want MORE,
so I'd better get stitching!  The only thing is, I'm
not sure I'll be able to put them outside and leave them
to the mercy of the elements - although that is what 
I'm supposed to do. I think I'll have to find somewhere
 protected, somewhere I can stroke them as I walk past :)

This was a great swap to take part in.
Lenna is a superb swap hostess
and provides loads of information and
links to help those joining in.

Thank you, Lenna.
I wonder what her next swap will be.......?

You can see all the other Prayer Flags on the
Creative Swaps blog by clicking

I'll leave you with some snatched photos of
(15 year old ex-pub foster cat, we collected him 
and his sister, Small Cat, last week.  Phew, 
what a stressful week it has been

(WOT?!  I'm 'ard I am)
It could be said that Joe is not the
most beautiful of cats.
He looks a bit of a thug.

But then he looks at me with those eyes,
and I see he's just a little kitty wanting love.

His favourite place is under my feet.

He's settling in just fine.

(Tickle my tum, Mum?!)
However, he and Small Cat have yet to be 
properly introduced to Rosie Mae
(attempts so far have been unsuccessful -
it's them with the anger problem not her).  
At the moment the house is a series of
barricades (which the cats just laugh at and
jump over - someone should tell them they're 15!!).

Anyway, I think this weekend we'll try
and get them to spend some time in
the same air space
(any advice gratefully received).

Please send positive thoughts this way!



SusieJ said...

What fabulous flags Jo!
And Joe looks as though he's settling in just fine!
Good luck with the introductions to Rosie-Mae!
Hugs xx

misty said...

Gorgeous flags...what a wonderful swap!

craftattack said...

Wonderful flags and the cat photos are lovely, thanks for sharing! Valerie

Lenna Young Andrews said...

awwww, wonderful cat news and such a lovely post about your flags. Thank you, jo. Don't worry about bringing them inside, I had mine hanging out for a couple weeks -they have spread their wishes and now are packed up for the move early next month! : ) loved seeing yours hanging up but enjoy them inside too! Perhaps after I move we could do a swap as I would love to make another!

marigold jam said...

Fab flags - I couldn't put those outside either unless it was somewhere protected from the elements. Love that cat - he's beautiful in his own unique way and reminds me of my own darling Tom who could never win a beauty contest but who I think is the best! I hope they will settle down with the dog in due course - maybe they just have to let her know cats are always top dog and then they'll be OK - do hope so as they should be glad to have fallen on their feet living with you.

JansArtyJunk said...

You received some lovely flags Jo...wasn't it a great swap!!..I photographed my flags outside initially, but now they are hanging safe from the elements in my craftroom ...I've made a few more too, so if you ever fancy a swap..give me a shout ;) x

BadPenny said...

What delightful Prayer flags. Joe Cat might settle if you waft a beer under his nose !

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

What a fabulous idea! I love it!
Your cat looks like he is adjusting just fine!
Hugs and blessings

Alix said...

The prayer flags are a lovely idea! So glad those two homeless cats got to be fostered by you...

missy k said...

Lovely flags Jo....

Wish Rosie good luck from me :)


Terri Neggers said...

My fingers will be crossed that the new kitties and Rosie Mae spend some quality time together this weekend!

I think Joe is quite handsome, beautiful coloring, and eyes...I do see a little bit of the thug though.

What wonderful prayer flags you got, you lucky girl...

Eileen said...

Lovely prayer flags.
Good luck introducing the cats, thinking of you and Rosie Mae at this stressful time!

Carmen said...

Joe does look like you don't want to mess with him but I bet he's a big softy underneath. I have no clue how to make the introduction with Rosie Mae any easier... maybe rub her all over in catnip? :) It's hard with cats as they think (they know) they are the boss.

Love those flags - you can guess which is my favourite but they are all gorgeous. I wouldn't want to put them outside either... mebbe in a window? Next best thing ;) So when the window is open the prayers and wishes can still float out. Like a dream catcher.

Susan T said...

Educational as ever. I had never heard of prayer flags before. You are right Joe Cat looks like a force to reckon with. I do hope the kitties decide to give Rosie Mae an easy ride. However if you put Rosie Mae in a ring with Joe Cat I would bet good odds on who I think would win.

Jill said...

Love the prayer flags, let them blow in the breeze and rain, they'll look lovely weathered and you can always stitch some more. Good luck with the introductions!

jan b. said...

I agree that Lenna did a terrific job with this exchange. And like you, I too, was not able to leave mine outside to weather the elements.

Best of luck on finding the perfect home for Joe.

Terri said...

The prayer flags you have received are very wonderful! What a fine swap this was!
Best wishes on your new community of kitties : )

Linda said...

gorgeous prayer flags-and I agree that Lenna is the best swap hostess!Best of luck with your new additions to the family!