Friday, 5 October 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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It's been a few weeks since I did a 
'Rocking Your World Friday' post,
let's see if I can remember how it's done...

Thank you so much for my lovely
welcome home messages
after our holiday in Corfu, I really 
appreciated them all.
As you know, I really enjoyed our holiday
but it's great to be home.
I guess I'm a home bunny at heart.

Rosie Mae,
returning home from her holiday hotel.
We are so lucky that our dear friend Jan
is so willing to look after our darling girl.
Rosie has such a lovely time and gets lots
of lovely walks in the local countryside.

Clifford the bunny
is also back safe and sound.
She's getting to be a bit of an old girl now
so it's always in the back of my mind that
the change of routine (at the kennels)
might be too disturbing for her. But she's 
absolutely fine and has been enjoying 
the sunshine and grass back at home.

BIG NEWS for us,
we are the proud new long term 
foster parents of 2 cats,  
Joe and Small Cat.

We collected them yesterday from
and they're so gorgeous.

They are 15 year old brother and sister
who lived in a pub until their owners lost
the pub so the cats lost their home :(
They have been at the rescue centre for
10 months but as Joe has a slight kidney 
problem that requires medication, they 
have always been overlooked by 
prospective adopters.

We have yet to introduce them properly to 
Rosie Mae (they had a brief hello when they 
were in their carry cages and Joe "Bugner" Cat 
decided to try and give Rosie a swift right hook - 
thankfully Rosie was the other side of the bars.
and was, of course, totally oblivious to Joe's attack!).

Small Cat (what a daft name)
is totally cute and is very friendly.
I have been able to take a few photos of her.

She has such a sweet lopsided smile 
due to extensive dental work, 
resulting in the removal of several 
(most) of her teeth.

Look at the gorgeous colours in her eyes.

She's very pretty and loves cuddles.
And food, boy does she love food!
Luke said she was 'adorable' 
and he's right.

Joe?  I haven't been able to take a photo of
him yet because he spends most of his time 
hiding in his basket in the cupboard under 
the stairs. He's been quite brave today but 
not when I have a camera in my hand.

This is his photo that was on the
Last Chance website -

Today they have both enjoyed a little 
roast chicken and some fish,
 along with their usual Felix and Whiskers 
(they like different food, great).

I think we'll try and get the cats and Rosie in the
same room tomorrow and see how it goes.  
These ex-pub cats look like they know how to
look after themselves and I'm more concerned for
Rosie.  I'm sure we'll get there in the end but it
will probably be an interesting few days!

Grant is an absolute darling for letting
Joe and Small Cat come to live with
us at a time when we are having to 
tighten our belts. He understands that I 
have a deep need to give love and a 
home to these little critters.

He is a real softie with them too
but I am aware he was never really
given a choice....... ;)

What else has been good this week.......?

Well, I've been sorting out my kitchen cupboards.
I'm a bit of a hoarder (I expect you already 
know that!), but even I know it's reached the 
time to clear the excess in the cupboards.  
Tell me, why did I think I needed 
18 cereal bowls?!
And how many teapots can a girl need, 
especially when she always lazily
 uses a teabag in a mug?!

Anyway, 5 cupboards are done, just 4 to go
(although one of them is the baking/saucepan
cupboard - goodness knows what's in that 
black hole of hell).

I'm packing it all up ready for a stall at a boot fair.

I am so enjoying working just 2 days a week.
My aim is to stop working at all but I've got to
 find a way of generating some money - 
any ideas?!

Ok, that's about it really,
this week has gone by in a bit of a whirl
and I don't feel that my feet have touched 
the ground yet!

Thank you for dropping by :)



Susan T said...

Jo you are a saint for taking in tired and poorly animals, although the 'pub cat' duo sound like bruisers. Rosie Mae takes it all in her stride I am sure. Your kitchen clear out made me laugh. I hoard stuff too, and most of the time it is kitchen orientated, we have a small kitchen and one of these days it is going to explode.

craftattack said...

Love your new 'flat mates', and they seem to be really spoilt with chicken and fish. Pity I'm not a cat....Hugs, Valerie

Sarah said...

Oh I love the name small cat :) and she is super purty too :) you are a star for giving them both a new home. and good luck with your continued declutter and the boot sale too.

Monica said...

Lovely cats and the entertainment is about to start. I am always cleaning out and now trying to stop myself from buying stuff i do not need.!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

glad to read this, Jo! You are back!! We missed you xo

Terri Neggers said...

You and Grant are both wonderful for taking in the cats - both of which seem just darling...Animals in need of homes just kill me - I wish I could take them all!

Privet and Holly said...

The fact that you
are giving a home
to senior age cats
speaks volumes about
you and your family, J....
Such love.

I think you should
sell your lovely art
on Etsy ~ you are so
talented! Think about
it : )

Have a lovely and
relaxing weekend!

xo Suzanne

Sam said...

What a wonderful foster mummy you are to the two pub cats, sounds like they are getting spoilt rotten which is just what they need!
Good luck with your de-cluttering and the boot sale.
Just had a look through your holiday post, great photos, looks like you had a lovely time and the family shots of you all are lovely x

Eileen said...

Well done for taking the cats and I'm sure that Rosie Mae will happily accept them into her home.

We are having a new kitchen fitted at the end of the month so will have "the black hole of hell" that is the kitchen cupboard clearout to come! Although when I first "retired" last year the kitchen cupboards were the first thing I tidied but couldn't bring myself to de-clutter :-)

You should try to sell your craft work, you're very I'm just a kept woman :-)

BadPenny said...

what a sweet face small cat has. Hope Joe settles. My Joe hides under the blankets too !

a Boot sale is a great idea - I keep muttering about doing one.

Start an Etsy acc & sell your lovely work ? Hoast a paid on line tutorial ? Dog walking ? sell a kidney ? ( !! )

I just seem to do more & more voluntary work & only paid by the feel good factor. Now Jess is in full time work, she can pay some boarding money !

Lovely to have you home xx

missy k said...

Rosie deserves a medal or at least a protective head guard....

Hope it all goes well when they are in the ring together.... ooops... room together!

Must be the time of year.... I started on my kitchen cupboards and my wardrobe last week....

Have a great weekend


scrappyjen said...

Those cat photos are super! I love cats... still miss my Sooty! Working part time is great. I have done it the wrong way round though... I have left work before having something else to generate income. To say I am anxious at the moment is an understatement! Did I not realise there is a recession on at the moment (lol). Well you have to lol don't you... Happy Saturday, and great to catch up, jenx

Carmen said...

My Dad named one of his cats Big'un because she was huuuuuuge compared to all the others in the litter. She's the last one left now. Ginger passed away last month and Claws...well, she was the runt of the litter and we were all surprised she lasted as many years as she did. She may have been small but she got that name for a reason! Anyway - my Dad, my daft old Dad - when he first got that new fangled internet thing, couldn't think of what to use as an email address. Just his name wouldn't do. Oh no. So what does he pick? Bigun. After the cat. I didn't have the heart to tell him that other people reading his email might think he was insinuating something else.... and I never have. It still tickles me!

I love your new residents - so gorgeous and I reckon you're right. They'll definitely know how to take care of themselves :)

Well done on the clearing out! We never build up that much crockery - I'm to clumsy - don't think we own a plate or bowl without a chip in it!

As for raising cash. Sell some of your art and crafts! You can do it! You are amazing!

Have a lovely week Jo x x

Virginia said...

Oh that's a lovely list of gratefuls, the cats look gorgeous, will watch with interest as to whether you have to send Rosie Mae for self defence classes poor thing! Glad Clifford is back safe and sound.

Your hubby sounds awesome, firstly for allowing you to indulge in your love of animals and secondly for two days a week - shall I say that louder - two days - OMG I'd love a two day week, years ago when said 12 year old was a babe in my arms I did do two days a week, it was bliss I remember having a life, social time, cleaning the house, tidying - having friends - I need to win the lottery really I do and then I can do two days a week (or less - less laughing hysterically now - what's wrong with me that's never going to happen).

18 cereal bowls - well initially I laughed (a lot) and then remembered that I've got two full 'replacement ' dinner services in the cupboards for when I chip things (because that's something I do) and then I stopped laughing - quickly!

Jo - I've managed two kitchen cupboards with all your spare days can you come and sort the rest of them out - because - well I'm not in the mood LOL!

Right - off to check the other Rockettes

Have a fabulous week - much love


misteejay said...

That little puss has such a lovely face - hope all goes well when all the furries get to meet.

Lovely list of greatfuls - have a super week.

Toni xx

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello!!! I've been missing your blog and I'm so glad I stopped by and see that you've welcomed two new additions!! I'm so glad that you opened your heart and home again to senior cats that needed a place to go, they're lucky to have you!

Good for you for going through the cupboards in your kitchen! I should do the same thing, but I might need those extra mugs, right?? :-)

SusieJ said...

You made me smile this week...hope your two new friends have settled in. Small cat is beautiful,,,:)
Like Virginia I laughed at your 18 cereal bowls then stopped when I realised that I have nearly as many.
I still have a few cupboards to go in the kitchen...including the one with all my baking stuff...:(
Hope your weekend has been as good as your week.
Hugs xx