Friday, 19 October 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

I haven't been a lazy blogger this week,
I just unusually haven't had much to say.
But today is Friday
and I ALWAYS find something to say 
on a Friday with my 
'what's made me happy this week' post!


Firstly, all your kind comments and emails
about Joe Cat and Small Cat really helped me
and although I still feel a terrible guilt that I
wasn't able to help Joe, 
I know I tried the best I could. 

Thank you.

(Sadly, Joe is still waiting for 
a new foster home).

Small Cat
has been settling in really well
and has shown NO signs of missing her brother.

Evidence 1:

 These were taken in the loft room.
Hope had kinda claimed this day bed as her own,
(hence cushions and soft toys), 
but Small Cat has taken over!

Evidence 2:

When she is being chatted to,
Small Cat likes to pat you,
hence waving paw.

Evidence 3:

I just took this photo of the little Princess 
slumbering in a favourite position.

(Mirror mirror on the wall.....)
Rosie Mae has had a couple of little slaps 
from Small Cat.  Rosie is rather clumsy and 
Small Cat doesn't take kindly to being bundled 
down the stairs at breakneck speed,
pushed under a table or knocked into a cupboard.
So she tells Rosie the only way she knows.
Rosie seems to be fairly oblivious to the
slaps and even to the existence of Small Cat!

I feel the flickering of an artistic Mojo
after a period of creative drought.
It feels good to get fired up again :)

I really enjoyed reading
(click the pic to see it on
The Snow Child
Eowyn Ivey
This book was recommended by
and her review of the book is HERE.

The book is set in 1920's Alaska
and it has the feel of a folk story.
It is a very unusual story and I LOVED it.

Thank you to Jane for the recommendation!

I'm currently reading
(click the pic to see it on
The Night Circus
Erin Morgenstern

Totally different to The Snow Child
but equally unusual, I'll let you
know what I think when I've finished it.

I had a thorough Spring clean of my bedroom
(maybe that should be an Autumn clean).
Anyway, it has been turned upside down, 
inside out and all detritus and clutter that had
gathered has been disposed of.
The curtains are washed and 
everything is sparkling :)

TV that I'm enjoying;
(although I'm a few episodes behind, 
so no spoilers please!)
and tonight Walking Dead is back!!! 
(well for some of us anyway, eh Carmen?!).

That's about it for this week;
it's PJ time because I've got to be up early tomorrow
to get Luke up for work (when will I be able to trust him 
to wake up/get up when he hears his alarm?  
If I can hear his alarm, why doesn't he??!!).

I'm hoping to have a play with my
over the weekend.........
(btw they are now being sold in the UK by



Ps I didn't go to the Sketchbook Project 
as I had planned last weekend -
returning Joe Cat to the Rescue Centre
that morning was rather upsetting 
and I just wasn't in the right mood.  
However, a very interesting review by 
Jane from Things to Make and Do 
is HERE.



craftattack said...

Sounds like a busy week! Love the photos of your new princess, she seems to be making herself very comfortable. Glad she isn't missing her brother! Enjoy Downton Abbey, which I loved, especially....okay, I'll shut up! Have a nice weekend, and thanks for the moral support this past week! Valerie

marigold jam said...

Glad to hear that Small Cat has settled so well - she might be glad to see the back of her brother as our two don't get on and haven't since they were kittens! Hope that Joe cat will soon find a home where is the top cat and will be happy. So pleased that you enjoyed the Snow Child and I have mnade a note of your recommendation and will be looking out for that one. I have just finished reading The Conjuror's Bird recommended by Lesley over at Printed Material and that was an interesting read too. We seem to have a kind of book group going here in blogland now!! Enjoy your weekend after all your autumn cleaning - your home looks lovely.

Susan T said...

Hello lovely one, sorry to hear that you have been sad. Small cat looks right at home. I love the picture of her with her little patting paw. Your home looks so cosy and welcoming, sometimes a little clear out refreshes you, whatever the time of year. I don't do it to often as I don't like to overstretch myself.
What about HOMELAND I can hardly bear the tension. Those two books look very interesting, off to Amazon I go.

BadPenny said...

dear little small cat - she looks so comfy. I'm sure joe Cat is being looked after well.
I had to catch up with downton as I fell asleep ! how could I ?
( was brewing this horrid throat infection )
Just had a delivery of wooden tags & butterfly stamps from Cox & Cox lovely lovely !

missy k said...

Nice to see SC taking over the house... and looking so comfy :)

The Snow Child sounds really interesting, love the cover.

Have fun playing with your GAGPP

Have a great weekend


Sam said...

Small cat seems so happy and settled from the photos, so relaxed on the back of that sofa shes lucky she doesnt fall off!!
The snow child book looks good.
Hope you have a great week x

Virginia said...

Small cat looks absolutely part of the family and seems to have settled in fine! Loving all the photos of her looking thoroughly chilled out!

Slaps for Rosie Mae who seems oblivious had me giggling, fingers crossed the two of them can get along just fine.

Return of mojo and book reading always a positive. an autumn clean - now there's a thought - where's the dusters and vacuum cleaner!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.

Much love


SusieJ said...

So pleased your week improved and it's great to see Small Cat settling in...:)
Had to laugh at Rosie Mae appearing oblivious!
Also had to laugh @ you getting up to get Luke up....been there, done that have the bags under eyes to prove it!
Have a fab. weekend.
Hugs xx

Carmen said...

Sharrup! *mutter, mutter* Walking Dead! *mutter*

Oh that books sounds right up my street, I love folk tales! I have The Night Circus on my kindle but not got round to it yet so you'll have to let me know what you think of that one! I've heard it's very good hence it being one of the few kindle books I've actually paid for :D

Small Cat is gorgeous! I love that she pats you during conversation. She looks like she is smiling in quite a few of those photos!

Yay to returning mojo! ALWAYS a good thing!

Have a great week Jo!

David bone said...
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Jewels said...

So glad balance has returned to your home! And yes I am a one hand typist. Started watching Call the Midwife here - really enjoying.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear jo, so lovely to read of your news . . . I have not had much free time for blog or journal visiting this past week, phew! I am happy to read small cat is settling in so nicely and I love seeing the spots in your home where she perches, paws at you & dozes. Next up is a whirlwind packing job for us as we have about 2 weeks before we move. Sending love and thank you for all your kind messages even when I was absent here!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I'm catching up on your blog and was sorry to read about 'Joe Cat.' I think you've made the best decision, and I admire you for that!! Don't feel guilty about that choice, you've done what will ultimately make him happy and the rest of your household too. We've had to have foster dogs moved to another home before too, and while it's disappointing, I had no doubt it was the best decision!

I do hope all is well, and you enjoy your weekend!! Take care!!

Monica said...

We al have those weeks. just slammed my head on the counter top trying to clean up a mess in a lower cupboard so not too swift right now. Small Cats knows she is in heaven. maybe Joe can find a new pub.

scarlett clay said...

Thank you for sharing your book titles, I've been wanting a new book to read! Doesn't it feel good to clean out your room? I desperately need to do that but I always find something I'd rather do, lol! I looove Downton Abbey, the period dresses are so lovely. Have a great weekend!

Jane Housham said...

Ooh, thanks for the link! x

Terri Neggers said...

Small cat is so darling, I'm happy that you seem to be enjoying her.

I loved "Night Circus"! I hope you do as well...

Kristin said...

Awe, I love this post - so happy small cat is doing well (and claiming her territory!) and so sorry that you had to return Joe Cat today - it must have been difficult for you, BUT you ARE doing the right thing - so that the other family members (including small cat) can flourish. MUCH love to you all, xoxoxo

Margaret said...

So cute!!!! and the sofa with the Union Jack cushions, I want to be there and I would share with the adoreable cat, really I would...Mx

Hadiyah Shabir said...
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Lynn Holland said...

Hi, ive just popped over to say glad you liked my blog about the sketchbook friends idea. Did you see the couple of postings I did about my visit to the Sketchbook Project ?
Really enjoyed your page it has lots of variety in it. I'm going to check out the books. Many years ago we had a cat named Binny, he was a stray found in a bin, hence the name. He looked just like Small Cat, awh !
Lynn x