Friday, 26 October 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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Recently, I only seem to be posting
 once a week with my Friday Rocking post.
Thank you for sticking with me.

I'm feeling a surge of activity
coming on soon.......!

So here are my happies for this week:-

 blogging friend and fellow Rocker,
safely delivered a baby son yesterday.
I was really rather giddy with the happy news
and the WW FB group were twittering 
away last night like mother hens :)

Many congratulations, Carmen!

has been re-homed by a lovely foster family.
I am so happy for him and can now stop
worrying.  I am feeling a bit sorry for the 
neighbourhood cats in his new locality.


I finally did some arting, hurrah!
Sabrina and I arranged a 1:1 swap -
a postcard and accompanying Mail Art.
It's done and in the post.
I'll show you once I know Sabrina has
received it.

I really enjoyed getting back 
into the creative groove.

I enjoyed clothes shopping with Luke today.
The parking, in Bromley, was awful 
(surely not early Christmas shopping?)
but he was focused and a man on a mission 
and has totally re-stocked his wardrobe.
(And he paid for it all himself, thank goodness).

It's always fun being out with Luke,
and we had lots of giggles along the way.

We're finally up to date with Downton Abbey.
For those of you yet to see the last couple 
of episodes, I won't leave any spoilers but............ 
....................oh, I didn't see that coming!

As it's half term next week
I'm planning to go with Hope to Tate Britain
to see the new Pre-Raphaelite exhibition,
Victorian Avant-Garde.
I ADORE the Pre-Raphaelites!

X Factor has got me sucked back in again!
I know it's silly tv but I can't help enjoying it.
My favourite this year?
Ella Henderson.
that girl could sing the phone book 
and bring tears to my eyes, she's amazing.

So that's it for today.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
I think ours will be rather wet and chilly -
perfect for snuggling up and watching X Factor!



missy k said...

Maybe during half term next week you will be able to take advantage of that 'surge of activity' that's coming on soon!

Enjoy the exhibition.... sounds great!

Have a good weekend


Virginia said...

Oh a fab list, glad the shopping was worth while!

Getting back the creative grove, 1-1 swaps and new babies - big smiley face here!

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead - hugs

Sabrina said...

Can't wait to get your art Jo. I had the hardest time commiting to design for yours. I kept waiting, and waiting, hoping to get one grand idea. Finally, I just had to push forward and get something done for you. There's lots of love it in regardless.

fun shopping with a son? I don't believe it, (but I hope it's true). Urban legend surely.

So jealous of your Downton Abbey time. Why do they make us in the States wait so long! Agony!! I've had to soothe myself with Upstairs Downstairs in the interim.

Have a fab week and enjoy the Hallow's Eve festivities.

Susan T said...

I long for the time when my "children" can buy their own clothes, Alan and I are very far down on the pecking order, he keeps complaining to me how our soap powder eats our clothes. I keep reminding him how old they are. Send me a surge of activity will you. I think my surging days are well and truly over. I love the Pre Raphaelites too, let us know all about it and have a lovely weekend xxx

Anns Art said...

Great to know that Joe-Cat has found a home, phew!... Congrats to your friend on her new arrival. Here's hoping you have a really good weekend.

Monica said...

your posts always crown my day with a smile. So happy the naughty boy has found a home. the Tate show sounds a dream. i am following a style blog by a Japanese gal who lives in London and wonder if Luke bought some of those clothes

menopausalmusing said...

Joe cat will be fine, and its good to know he has been rehomed. I try really hard not to be sucked into X Factor, but like you, I always end up watching towards the end of the series. I am with you re Ella, she it totally in a league of her own.

BadPenny said...

I think Joe cat will be happy to snuggle up & sleep & act his age !

Ella has my vote ! Though I love the lad who grew up in foster care what a sweetie.

Wondered what you'd make of Downton... I cried.. and Hurrah Bates is coming home ( just in time for the end of the series !

Have fun at the pre Raphs & creatin' !

Sam said...

I am glad to hear that Joe cat has been re homed, what good news.
I hate clothes shopping with my son, hes 15 and doesnt like anything fashionable, just his jeans and big bang theory t-shirts!
Hope you have a great time at Tate Britain, I so envy you being so close to all those London museums!
Have a great half term and hope your creativity makes an appearence! x

Margaret said...

Lovely catch-up, it's always fun reading what you've been up to!
Love X-factor and have also been sucked in, I love Ella but also the bag of nerves James Arthur! Mx

Privet and Holly said...

Hope this finds
you cozily enjoying
your weekend at
home! My son's
big growth spurt
was last year, so
no big outlays, this
year....he's about
to turn 14 and is
6'2"! Your outing
to the Tate sounds

xo Suzanne

Carmen said...

Oh kids buying their own clothes. Devvie has actually said TODAY that she may have to buy some new bits. I wouldn't mind but we give her a big chunk of her Christmas money in vouchers specifically to do her wardrobe because, y'know, Mum trying to buy for teenage daughter is never a good idea... and she STILL has last years vouchers locked away in her purse because she just hates spending money! But loves clothes! So she tries to get every other mug to buy the clothes for her! Even she has admitted it's time to unclaw her grip on them though! AND has promised if more vouchers come her way she will spend them quicker. Hmmm.

I am feeling such a warm glow from all this love and support regarding Bubba :) We are all totally smitten here :) It *almost* dims my jealouy at your going to the pre-raphaelite show :P LOTS of posting about that please!

scrappyjen said...

Me too! Very jealous about the whole pre raphaelite thing. One of my absolute favourites. I can't wait to hear and see your post about that. happy tuesday jenx