Sunday, 25 November 2012

Fall Fearless and Fly Week 4 Part 2

This is my second offering for
Fall Fearless and Fly Week 4.
(My first one is HERE).

This time I chose to use the 
supplied quote by Helen Keller,
"You can't make a place for yourself
in the sun if you keep taking refuge
under the family tree."
(No one pointed out her error)
I used the woman's image that I'd ripped 
out of a magazine and, having 
stabilised it with clear gesso, 
coloured it in using 
water soluble wax crayons.

The new prompts  at FF&F
are published tomorrow,

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Eileen H said...

That's a great quote. We all have to be independent!
I like what you have done with the lady reaching upwards.

craftattack said...

Great page Jo! Valerie

Anns Art said...

Great quote - great picture :)

Duaa said...

Beautiful piece...Your work fits really perfectly with those brilliant words!


Carmen said...

Love it - very dreamy and the cut out text is perfect :)

SusieJ said...

Love the image and the quotes!
Hugs xx

missy k said...


I love the writing and the colours and the woman is the perfect addition


Monica said...

What a wonderful way to treat the torn out image.

Alix said...

Thank you for your lovely comments - I would (sadly) be totally incapable of the art work you produce but think that you must dabble away with your colours and gesso, images and papers in the way I fiddle around with needle and thread! I think I'd like to take a page out of your book (so to speak) and use words of wisdom in my work more. Have fun with the next prompt!

Kristin said...

Oooh, I like that! Clear gesso over a mag image! And with such a beautiful and colorful result! Thank you too for your sweet comment about the shop today - it really means a lot, thank you! xoxo

Kristin said...

Oh! And I love your new blog look! So pretty, xoxo

Carolyn Dube said...

I love the way you've incorporated the magazine image and the quote together! The texture from the gesso and crayons is a fabulous detail! So glad you shared this with Fall Fearless and Fly!

Deepa Gopal Sunil said...

This is a Beautiful page! Love the image and the background has so well merged with it. Wonderful interpretation!
Thanks for your visit and wonderful comment :)

Chrissie said...

I love the way you've illustrated your thought-provoking theme. And thank you for your kind 'welcome back'! x

Jo Murray said...

Well done Joanna...a perfect quote.

Jessica Sporn said...

so so beautiful. I think you've definitely found your place in the sun! xo

BadPenny said...

Very thought provoking Jo, I've never heard that quote before. I love the leafy stamping !

Privet and Holly said...

Love this creation
and LOVE how you
get caught up in
your passion for art!

Since we also have
a little artist in the
house, currently applying
to art colleges, I totally
get it.

Hope your weekend is
off to a wonderful start!!!

xo Suzanne

Sabrina said...

You are the quoting queen, you find the best ones!