Friday, 23 November 2012

What's Rocking + Fall Fearless and Fly wk 4

Welcome to my fellow
Fall Fearless and Fly-ers,
my entry for week 4 is at
the bottom of this post.......

Is it me or are we hurtling towards 
Christmas at breakneck speed?!

So what's been good for me this week -

Hope's 16th birthday celebrations.

She and her friends thoroughly enjoyed
the new Twilight film (they actually timed how long 
it took for a male character to get his kit off!).

The next day she and her friend, Ciera, 
who she's known since they both started 
primary school at the age of 4, 
went shopping at Bluewater followed
 lunch at a venue of their choice.
They went to McDonalds.

And, of course, she had to have CAKE.
Colin the Caterpillar cake.

She lives in that poor/silly/mad cow onesie :)

With the aid of a startling array of tablets,
Small Cat has started eating!
She has even licked her bowl clean a
couple of times.
I can't tell you how happy this makes me.

Some brilliant buys in charity shops this week
eg I found the most wonderful retro curtains,
perfect for Christmas - bright red satin with
white starburst type snowflakes. 
Full length, perfect condition.
I know, it's madness.
Luke remarked that they 'smell' retro too
(I actually don't mind that smell 
but I'll wash them!)

Hope and I have arranged to go to
just before Christmas.

(photo source)
I've booked a nearby Premier Inn
(very near to you, Missy K!)
and I'm really looking forward to spending
some time with Hope, immersing ourselves
in Christmas spirit (well, I won't be driving!).

A surprise package from my
Postmans Knock friend, Lesley.
She was sorting through her 'stuff' and found an
old (1950's-1960's) map of Kent and London.
She thought I might be able to make use of it 
and sent it to me.  A very kind thought
which made me happy :)


That's me done for this week.
I'll leave my link with Virginia and
visit the other Rockers later.

Right now I've got to prise Luke from his bed
so he can go to work.
Wish me luck......!!

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The 3 prompts at
Fall Fearless and Fly
for Week 4 are

Headline Prompt: Security: What makes you feel safe and secure? What rattles your sense of
security? Where do you go for comfort and refuge?
Colour prompt: Cool colours (blues, greens, violets etc).
Quote prompt: You can't make a place for yourself in the sun if you keep taking refuge under the family tree.  Helen Keller

The place I feel most safe and secure is 
with my husband, Grant.
When he puts his arms around me I 
melt a little inside and relax.  
I am home.

I am a long time Genesis fan and
the song, 'Follow You Follow Me'
kept on going round in my head when
working on this piece - so I used the 
lyrics behind my hugging couple 
(they're a hand cut mask).

Stay with me,
My love I hope you'll always be
Right here by my side if ever I need you
Oh my love

In your arms,
I feel so safe and so secure
Everyday is such a perfect day to spend
Alone with you

I will follow you will you follow me etc

Thank you for looking,
I'm off to rock some more Genesis!!



craftattack said...

Glad your little cat is getting better. Your week sounds good, too! Nice work for FFandF! Valerie

Virginia said...

Fabulous post, birthday celebrations looked great - but McDonalds - even i'm a little gobsmacked at that? Love that Little Cat is eating some food even if it's as a result of a concoction of medication. Also loving the journal page that you've done - beautiful muted colours Joanne with a heartfelt sentiment.

Have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead.

Much love

BadPenny said...

Winchester Christmas market looks great...maybe I'll go with Jess !

Glad Small cat has improved with all your care & a few pills.

What a lovely image your cut out makes & all the muted colours - lovely x

missy k said...

Gosh I don't know where to start!!!!

I'm rushing too cos mum and dad due 10 minutes ago!!!!

Hope looks so much like you....I thought it was just Luke with the Colin Cakes!!!

Glad SC is eating well!

Good charity shop find! Smell or no smell!!!

Christmas Market in Winchester!!!! Which Premier inn I wonder and will you have to time to meet up/come over? Exciting! You'll love it.... especially when it gets dark. it's magical!

Love Genesis too and I love your page - love the beautiful mask you made... thats a lot of love!


Eileen said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to Hope. Love the caterpillar cake with the 16 candles.
Oh yes, we are hurtling towards Christmas. Hubby keeps telling me how many sleeps, doesn't help my panic mode!
Glad that small cat is eating now.
Charity shops always have a smell of their own. Your curtains will be lovely when they're washed!
Enjoy your trip to the Christmas market and the Christmas spirit!

Susan T said...

A Genesis fan, I thought I was the only one left. That track is my favourite too, your comments and artwork beautiful. How lovely to be 'in' love after years of marriage.
SC sounds like a little trouper, she has obviously decided that she has a few years in her yet.

The market sounds great, there is one in Manchester. I think I will lure Helena there soon.

Have a good weekend xxx

Monica said...

What a busy week. Hard to think it is friday here inMission. so warm and palm trees swaying. Happy to hear of little cats eating. Soon it will be a diet.

Carmen said...

Once again I really, seriously thought that was you in the top pic! I don't know whether to say oops, sorry to Hope or high five you!

Gorgeous list again (McDonalds? really?) I so need to get my Rockings into a blog post!

That market looks amazing!

Your journal page is so beautiful, I just love the colours!

Having a quick catch up while there is some peace and quiet! All the girls are out and Logan has finally succumbed after hardly any sleep over the last two days! Woohoo - cuppa and blog catch up!

Margaret said...

I love your Friday posts, so much to see and read about, I LOVE Colin the Caterpillar, he's a classic and Hope looks so happy! Mx

Alix said...

Lovely post - happy belated birthday to Hope - what a lovely photo! She was lucky to get the right number of candles - Ellen had only one to blow out on her birthday (which I forgot to light) and eight to blow out tonight when she's having 5 friends round. Maybe tomorrow (family coming round) we'll actually get the right number! Love the Fall Fearless artwork - great choice of lyrics. Hope Small Cat is continuing to improve!

Gloria said...

Really enjoyed my first visit to your blog. Lots of happy occasions going on in your life. Enjoyed your music and think the "mask" is great, and such loving notes about your relationship with your husband.

Jessica Sporn said...

Oh my is this gorgeous! I hope your husband appreciates such a beautiful tribute. Love Colin the caterpillar too! Thanks for joining fall fearless & fly!

menopausalmusing said...

What a lovely, lovely newsy post... Brilliant artwork, especially the piece based on Genesis! It is a beauty.

SusieJ said...

Great post Jo!
Love the sound of the curtains...if not the smell!!1 lol
Fabulous artwork ...and now you've got me singing Genesis!!
Hugs xx

misteejay said...

Lots of lovely positives and the photos are fab.

That market looks amazing.

Christmas really is racing towards us - where has this year gone?

Your page is beautiful - the colours and the shading are lovely (I've now got that tune going round in my head too LOL).

Have a super week.

Toni xx