Saturday, 3 November 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

(click the pic if you want to Rock too)
I didn't quite manage to post this yesterday
but you'll forgive me, right?

This week's positives?
Here goes......

Hope's braces have been removed
which was a nice surprise.
She had an appointment at the orthodontists
and we thought their removal might be soon
but it was done there and then.

Hope hasn't stopped grinning since
and why not, her teeth look fantastic!

Going to the cinema with my family
to see Skyfall.

Going to Tate Britain with Hope to see
The Pre-Raphaelite exhibition.

(Ok, it was cold and windy and I'm growling at Hope
to hurry up and take the picture of me next to a
Henry Moore and in front of MI6.
 The 'stroppy arms folded' look is not great, I admit)
Small Cat actually ate some food 
after a week of eating much too little.
My friend Carol, from
thinks she might be grieving for Joe Cat,
her brother, who was rehomed recently.

(Resting in the sunshine)
She's going to have some tests done next week
just to make sure there's nothing else going
on in that little old body of hers, but I was so
pleased that she ate nearly a whole chicken breast
in one sitting (hand fed to my little Princess).
Rosie Mae helped by finishing off the rest!

(Sleepy, so very sleepy.....)
Don't laugh, but I've got to take a 
urine sample from her for testing.................!

Sabrina's Mail Art and postcard arrived!!

What doesn't show in the photo is the subtle
gold shimmer on the background which gives
 a wonderfully lush and intense colour.
I totally love Sabrina's postcard.
I suspect the spider staring gal is
one of Sabrina's creations, 
that girl can really paint faces!

I have never heard the little rhyme,
"Who kills a spider
bad luck betides her."
and it's great, 
perfect for our Halloween theme.

The postcard came in this fab envelope,

(front of envelope)
which also has the subtle shimmer 
 used on the postcard
(Sabrina, what is that shimmer??!!)
and a groovy snake skin effect.

(Back of envelope with a style conscious Lizzie Borden!!)
This swap was great fun to do
and I hope that Sabrina will be up for 
another swap sometime very soon :)

Thank you for reading, I'll be
linking this with Virginia, and then
I'll drop by the other Rockers later.

Bye for now,
and have a lovely weekend!



missy k said...

Hi Jo

Lovely surprise for Hope... it must feel so good to have no braces and great teeth!

Hope SC is ok- good luck with the sample!!!!

We are off to the pics tomorrow to see Skyfall :)

Blimey that statue must be big you are dwarfed by it!!!

Great mail art... my mum always says 'if you want to live and thrive let the spider run alive' -
it's always stuck with me!

Great spooky mail art and envelope!

Have a great weekend


Eileen said...

Glad Hope is rid of her braces and she mustn't stop smiling.
Glad you enjoyed seeing DC and the exhibition.
I hope Small Cat is OK, she could well be grieving. May Annie didn't eat for a good while when we lost Amber. We coaxed her appetite back with chicken. Good luck with catching her urine, we've had to do that in the past and we found out then that our dog was diabetic!
I like the postcard and take heed not to kill any spiders!

SusieJ said...

A lovely week all in all Jo.
I do hope Small Cat is OK....and I wish you luck with getting the sample...I had to do the same for Max...just thankful no-one was around to see me doing it...:)
Pleased for Hope and her teeth..:)
Have a great weekend.
Hugs xx
p.s. DH has agreed to go to the Pre-Raphaelites with me! Yay!

Virginia said...

Oh a lovely list, you look great stood outside with your arms folded LOL! Glad you enjoyed your visit though.

Also glad you enjoyed the film - we intend on going tomorrow (fingers crossed).

Removal of braces - no wonder Hope has been grinning so much - how wonderful for her!

Small Cat looks like she's really settling in bless her - good luck on the urine collection - that should prove interesting!

The postcard is gorgeous too!

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead

misteejay said...

Great week for Hope.

SC looks as if she is starting to settle in - good she is now eating more. Getting that sample is going to be fun and games.

Love the spider quote - I've only every seen the one "If you want to live & thrive, let a spider run alive".

Have a great weekend.
Toni xx

Relyn Lawson said...

Oooo... You make me long to receive some mail art of my own.

Monica said...

Hope must feel as well as looking fantastic. Little cat is in mourning. Tripper started eating this week. I give him a spoonful of canned food then he comes and harasses me for another and another..... At least if I do that he does not throw up.

Jane Housham said...

Great mail art, gorgeous kitty. A good week, all in all.

Susan T said...

Both mine had braces, what a relief when they come off. I think you should do a video blog of how to get a sample from cat!

I think the Henry Moore statue is a cover, you are waiting to get your new instructions from MI6, trying to look all nonchalant it doesn't fool me you know.

Privet and Holly said...

Wow, Sabrina really
went all out on this
challenge ~ how fun!

Congrats to Hope ~ I
remember that day
well {twice for me and
once for my son}!!

Hope your sweet
kitty rebounds....good
luck with capturing
the sample!!

xo Suzanne

Kristin said...

WOW - my favorite is the rat on the front of the envelope! AND no more braces! Yay, that was an exciting day for me too - congratulations to the new popcorn/bubblegum/taffy eater ;) xoxo

Margaret said...

Oh I can't wait for removal day for my daughter, she just got black bands attached to them, chose them herself, quite a 'look'

Cutie kitty cat, I hope she's doing better soon.

Gorgeous card and envie, what a treat to get a treasure like this through the post.

Hadiyah shabir said...

So glad that the removal of the braces left a lovely surprise.
Gorgeous envelope and card.
Have to watch skyfall aswell.
Once again thank you for your very kind offer.