Friday, 16 November 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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It's been one of those weeks;
busy, busy, busy!

It feels good to sit down and pick out the 
good bits from the whirl of activity.

I enjoyed taking Hope to the 
Art and Design Department 
at the local college.  She's considering 
her options post-GCSE
(she sits them in the summer) and this
course looks brilliant (I wish I could do it!).
I could see her being happy there; after all,
WHO wouldn't be happy 'arting' for 2 years?!

She has now applied for the Art and Design 
course, with Photography as second choice. 
The interviews will be in February 2013.

Last night we went to a 6th Form attached to a local 
school and she liked it there too.  She would study 
A Levels there and there's a great selection to 
choose from.  She is in the process of filling in 
that application form now.

She has also applied for another school's
6th Form and while she's not so interested in 
that one she wants to make sure she gets the 
offer of at least one place.  Competition is high.

Exciting times ahead, hopefully!

I really enjoyed a coffee and catch-up
with my dear friend, Dawn.
I don't see her enough but we'll always be
good friends (she knows too much about me!).

A snatched sandwich and chat
with my friend, Sue.
I think I have a busy life but hers makes mine
look positively sedentary!

It'll be Hope's 16th birthday on Sunday!
Oh my goodness, my baby's gone and
got all 'growed up'!

I've got tickets for her and a group of her 
friends to see the new Twilight film tonight.  

There has been much
squealing with excitement!

Tomorrow she's going shopping with 
another friend followed by lunch.

Sunday itself will be just a family 'do'
with CAKE and candles.

You're only 16 once :)

We won the National Lottery!

I emailed Grant at work to let him know and told
him that I'd put the winnings towards a celebratory
Morrisons Curry for 2 and a bottle of wine.
We agreed he shouldn't resign from work just yet.

Yes, we won the grand total of £10.


It's been a really stressful week with Small Cat
and she's been backwards and forwards to the 
Last Chance Animal Rescue vets because she 
won't eat. She has kidney failure and gingivitis, 
along with some bad teeth.  The vet is unwilling 
to remove the bad teeth because of the kidney failure 
and such a long operation would be too risky.  
Trying to find a positive in this is tricky but the 
good news is she's still alive, we've enjoyed
some lovely cuddles with her this week and 
throughout the day she spends time with each 
one of us, very precious moments.
I am keeping my fingers crossed that the arsenal 
of tablets prescribed will start to make her feel better.
She's such a sweet girl and deserves more time 
with us being loved and cherished.

Luke has had a week off work and has thoroughly
enjoyed doing NOTHING! I've never known 
someone able to sleep quite as much as he does.
He works hard so I don't begrudge him one bit,
I just think it's quite remarkable!


Thank you for reading this week's post of positives.
You are VERY welcome to join in; it's always 
refreshing to read about good things happening.
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Susan T said...

Lots of lovely things this week Jo, a very happy 16th to your beautiful daughter - 16 crikey! I don't think I can remember that far back.

So sad to hear about Small Cat, poor little sausage, it must be a constant stress for you.
Meanwhile back here at the Lancashire Home for Mishaps Prince has gone and got himself a dose of Fleas!!!!, we think they probably came from the woods, we have bathed and squirted and hoovered and dusted, all bedding has been washed just in case he has even sniffed at it. Botheration, or words very similar.

I am not trying to outdo you but I bet Paddy would give Luke a run for his money in the sleeping stakes. Thing is though Luke is working hard and deserves it, whilst Paddy, well, less said about that the better. He virtually hibernates in winter. XX

SusieJ said...

A lovely list that made me smile...and laugh (about the lottery ticket!!).
Happy Birthday to Hope...she must let me know what the film's like...I still haven't managed to watch Part 1 yet!
Her choice of courses sound lovely...fingers crossed she gets on to the one she really wants.
Have a great weekend Jo.
Hugs xx

Virginia said...

Oh two years arting - really you can do that? How amazing would that be?

Catch up with friends always a lovely positive!

Happy Birthday to Hope on Sunday - 16 - I bet it doesn't feel like two minutes since she was born Jo and with a 12 year old on my hands I know exactly how fast these children grow up! I was sat thinking crikey 16 yey that's really old and then I thought hold up that's only 4 years away gulp!!!!

I'm sure the girls will have a great night out watching the film, I've yet to watch a one - I'm not into twinkly vampires but DH commented that the trailer did look 'quite good' LOL - so we might convert even now.

Yay to the lottery win, but I agree it may be a little premature for Grant to resign LOL!

Will keep fingers and toes crossed that Little Cat starts to feel better with the meds and starts eating again!

Have a fabulous birthday weekend ahead with your gorgeous family

Much love as always

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Sounds like a great birthday weekend!

Exciting and fun times ahead with the college courses too....

£10 better than nothing! Enjoy the spoils.

Poor Small Cat, hope the tablets do the job.

Love to you all


trisha too said...

Lots of fine things to be positive about, thank you for sharing, Joanna!


Monica said...

Happy 16th to hope. I never knew you had to apply to get in 6th form. I just continued on from 5th form. Since that is a !/2 century ago change is inevitable. her choices sound exquisite.
By now I would be a millionaire if i ever bought a ticket.
i would appreciate Luke sending me a dose of sleep.
Poor kitty, she has at last found love. She is already in heaven.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear jo, you are just the best! You really know how to accentuate the positive. xoxo

BadPenny said...

Happy sixteenth Hope and enjoy the film ( Jess & I planning to see it too ) Good luck with your applications xx
Joe can sleep like Luke - it really is incredible !
Poor old Small cat. Bless her.
Enjoy your winnings xx

Sabrina said...

Wow, a lottery winner! That should be a sign of good things to come. How exciting for Hope to have all kinds of good options to review. It feels like decisions have to be made at such a young age in your neck of the woods. It feels like our kids get to put it off for an eternity. It sounds like, from my intimate knowledge of Hope through her mum's postings, she'll be a winner regardless of her choice.

I am very sorry for small cat. My cat whom we had for 14 years, had kidney failure and it was very distressing. I just think loving them through it is the best we can do.

May Hope enjoy her sweet sixteen! I just made plans for my oldest to go go-karting with friends for his 15th birthday which is just 2 weeks away. Amazing, isn't it?

Much joy and creative fun for your week ahead!


craftattack said...

Sounds like a mixed week, with lots of good things. Hope our little cat gets better, it's no fun being ill for man or beast! hugs, Valerie

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Hope!! I hope her day is full of fun and all her favorite things!!

I also hope Small Cat is feeling better and you continue to have lots of positive things this weekend!!

misteejay said...

Lots of lovely positives.

Hope Small Cat starts to improve.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a wonderful week.

Toni xx

Printed Material said...

If Hope has her fair share of her mother's genes how can she fail to get into her art course? Good luck for whatever she wants to do.