Monday, 24 December 2012

What was Rocking my World Last Friday

The much looked forward to 
Girls Exciting Adventure 
(Winchester Christmas Market etc) planned by
Hope and me unfortunately didn't happen.
Poor Hope woke up on Friday morning feeling
very unwell and has spent most of the last 3 days
in bed with a high temperature and coughing.

We were both very disappointed but these
things happen and we'll have some more exciting 
adventures when she's feeling up to them.

I still want to join in with
Rocking My World

which although is late,
 seems even more important to
do at the time of the year when we're 
surrounded by indulgence and excess.

So what have I got to be grateful for this week?
(well, 2 weeks actually, as I also missed last week's).

The Hubster, Grant.
He's been slogging away at work
and has finally made it through to his
time booked off work.  He's off now until
the New Year and and we're looking forward
to relaxing and spending some time together.

Rosie Mae
for being such a gorgeous girl.
I must love her to still be able to laugh
after this little canine pre-Christmas joke.

"Dad gave me a BATH so I thanked him by
running around in the garden and then
left muddy pawprints all over the carpets
and rugs Mum had cleaned ready for Christmas.
I'm not sorry."
Do not be fooled by her contrite expression, 
she's only sorry she was caught!
I have submitted her photo to
(one of my favourite waste of time websites!).

My dear friend Louise and the new man
in her life, Jady, came to us for a meal.
It was fun to get caught up in their whirlwind 
romance and to listen to their plans for a 
summer wedding (in woods with a funky hat 
dress code.  I'm trying to picture Grant in a 
funky hat......!).

Carmen, who was VERY NAUGHTY
(that girl never does as she's told)
and raided my Amazon wishlist
and sent me this book for my birthday.

(click the pic for details)

The instructions look simple enough
for even me to follow ;)

The Christmas shopping is done
(well, I guess it should be by
Christmas Eve!!).
I couldn't face the scrum in Morrisons
so enjoyed a very civilised wander
round a surprisingly empty Waitrose 
at 6 o'clock at night.
It's only going to be the 4 of us on Christmas Day
so I wasn't having to buy vast quantities of food.

Conversation with son Luke before the food shop, having seen the queues in Morrisons:

Me: I mean, it doesn't really matter what we 
eat on Christmas Day, does it, as it's only 'us'.  
[hopefully] We could even have fish fingers!

Luke: Yeah, whatever, Mum. (pause) As long as there's bread sauce.  And sausages in bacon.  And stuffing. And roast potatoes................

Me: [thinking] So not fish fingers then :/

I'm looking forward to our
Christmas Eve family 'treat' -
we've booked tickets to see
at the cinema.

I've never been a big fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy,
but Luke and Hope both want to see The Hobbit and, 
according to my friend Ali (who saw the film last week), 
it's brilliant and there are some 'gorgeous dwarves' to look at.

The season finale of Homeland.
We all enjoyed watching it
(although we thought the final episode was
rather padded out and a little weak, we forgive it).

We're looking forward to a tv fest
on Christmas Day.
Doctor Who Christmas Special
(scary snowmen!!!!)

A Paul O'Grady at Battersea Dogs Home
Christmas Special (awwww)

and a Downton Abbey
Christmas Special.

Well, I'd better go and get started on the day.
I'm meeting a friend for coffee -
let Christmas begin!!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.



craftattack said...

Sounds like a good two weeks on the whole. Hope Hope is soon better! Your Christmas programme seems to be better than ours! Have fun, take care! Hugs, Valerie

Clarky J said...

A lovely post xx I am hoping Hope is feeling much better soon. Having the lurgy myself I sympathise xx wishing you all a wonderful family time this Christmas and hope 2013 brings with it much love and laughter and plenty of crafty time xxx

Virginia said...

Yay too Rocking posts this morning, yours and Carmen's makes me happy - I'd not had anyone to visit up until now! Fingers crossed everyone's better for the big day, woohoo to hubby having time off. The Rosie Mae picture is absolutely classic and I love the note!

Christmas TV - awesome stuff, and a trip to the pictures, we're fancying Jack Reacher that comes out on boxing Day - let us know what you think of the Hobbit, I too was not a fan of the other trilogy!

May you have a truly beautiful and blessed Christmas.

Now off to check out that book!

Anns Art said...

Merry Christmas :)

SusieJ said...

Max is totally in awe of Rosie Mae...he's never managed to get his own back after suffering the indignity of a bath.....I think she may have given him an idea!!
Two good weeks there apart from poor Hope being ill.....fingers crossed she's better for Christmas.
Enjoy your time with Grant...David has taken time off fixed plans will just play it by ear and see what the weather is like.
Merry Christmas Jo!
Hugs xx

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Jo.
hugs and JOY,

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Now don't laugh, Jo but Steven & I just watched Downton Abbey for the first time last night, streaming via Netflix! I saw the show in the many possibilities for us to be watched, thought it sounded familiar and now I know why, you!!! We did enjoy it, we are getting to know the characters and will watch another episode soon. It has been cold for Florida, 45F/ 7C so we made a fire in our fireplace, bundled under a blanket and enjoyed. Thank you! We both admit to thinking it was called "Downtown" Abbey before we knew better!!

I love your blog and everything in it, most especially including YOU! Now I'm off to read about Musings on Realities: postcards : ) happy, happy christmas to you & your family, with love -lenna

Jee said...

Poor Hope. I do hope she's feeling better and you all have a lovely Christmas.

Eileen said...

Poor Hope, I hope she feels better soon.
You just couldn't be angry with Rosie Mae no matter what she does :-)
Enjoy your family time and have a very Happy Christmas.
Love Eileen and Annie xx

Jewels said...

Happy Holidays from Canada to you and yours Jo (I can't believe Lenna is only now catching up to Downtown Abbey LOL)....hope Luke gets what he wants to eat and Hope feels better to enjoy Christmas Day. Talk to you soon. :) J

missy k said...


LOVE the picture of Rosie... she is so cute.... sorry or not!

I have that book!!! Haven't really had a chance to get into it properly yet!!!!

I loved the Lord of the Rings triology.... the latest Batman movie is on Sky now so we are watching that tonight.

Enjoy the Hobbit.... Livi and I have been catching up on Merlin since she got home. Last one tonight!

Looking forward to Downton too.

Have a great dinner (not fish fingers!)


Monica said...

we are just having steaks and have had to call off a soiree with the neighbors as Chris has strep throat and neighbor has a compromised whatever system. So we can drink ourselves silly, over indulge in mince pies, Christmas candy, a plum pudding and a piece of Christmas cake all purchased at Central Market in San Antonio where they had a dizzying array of Christmas goodies from around the world that would have left me not only broke but many pounds heavier had i indulged. So now to deliver a pressie to the neighbors cats, tripper has already demolished the one they gave him.

BadPenny said...

Rosie Mae is adorable. So sorry you didn't get to Winchester. Hope you enjoyed the Hobbit. Downton...sigh.

Hoep you had a lovely Christmas day Jo xx