Friday, 7 December 2012

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

(Click the pic if you want to join in)
I haven't been around much lately, as
'Life' has been getting in the way of my
arting and blogging :'(
I'm hoping to be back in my creative groove
soon but in the meantime, I'm happy to
be here to count my Friday blessings.

Online and in-the-flesh,
they've helped get me through the last few
difficult weeks at work (it's a long story
that I won't bore you with).  Support on 
Facebook, in an email and over a cup of tea has
reminded me how fortunate I am.

You know who you are, thank you :)

As always, he's my rock.
Not only has he been there for me
but he also has been there for a dear
friend of mine.

Thanks, love!

My brother Simon and his wife Debs.

It's been too long since I last saw my Big Bruv 
and his lovely wife.  Grant and I enjoyed a fun evening 
at their house catching up on their news.

(Hope's friend Maddi, Debs, Grant, me, 'Baby' Hope and Simon)
My niece, Becci, and her gorgeous 
little girl, Hope 
(yes, our family has 2 Hopes!!) 
dropped by to see us too :)

(Snoopy the dog is doing his best Jedi warrior impersonation,
"This is not the sofa you are looking for")

Small Cat.
Sweet Small Cat has taken up
residence in Hope's wardrobe.
It's lovely and warm in there,
she's got a snuggly quilt to sleep in
and she likes it if you leave one door
slightly ajar - although if you forget and
close them both she's not too bothered!
She has even had meals in there,
although Hope has drawn the line at
the litter tray going in there too!
Very luckily, I won this 
stunningly BEAUTIFUL snowflake
made by Carolyn Saxby and 
given away on her Facebook page.

It's made from Swarovski crystals,
ice crystals and other faceted beads
and it is just delightful.

The good news is - you can have one too
if you head over to Carolyn's Etsy shop
by clicking HERE.

Very luckily yet AGAIN,
 I won this stunning art page by

Jessica is SO creative, she just
doesn't stop (drop by her blog to see
what I mean, click on her name 
above the JOY artwork).
The colours in this artwork are so clear
and so vibrant, they just SING!

It's so HAPPY and I love it :)

The Disney Pixar short film 
'For the Birds'
made me giggle this week.
I remember seeing it years ago, 
but it is so funny I have enjoyed 
watching it again (a few times!).

(I think I'm the big bird......!)


Thank you for reading this week's
Rocking Post and for leaving a comment
(I LOVE comments!).

I'll post this with Virginia.
Want to see what this Rocking thing 
is all about? Click on the Rocking pic 
at the top and it'll take you to Virginia's blog 
where all will be explained 
(far better than I could).

See you soon.......... :)


Eileen said...

Sorry to hear you have been having a tough time at work. Just remember we "work to live and not live to work" if that helps! Keep our chin up!
I'm not a cat person but it sounds like Small Cat is more than happy in her new home:-) I like the look of Snoopy the Jedi warrior!
Your snowflake is beautiful.
Am off to visit Virginia's blog now.
Take care x

missy k said...

Hi Jo

I've missed you in blogland...

I'm glad you are back this week with your 'Friday Blessings'

btw it doesn't take much but I was very confused with the Hope picture... till I read about the two 'Hopes'!

I'm glad Small Cat is snug and happy

Well done on you wins!!!!

Perhaps you should buy a lottery ticket as you are in a winning streak!!!!

Have a great weekend

Love to you all


BadPenny said...

Sorry to hear you've been struggling at work. I am a bad blogger friend as I didn't know & send you Bloggy love.

Lovely post. I'm imagining Small Cat all snuggled up in Hope's wardrobe. Jess opened the food cupboard to feed the cats to find Billy in there with his head in Finn's kitten biscuits ! All the cats try to pinch his food & he likes theirs !

Have a good weekend Jo enjoy the X Factor final. I want James Arthur to win !

Virginia said...

A gorgeous post as always, hope the work situation has resolved itself now!

The rest of the list is fabulous, catch up family, happy cat living in the bottom of a wardrobe.

Let's hope you have a fabulous weekend that is truly blessed. I'll get photos of trees done when the house is a little warmer at the minute I'm in the most layers I can manage I look ridiculous and am still cold!

craftattack said...

Glad you are still around, and sorry if you have had a tough time, hope things are soon better. Your cat seems to have picked herself a warm, winter nest! Hugs, Valerie

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Jo,
I hope your troubles at work will soon be resolved for the better.
enJOY a beautiful weekend,

Sarah said...

Wouldn't life be nice if we could all just snuggle up in the bottom of the wardrobe for the winter :)

I hope that your work issues get resolved to your satisfaction soon, such a drain on your energies :(

That snowflake looks so purty! Well done on winning that and the painting too, you should definitely buy a lottery ticket this week!

have a fab week

Monica said...

Work problems arevery destructive so I hope it has reached a satisfactory resolution that will help ypo return to doing what you love. Sorry I am not close to offer a soothing touch

SusieJ said...

Lovely to hear you sounding more cheerful Jo...hope the work thing is sorted soon.
Had to laugh...I don't blame Hope for refusing the cat litter!! Small cat seems eminently sensible to me....wish I could curl up in a duvet nest...:)
And I am soooo jealous....well done you on winning the's beautiful.
Loving the bright art too!
Have a great weekend.
Hugs xx

misteejay said...

Sorry to hear you have been having such a tough time but your post is lovely and positive.

Congratulations on your lovely wins - that snowflake is stunning.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Toni xx

Terri Corona said...

Good to hear from you, and I'm glad you've have lots of support from friends and family for whatever you're going through.

I'm sending my support across the water, and I hope you're able to really enjoy your holidays.

Carmen said...

Ah life! There's a bit of that getting in the way of MY arting and blogging too. Doesn't stop you dreaming about art and paint and stuff... have you noticed that?

Had a giggle about the new home for small cat - poor Hope, am not surprised she put her foot down at the litter tray - I'd have said no at the food! :D

Well done on the beautiful wins. And on the fab hubby too!

Have a lovely week Jo x

Sam said...

Fabulous wins this week Jo, the snowflake is so lovely and the print is beautiful.
Hope things are getting better at work and the issue has been sorted.
Had to laugh at small cat's new living arrangements, not sure i would want the cat eating dinner in my wardrobe, but I dont think the cat would fit in my wardrobe anyway what with all the too small for me but i might lose weight clothes stuffed in the bottom of it!
Great family photos and the dogs eyes freaked me out a bit!
Hope you have a great week x