Sunday, 6 January 2013

Fall Fearless And Fly - Week 7

Headline Prompt: Future Imperfect: What is different about your life now than what you once expected it to be?  How is the way it turned out perfect or imperfect?  If your future turns out differently than you imagined in the first prompt, could it still be perfect?
Color Prompt: Yellow
Quote Prompt: "Existence really is an imperfect tense that never becomes a present." Friedrich Nietsche

(Every girl dreams of cake, surely?)
Like many children of the 1960's-1970's 
in the UK I was brought up with Ladybird Books.
Back in those days the family was depicted as a 
caucasian Mummy, Daddy, two children and pets. 
Daddy always worked or read newspapers 
in his armchair (sometimes smoking 
a pipe), while Mummy went shopping rather 
a lot with a wicker basket and the children 
helped her.  The children enjoyed role play games 
and lived in a detached house with beautifully
manicured lawns.  Everyone smiled.
So guess what image of my future I had 
in my head as a little girl?!  

A husband (I don't think people had
'partners' back then), children (ideally a boy and a girl), 
dog and a cat.  I had no particular thoughts about a
career - and still don't.  It's only in latter years that 
I wish, in hindsight, that I'd gone to art college - 
and I'm not sure I would have used any 
qualifications for an artistic career
but I think I would have had a fantastic time!

So what have I ended up with?

After a few false starts (stupidly rushing into a 
doomed marriage to try and bring on this family 
I so desired), I now have: 
a husband (who doesn't smoke a pipe), 
children (a boy and a girl), a dog and a cat.
I don't live in a detached house and we certainly 
don't have manicured lawns.  I do go shopping 
rather a lot (although not with a wicker basket, 
more likely a shopping cart online).
We have a roast dinner on Sundays, I like to 
bake (and eat) cakes and we walk the dog.  
Some might think this is a boring life but 
it's all I ever wanted, so I feel very fortunate.

How my future will move on from here I have no idea
and I will try and keep my mind open so I can grab 
any opportunities as they arise.

I still love the style of the images of Ladybird books
and have a small but growing collection.  
I particularly love the well read, tatty and scribbled 
in ones because I can then cut out the pictures 
- guilt-free, as in this double page spread in my
art journal.  



Susan T said...

I rather like the idea of your dream life Jo, but then I would wouldn't I!, although I don't have a cat. My dreams came from watching 'Bewitched' and reading Enid Blyton. Isn't it funny how those images stick with us. I was always a domesticated little girl, I used to care for my wendy house with military efficiency and my husband always worked away (to explain his absence no doubt)my dream kitchen came from a description in a Blyton book, although I forget which one, as far as I remember it was a country kitchen filled with the scent of herbs and spices.

My darling Mum used to come for tea parties, and she saved small sized household items for me and let me have her old dusters and hand towels. It was glorious!!! I was so organised, where did it all go wrong? I was Mrs Crawford for some reason - how odd.

SusieJ said...

Love the art work and how wonderful that you finally achieved your dream...apart from Grant not smoking a pipe...:)
I think you would have enjoyed art college...
You've got me thinking now about my childhood dreams....I still have the same be paid for reading books and to never have to do the "h" word.
Hugs xx

Eileen said...

What a lovely post. I'm sure you would have loved art college. Your life doesn't sound boring, you have what you wanted and you are content.

I always remember when asked "what do you want to be when you grow up" I always used to say a teacher. I can't imagine why I said it! I used to love to play shop with mother's old catalogues and pretend money and I ended up as a shop manager!!
I have the husband, girl and boy and a dog(not a cat person though) and I do have the detached house but I won't mention the lawn!

I often wonder about the path we take in life, the decisions we make and how are lives could be so very different. A bit like the Sliding Doors film!

Sabrina said...

You've captured the idea beautifully in your piece. I have to say, I think the life you've acheived is so much more beautiful than the one in the book! I did have visions of a career path, but I just couldn't figure out how to get from point A to point B. I still can't. Now we have our daughters we can present our history and all the options to, and in that way we do get to "have it all"

Monica said...

that is so interesting. now days millions of kids go to art school and they do enjoy it as it is like perpetual childhood, and have a blast. Everyone acts shocked when they don't find a job. Some times reality and dreams meet. Growing up, the last thing I ever wanted was to be a housewife or be any where around them. my dreams about university were completely erroneous and work was a shock. Having a degree never made me competent. I always felt the description "she doesn't know where she is going, but she is making sure she gets there", sums up my life after college. All i knew is I wanted to live in the USA and here I am.

Gina said...

It's strange the ideas we have when we are younger but ultimately most of us probably dream of a happy settled family life. Not boring at all!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

a wonderful spread.. I like it and I like your thoughts and all in this post makes me happy ... as happy as you seem to be! WONDERFUL!

missy k said...

Lovely pages Jo.....

I don't think it sounds at all boring....



Lenna Young Andrews said...

beautiful art and even more beautiful word on the subject -not boring, beautiful!

BadPenny said...

SNAP ! The home, the husband, the boy & girl, the cat(s) and dog was all I ever wanted - and I got it !

I did go to art college & spent most of the time in the cafe drinking hot chocolate - needless to say I wasn't accepted on the advanced course !

I love your use of the beloved Ladybird books and like my darling cousin Susan I was inspired by Enid Blyton & Bewitched. I'd love to be a witch ( perhaps I am ! )

Loverly post Jo x

JansArtyJunk said...

Wonderful pages and post Jo....and not boring at all...x

Shari Nelson said...

Love your story, and your page. It caught my eye on Fall Fearless, and Fly #7.

Virginia said...

Ah no wicker basket when you shop - LOL! Loving the image and the sentiment and how you managed to almost achieve the ladybird book list of 'family life' - we don't have manicured lawns either - they're lucky to get cut!

Terri Corona said...

I love your journal page, and I love what you wrote - what could be better than knowing what you want, then getting it! Your life sounds lovely to me, so you deserve that SNAP!

Kristin said...


Privet and Holly said...

Your Ladybird books
sound a bit like our
Dick and Jane series.

I am going to see if
I can find one of the
Ladybird books online!

I did go to college, but
backed into a career to
stay near my boyfriend,
now my hubby of 26 years.
I hated almost all of my
jobs, mainly in insurance
and finance, but I plugged
away for 11 years until our
daughter was born. She IS
going to college for art, next

Love your art piece, sweet
words and lovely heart!

xo Suzanne

Carmen said...

See, I vividly remember writing in my English work that I was either going to retreat to the mountains, live in a book lined cave, become a hermit and keep cats... OR drive a 16 wheeler truck, long distance. Either way, it was a solitary existence I craved. Kids were a no no. My friend was always going to be the one with the brood. How did it end up? She still lives at home. I have 4 kids and the closest I get to the mountains is every 2 years when we go back to Scotland... And Craig doesn't like cats! Still at least I ended up with a fella who understands my unsociable side, cos he's just as bad :-)

Love this journal page and your reflection on how things turned out - sounds pretty perfect to me :-)