Saturday, 5 January 2013

What Was Rocking My World Yesterday!

(click the pic if you want to join in)
This week has whizzed by, mainly 
spent clearing up after the festivities
but here are the special bits that made
it all better.

We really enjoyed spending the day at 
Karen's, (Missy K - Grant's sister) 
birthday family get together.
I'm not going to reveal how many candles 
were on the cake (and there WAS cake!!), 
but I will just say that it was a
'special birthday'.

(Grant, John and Barb, and the Birthday Girl
with her alternative crown!)
I was happy that Grant and Luke
enjoyed Spamalot - I bought them tickets for
New Year's Day as part of their
Christmas present.

Grant and I are enjoying our 
Christmas present to each other....

...a Tassimo coffee machine.
We both LOVE coffee and, as Costa coffee
customers, we were offered one at a fraction
of the rrp.  It really is as easy as pressing a
button and the coffee is as hot and strong as
in the shops (and you can even buy Costa
coffee discs to use in it, win:win!).

I so enjoyed a Skype chat with my 
Mail Art swap buddy, Jewels.
The funny thing is, although it was the
first time we had actually spoken to each
other, because I've known her for a while
in Blogland etc, it was just like talking to a
friend who I've known for a long time and
didn't seem strange at all - just fun!
We had both made sure we were clean,
dressed and respectable for the conversation
but I'm planning on catching her in her pj's 
sometime soon ;D

I got a couple of cd's for £1 each in a charity
shop and they've been perfect to listen to,
with the volume turned up full,
while I cleared up the Christmas decorations
(why does that job take SO LONG??!!).

I've booked tickets for all four of us to see

We are all MASSIVE fans of Les Miserables
and have seen it a few times on the stage in 
London's West End
(Grant got us tickets for our first date, clever boy!),
and we can hardly wait for the film.
We watched a behind the scenes documentary 
on the tv, and it looks absolutely amazing!!!
We will have to wait a week after the film opens
due to Grant's work commitments and Hope's 
mock GCSE exams but I'm sure the 
wait will be worth it.

Rosie Mae, 
who has been SO smelly recently we thought 
the drains had blocked again.  
But no, after an hour checking, we had to
come to the conclusion that it was our 
dear old canine friend ;)
Just as well we love her, eh?!

Small Cat,
who is also now 16 years old.
And. Such. A. Madam.
Just as well we love her too, hmmmmm!

slogging away with subject revision
prior to her mock GCSE exams.
It's not much fun :(

Last but not least, my darling Grant,
who holds everything together and loves me,
"Just as I am"
(can you tell we watched Bridget Jones' Diary 
on New Year's Eve?!).

(no apologies for gratuitous Colin Firth moment!)

Thank you for soldiering on to the end of this 
post and please please please leave a comment, 
I LOVE comments :)

Wishing you all a great weekend!!



craftattack said...

Comment! Sounds like your week was more exciting than mine! Glad you all had a good time, and hope you have given your doggie a bath....Have fun, Valerie
Thanks for the peep of Colin Firth

Joanna said...

I'm afraid Rosie Mae's smell comes from the inside - she has a regular bath (much to her disgust) but there's not much we can do about her elderly digestive system!

Monica said...

After the frenzy to complete my book the week fell flat. Cleaning up is a waste of time. perhaps Rosie Mae got into the Brussels sprouts!
I know i saw Bridget Jones, oh so long ago,do not remember it & it could make a good movie one night.

missy k said...

Poor Rosie!

She'd be mortified to know her 'elderley digestive system' is reported about online;)

Thanks for the lovely photos you took.... and keeping the number of candles a secret!!!!

Glad Grant and Luke enjoyed Spamalot!

Sounds like a great week, hmmm coffee machine looks good and bargain CD's

Hope you enjoy Les Mis- I think I'll wait for it come out on TV - tonight we are only just watching
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel!

Hope the revision is going well for Hope and that it is all sinking in!!!!


Joanna said...

Rosie has no shame, Karen - her motto is 'stinky is good'!

SusieJ said...

Lovely week you had there..I have the decorations to take down tomorrow (Twelfth Night) to how long it will take for them to be back in the attic...well, that's anyone's guess!!
Max is in total sympathy with Rosie Mae as he HATES baths too...:(
I too have a special b'day coming up this year but will only have candles if I can be guaranteed a fire engine staffed by hunky firemen...sigh..
We saw Hugh Jackman on Graham Norton and were debating whether or not to see the film...we are not fans of musicals but I'd almost convinced D to go when we discovered it was all singing. So, much as I love the story I'll have to wait for it on TV.
And we watched the same film as Missy K last night...and it's ever so good...great cast, humour and drama....def. worth a watch!
I'm pleased you mentioned Small Cat as I was wondering how she was getting on just the other day...pondering the meaning of life, ageing etc as Max will be 11 this year and his cousin Sam is 12 this month.

Good luck to Hope with the revision and the mocks.

Hope you've had a great weekend...we're just off out for an Indian meal...
Hugs xx

Jee said...

Poor old Rosie - have you tried carbon biscuits? Most dogs will eat them quite happily and they might help.

Lisa Bowlin said...

lOve the new blog look!!
Why does it take longer to take Christmas decor down than what it does to put it up and decorate??
I kinda want to see that to, but not so sure on all the singing.

Jewels said...

Aw shucks Jo I'm honored to make your weekly list:). And egads girl 224 followers! Good old Rosie - all seniors should be allowed to do their thing LOL (I'm sure I will be a real stinker when I'm old and grey). Plan to see Les Mis soon...But first Downton Abbey Season 3 begins tomorrow - everyone here going nuts about it...

Eileen said...

Poor Rosie Mae! I'm glad you don't have a smellablog :-)
Obviously I am very envious of your coffee machine...I want one!
We took down our decorations yesterday, a day early I know (after telling everyone it has to be the 6th!). Makes me want to have a good spring clean now they're down!

Susan T said...

We seem as if we have had a similar week. Helena revising still for exams when she starts her new term on the 14th. Me packing away Christmas for another year, still haven't found those lost Christmas cards. Prince less than fragrant, long overdue for his visit to the doggy hairdressers.

We "treated" ourselves to a new flat roof on part of the house for Christmas, not the most exciting present but by far the most expensive!

Have a lovely Sunday, xxx

Susan T said...

PS I forgot to say, we are going to see Les Mis too, yes I saw the programme on it, it looks wonderful, guess what we will be humming all through the rest of January.

Alix said...

You've reminded me to book tickets for Les Mis - though I have never seen the show, unlike you! We too have a revising-for-mocks girl - she took all her books away with her and did quite a lot, though she always thinks she should do more! Will now go and watch the gratuitous CF moment...

Alix said...


misteejay said...

You've just reminded me that I have some decs in the porch that need to come down.

Lots of super positives and lots to look forward to as well.

Have a fab week and a super start to 2013.

Toni xx

Sabrina said...

Well, Miss Cultural Maven, sounds like you are keeping the family up on all things interesting and current. I hope you all enjoy your Les Mis outing and your delicious coffee, and thank you so much for my dose of Colin this morning. Colin always gives me hope! Enjoy the week!

Virginia said...

Oh so many positives in amongst that list! Loving the new header and look to your blog too Jo - fabulous stuff!

Glad you have fun catching up with Grant's sister - love the photo! I like coffee but nothing too strong, we had one at YSP the other day and honestly were still bouncing off the walls at midnight LOL!

Bargains at Charity shops - yay and tickets to see Les Mis! We went to see Jack Reacher yesterday.

Giggled at the blocked drain comment when it turned out to be poor Rosie Mae and Small Cat a madam now - never she's too timid surely?

Good luck to Hope and her mock exams, revision over Christmas is never fun!

Have a beautiful and blessed week ahead.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

soldiering on is so much fun with you, especially when you share "our" Colin Firth! xoxox

Myzdamena's World said...

What a hectic week. lvoely positives. Son has got a few gcse things this and next week and did some last year too. in our day it was all at the end....I'm old lol. he's only 14....and they have been doing bits already that count! Hope your next week is full of blessings xxx

Carmen said...

Devvie is in the same boat regarding exams Jo and also has to decide what career she want, so she can choose her subjects for 6th form. Talk about stress, 's so much to ask them to decide at this age.

You know that ouija board book I reviewed? The author is an extra in that film of Les Mis. That's her day job. I have great fun spotting her in Midsomer Murders and Holby etc.

Very jealous of the Tassimo machine :-) Have a lovely week Jo x