Friday, 11 January 2013

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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It's the time of the week when I, 
along with the other Rockettes, 
stop and pause to reflect on the rays 
of sunshine from the week just gone.

who has finally got started on her 
GCSE mocks. I'm proud of how she is 
coping with this stressful time.

who won a meal for 2 including a bottle of wine
at a local pub.  He won it playing Rock 'n Roll Bingo.
The good news is, he donated the prize to his
impoverished parents! So despite my rapidly
increasing waistline and vows to eat sensibly and
healthily, I can't wait to get along there and claim my
prize :)

My dear friend Dawn,
who I met yesterday for a coffee and 
catch up. She's hoping to change her work 
hours soon so I should be able to see her 
a little bit more from now on.

Our family summer holiday is booked!
We're all going to Vilamoura in Portugal
 for a week in the sun.

I'm particularly pleased that Luke 
decided that he'd like to come with us, 
along with Grant's parents John and Barb.

A family day out.
Luke had the day off from work and 
Hope had a study leave day (but 
desperately needed a break from revision 
and a change of scene) so we all went up to the 
'Death' exhibition at The Wellcome Collection
(very close to Euston Station).

This might seem a rather macabre subject for an
exhibition but it was SO interesting. It covered 
artwork, sculptures, writing, photographs and
memento mori from the earliest of times to 
the present day and also included how 
different cultures viewed death
(Day of the Dead, Tomb Guardians etc).

This was a large exhibition, which is
especially surprising considering that it is 
free to get in. We all enjoyed it and I bought 
the book which accompanies the exhibition.

The entrance hall to The Wellcome Collection is
interesting too.  Hanging from the ceiling is an 
Antony Gormley sculpture (he did the 
100 figures standing in the sea at Crosby Beach, 
near Liverpool).

The lighting, which changes colour,  is stunning.
The glass shades are based on the design of
medicine bottles and containers.

After we'd stopped for a drink
(the food looked lovely but we'd eaten a 
substantial cooked breakfast before setting off)
we went upstairs to see the two other exhibitions,
'Medicine Now' and 'Medicine Man'.

Wow, these were also fascinating.

Ranging from shrunken heads, 
to Florence Nightingale's moccasins,

shoes for a lady with bound feet (ouch!), 
to a lock of hair from the
head of King George III's head - 
which had strong traces of arsenic, 
which may well be responsible for his 
reported madness.

(Lord Nelson's razor and reflection of Luke's legs)
(I loved the face of this guardian figure)
(creepy and clever)
A really interesting day out.

Phew!  I have finished my
Brooklyn Sketchbook 2013
and it's in the post (with all of 4 days 
to spare before the cut off date!).
Here's a sneak peek (I'll do a proper post
on it over the weekend).

(Affaires of the Heart - front cover)
Grant and I have decided to have 
a garage/workshop, utility room and loo 
built onto the side of our house.
This is Stage 1 of our plans for when Grant
leaves the Police in a couple of years time.
We're going to have a go at 'upcycling' 
(making something beautiful and useful 
out of waste and junk), and the garage/workshop 
will make it easier to work.
I managed to sneak in a utility room and
downstairs loo onto the plans too :)

I have joined the local library.
A brand new Community Centre has been
built on the site of an old Secondary
School (closed down years ago).  The
library moved in this week and I really
have no excuse not to join.
In the past I was appalling at returning books
on time and racked up shocking fines, but
they can, of course, be renewed online now.
Also, it takes me approx 4 minutes to walk
round there so there is 
to get them back late 
(I'm shouting at myself).
I was amazed that I can have 30 books
at any one time.  30 books??!!
Anyway, I took out just two this time;


So there you have it - 
despite the return to work/school, 
having NO money (January always seems 
such a long month!), and with the 
temperatures falling (snow is forecast),
there really have been some things for me 
to smile about this week.
I'll leave the link to this post with Virginia 
and visit the other Rockettes later.  
You can join in too, it's easy - just click the
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Susan T said...

Helena and Patrick would have loved that exhibition, Helena as she likes that sort of art and Patrick, well there may have been a bit of blood and guts to stare at. Your holiday plans sound wonderful, just what you need to do at this dull time of year, think ahead to sunshine.
Your 'affaires of the heart' book is so beautiful. Is it a confessional? are we going to get some Tracy Emin style stories!

I tend to overlook the library, but they will get you anything in, much more economical than buying everything.

Have a great weekend sweet one.xxxx

Kristin said...

First of all, I loved your week 7 post below - all I ever wanted to be was a mom too (oh, and an actress when I was small ;) - loved hearing about your childhood.
Also, your vacation plans sound amazing and your trip to the museum looked like a great one - I can't get over those bound feet shoes. Lastly, I'm looking forward to seeing your beautiful journal AND I LOVE your new blog look - very cool, xoxo

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Full post! Full of lots of happies and days out.

Your sketchbook looks really interesting....

Libraries are brilliant ... we use ours. We must or we will loose them!

I heard the rumour about the snow.... I know its cold enough here today even though it was brilliant sunshine.

Have a great weekend

Love to you all

Karen x

Anns Art said...

You certainly have been busy! All the best to your daughter with her exams, albeit mocks, but still as important..nail biting times. Have a good weekend.

Monica said...

A fun filled week indeed. Even the dead seemed to have a way of uplifting the spirits.
Just blew my new years plan to go the the new gym daily, as on my way home yesterday my VW hit a rock and needs a new wheel. Stay cozy

BadPenny said...

Wow - amazing post Jo & that exhibition looks incredible. Your holiday plans lovely.
I remember watching a film about women having their ( cruelly ) bound feet released to educate others - awful pain both times.
Good luck to Hope xx

craftattack said...

I saw part of that exhibition on the Tv here, looks like you had a good week! Valerie

Jewels said...

PORTUGAL! Will I fit in your suitcase? Sounds like some interesting things this week Jo...

Used-to-Bees said...

Ooh-ee - Portugal! Lucky you - it's good to have it to look forward to during these grey months! Enjoy that meal out - definitely not the time to think of restricting yourself... Your sketchbook looks great (as usual) and I look forward to seeing more. Yay - I finished my not-sewing, so am feeling similarly thankful!

Virginia said...

Wow where to start - so many rocking moments on a week when people have to dig deep (very very deep LOL).

Way to go Hope coping with the stress at the moment, hopefully she will be able to relax a little once it's over before prepping for the main thing in the summer!

Well done Luke not only winning a prize but donating to Mum and Dad - awesome stuff!

Coffee with friends is lovely, I have arranged to catch up with someone this next Friday that I promised throughout 2012 and never managed it hoping these promises are better in 2013!

A holiday - yay!!! Always a positive to look forward to - I'm in the can I book it can I phase at the moment - but have managed to click on two cottages up to now - just need to fathom out how the hell to pay for them now!

The Death exhibition looks amazing as does the medicine now and medicine man exhibition - all really interesting objects, although the bound feet just look painful

And you finished your journal, it looks gorgeous - looking forward to a more detailed post on it!

Ooh a workshop - that sounds fun and you managed a utility and a downstairs loo - now that's some sensible planning!

A local library with fabulous books, we have one too but the choice in books is often lacking, I really should go armed with some books to see if they can order them in, however, the fines on 30 books might be excessive -can someone really read 30 books at once - surely not?

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.


SusieJ said...

What a fabulous post!
WTG Hope and Luke...coping with revision stress and donating prizes to Mum and Dad...lovely!
Holiday plans sound great..
And that exhibition sounds fascinating...wonder if D is interested?
And well done you on sneaking in a utility room and loo!
Your library sounds a worthwhile place to visit.....must check out ours as I haven't been in since they built a new one....we have more books than the old one used to have.
Enjoy your weekend.
Hugs xx

Myzdamena's World said...

Yeay...eventful week :) our son has 2 gcse exams next week and It's his birthday tomorrow.booo lol should be banned hehe.good luck hope xxxx

Yeay to maybe seeing more of your friend, another loo and a very gorgeous donateytastic son xxx

hope you have a lovely holiday xxx

Privet and Holly said...

Hey sweet friend!

My last week or so has been
anything but rocking. First a
week of flu and now I'm tucked
In bed with a stomach virus. Now
that I'm well enough to sit up, the
silver lining is time to catch up
with blog friends : )

Love your house addition plans
as well as your business plans!
And how lucky to live so close
to a library. That might be dangerous
for me!!

Off to read more of your posts!

xo Suzanne

misteejay said...

So many fab positives. That day out looks amazing - how wonderful.

Have a great week this week.

Toni xx

Carmen said...

Ooh the garage/workshop/utility room/loo sounds fabulous. That sounds like a fan plan. The exhibition sounds so much fun, thanks for all the piccies.

That's one , actually probably the only thing, I miss about our old house. We used to live directly opposite a small library. Now it,s a trek into town and, like you, I was always getting late notifications :-)

Have a lovely week Jo, enjoy that meal.

Eileen said...

Having a holiday to look forward to will speed up these cold winter months. Looks fabulous.
The exhibition looks really good, something I know would enjoy.
Your plans for the house look interesting. We downsized to a new house to have the things you are planning so I think we did exactly the opposite to you :-)
As for the library, I didn't know you could renew your books online. I'll have to check out ours. I'm with you, forget thirty, two is ample!
Lovely interesting post. Thanks.