Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Day of Eggs, Horses and Schwitters


Hope and I set off bright and early 
for our day out together.

On the way through to our first event
we came across a Big Egg Hunt
in Covent Garden.
It wasn't too difficult to spot these
eggs!  There were loads of them but I
only photographed a few or we would 
have been late.  

They were beautiful, imaginative and BIG!

(Someone looking like they've eaten rather too many Big Eggs!)

The hunt was to raise money and awareness

The eggs are going to be sold by auction.

(This was my favourite, it reminded me of
Wallace and Gromit/Steampunk)

(A London themed Egg by Network Rail)
(No Hope, we can't take this cute little bunny home!)
We dragged ourselves away from the eggs
and went to an event staged by the
crew.  This was a behind the scenes 
talk about how the idea for War Horse
was born and how the 'puppets' developed.  

It was fascinating, and the man giving the talk
had played the 'front end' of Joey in the original 
cast, so he knew what he was
talking about and he spoke with real passion. 

He explained how they developed the horses'
breathing, their movement and 
the sounds they make.

(The photographs are a bit ropey because 
I failed to switch the flash on, doh!)  

Hope and I saw the show a couple of years 
ago and loved it.  When the horses came onto 
the stage today my immediate and involuntary 
response was to tear up with a lump in my
 throat - such an emotional response from 
puppets gives you an idea of how brilliant they 
are and how talented the actors are who 
make them 'real'.

The talk lasted for just over and hour and we 
enjoyed every minute of it.

We then hopped on the tube and went to
Tate Britain for the Kurt Schwitters Exhibition.

I am in love, totally smitten with 
the artwork of Kurt Schwitters.  

In a nutshell,
Kurt lived in Germany and invented his 
own art movement called Merz.but his 
artwork was classed as 'degenerate' by the 
Nazis and he fled to Norway.  Unfortunately,
 the Nazis then invaded Norway and he left 
again, heading to Britain.  Upon arriving in
 Britain he was classed as an 'enemy alien'
 and was interned in several successive 
camps, finally ending up in 
a camp full of artists and with a sympathetic camp commander. Throughout all this time he 
created art, using the materials he could find
(he once made a sculpture out of porridge, 
which went mouldy and very smelly!)

His collages are WONDERFUL, some are paper, 
others include fabric and found objects such
as bus tickets, old wire and fragments of

There were paintings, sculptures, photographs
and ephemera.  And I loved it all.

(Although there was a rather weird film
by a grandaughter of a friend of his;
lots of screaming and flashing images,
I'm not sure what that was all about.)

Unfortunately a lot of Schwitters work
has been lost or destroyed over the years
(some during the war years, 
much to Schwitters' distress),
but there was still plenty to see in this

A day of eggs, horses and Schwitters -



Jewels said...

Look at you! Love your coat! And what a great day from eggs to horses to Schwitters - wish I could have come along (and I did not see any snow on the ground either lucky you)....

Monica said...

I needed that post as cleaning up studio is driving me nuts, and after 4 days nothing to show. love the eggs.

missy k said...

Aren't those eggs amazing... my favourite is the one with the rabbit and the owl.

The War Horse 'behind the scenes' looks fascinating... the 'horses' are wonderful.

Glad you finally got to go to the Schwitters exhibition - might try and go to this one!

Do you like Joseph Cornell? I think his work is totally brilliant.

Karen x

Privet and Holly said...

So much loveliness
in one day!!! Lucky!

Love your curls and
I see that Hope had
the good fortune to
inherit them, too.
You girls are gorgeous : )

xo Suzanne

Kristin said...

Wow, what an amazing show that must have been to see - his art made from anything he could find! - it's heartbreaking and beautiful and inspiring all at the same time. I bet it was an emotional exhibit.
AND those eggs are amazing - but not as pretty as you two and that fabulous coat! xoxo

Kory K said...

So so jealous that you got to go to the WAR HORSE event! Those puppets are SO amazing! They take my breath away every time I see them... I work in theatre, and I would KILL to work on something that freakin cool.


BadPenny said...

Oh you both look lovely - what a coat !
Wonderful eggs - I love fat Peter Rabbit but would have to buy the teal with dancers one if forced to choose !
That must have been brilliant to see & hear about the workings of the War Horse puppets - incredible pieces of art.

I bet you did love the exhibition !

I'm coming to London late March with Jess - hope there is something fab on then !

Sarah said...

oooh love your coat, the eggs and most of all that you finally got to see the Schwitters :) hope your lurgy is all cleared up

craftattack said...

Sounds like a great day! Those eggs are wonderful, good that you found one matching your coat! The horses talk must have been very faescinating, and Scwitters is, of, cours, just fantastic, and I would love to see the exhibition, too, but it's not possible. Have a fun week,

Karen Isaacson said...

oh how I would love to see that Schwitters exhibit. I've never seen any of his work in person. glad you were able to get there at last!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

You and Hope both look great! What a day of art : )

JansArtyJunk said...

Sounds like a lovely day Jo...those eggs are amazing..loving the duck egg blue one with the frolicking ladies...Those war horse puppets are just fantastic aren't they...Yes a day of eggs, horses and Schwitters sounds just perfect to me!!
...and loving your coat too! :)
Jan x

Carmen said...

Looking at you and your photo I have "Oooooh classy lady" going around my head to the sexy lady bit of Gangnam Style :D Blimey I will feel a right old scruff when we meet up!

Looks an amazing, amazing day. So much fun. Beautiful eggs, gorgeous collage work (which I have SO much more appreciation for after the postcard swap) and those horses... wow.