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I was lucky to get free tickets
for a preview screening of
the new film starring
Anthony Hopkins,
Helen Mirren,
Scarlett Johansson,

I loved it.
The film is totally engrossing with brilliant 
and understated acting, wonderful styling 
(late 1950's/early 1960's
when women looked like women) and a 
storyline about an area of media history
 of which I had very little knowledge - 
the making of the film Psycho.

It amused me that there were constant 
but subtle visual references to 'The Birds' - 
pictures of them, sculptures of them, 
lampshades decorated with them.....
(The Birds was the film Hitchcock made after Psycho).

I recommend this film
(which goes on general release in the UK on
Friday 8th February).

As an aside, I think I must be getting very old.
Throughout the WHOLE of the film we were
surrounded by people eating, constantly and
very noisily.  Those packets (which seem to be 
bottomless) must be the least cinema friendly 
ever made, and how and what can people be 
eating solidly for one and a half hours
at 10.30am in the morning?!
And don't get me started on the cans of
fizzy drink.....!

Is it only me?

Grump over ;)


9 Response to "Hitchcock"

  1. craftattack says:
    5 February 2013 07:56

    Looks good. I still yearn for the 'Hitchcock Half hour', which used to be my fave TV programme back then! Valerie

  2. misteejay says:
    5 February 2013 08:08

    He certainly was a master of suspense.

    I dread to think what was being munched at that time of day - that sort of noise really annoys me too.

    Toni xx

  3. Eileen says:
    5 February 2013 09:19

    My friend would never pay cinema prices for their sweets and drinks and would smuggle in a whole stash her own. Part of the thrill she said :-)
    Rattling bags annoy me too!

  4. Anns Art says:
    5 February 2013 10:36

    That clip you added has convinced me...looks really good.

  5. missy k says:
    5 February 2013 11:43

    Going to wait for this one to come out on Sky.... but looking forward to it.

    I agree with your grump... it is not only you!!!

    Karen x

  6. Carmen says:
    5 February 2013 14:39

    Am so glad you enjoyed it :) Talking of The Birds - did you see The Girl on Boxing day? It was about Tippy Hedren we enjoyed that too.

    Can't wait top see this one - lucky you getting a free preview. Oh and it's not just you - people smooching or eating hot stinky food wind me up too.

  7. Virginia says:
    6 February 2013 20:21

    Film sounds fab but I must admit the sight of someone eating cheesy nachos at 9.30 in the morning was enough to make me wonder what the world was coming to!

  8. BadPenny says:
    7 February 2013 08:45

    I'd love to see this. The dress I showed you was featured on This Morning - was Hitchcock themed fashion.
    When we saw Les Mis there was one sweetie eater only thank goodness but the man sitting next to Roddy constantly tapped his feet & shouted out just as Ann H finished her I dreamed a dream ( I thought he might have Tourettes so didn't say anything )

  9. Gina says:
    8 February 2013 08:51

    Totally agree with you about the eating and drinking all the way through film... it is so irritating. Thanks for the recommendation though, I fancy seeing this.