Sunday, 3 February 2013

Jewels' Woolgathering Moment

You may remember that Jewels and I 
recently swapped Mail Art and a postcard
with the theme of 'Woolgathering'.
Mine is HERE.

Jewels' arrived last week,
so apologies, Jewels, for this post
being somewhat tardy.

(My life is much more interesting inside my head!)
Jewels' postcard is even prettier in the 'flesh' 
than my scanner will allow being shown here.
The dreamy image of the woman having
a 'woolgathering' moment is so sweet.
She and the sparkly garden background are
layered on top of black gesso, onto which
Jewels has doodled. Great effect.
And yes, my life is much more interesting
in my head!!

The postcard was sent in a themed 
Mail Art envelope and stitched all 
the way around to seal it.

The ram on the back must be the original

This was a super swap,
and we're now working on the next one
(well, I'm thinking about it anyway!).



BadPenny said...

I love the wistful expression the woman has and the woolly sheep is lovely.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

great swap .. indeed!

Virginia said...

Oh that's fabulous I love the butterfly wings used on the mail art!

missy k said...

Ahh that's so pretty....

Love the envelope too :) I do LOVE stitching (when I don't have to do it!!!)

Karen x

craftattack said...

Lovely work from Jewels, enjoy! Valerie

Monica said...

I am a little tanked due to super Bowl. Nothing else on TV so Chris is snoozing. Loved your post.

menopausalmusing said...

These are all really, really lovely Jo.

Terri Corona said...

ooh, how fabulous to get that in the mail - the envelope alone would have been exciting, much less the gorgeous postcard.

Leslie said...

Love the ram card. Sometimes being literal is the way to go. You two do some good swaps.