Thursday, 7 February 2013

Manet Exhibition - Portraying Life

(click the pic for details)
Grant and I had a lovely day today.
We popped up to London to the
to see the new exhibition,
Manet - Portraying Life.

Would you believe that Edward Manet
was repeatedly rejected by many many art
institutions because they disapproved of
his artwork?!  He refused to align himself with
the Impressionists and steadfastly insisted on
remaining a 'Realist' (luckily he came from a rich
family and so was able to stick to his principles
without worrying about providing for his family!).
His passion was to paint real people in real 
surroundings and he was also influenced by 
the birth of photography.

The galleries were painted a very dramatic
almost-black, which showed off the paintings
to their best advantage.  One of the galleries
 had just one painting in it,
'Music In The Tuilleries'
(Manet included himself in this painting
and is one of the bearded gentlemen 
on the far left).

Manet's mastery of the effect light has on a 
subject was stunning.  Some of the paintings 
looked like they had a spotlight shining onto 
them but it was his amazingly clever 
painting skills.

My favourite painting to show this is
'Victorine Meurent'

and, of course, 
'Berthe Morisot With a Bouquet of Violets'.

The exhibition was busy but not too busy.

Grant doesn't usually accompany me to 'arty' 
events so I wasn't quite sure how he'd enjoy it, 
but I think he surprised himself and he happily
chatted about the paintings and the stories
and history behind them.

As we walked through Leicester Square
we spotted a queue of people shivering in the cold,
waiting to see the actors attending the film 
premiere of A Good Day To Die Hard.

I loved the premiere set being built -
that's a helicopter you're looking at
(this was as close as I could get).

Good old Bruce!

Hope and I are going to London 
on Saturday to see the 
at Tate Britain.
I'll be sure to tell you all about it.



Netty said...

Thank you for sharing your terrific day out and showing the fab pictures. Annette x

trisha too said...

Joanna, I always love your sharing posts, so much good stuff--thank you for taking the time to post them!


missy k said...

I've been reading lots about Manet in the weekend papers.... lucky you getting to the exhibition.

Enjoy yourself with Hope on Saturday

Karen x

Sarah said...

Oooh I am hoping to get to the schwitters exhibition before it's over .... I look forward to hearing your opinion

glad you had a lovely day out with the hub :)

Monica said...

What a super day together. Chris will tolerate an art day now and then.

Terri Corona said...

Ooh, Manet,how wonderful, thanks for sharing. How fantastic that you can just pop up to London to see an art show! And good for Grant for going with you!

sugar Creek said...

Beautiful and looks like fun!

craftattack said...

Sounds like a great exhibition. I very much miss going to exhibitions or films just now, but perhaps some day it will be possible again! Have a good weekend, Valerie

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I have done nothing but clean today, and I see you have been out doing some really fun and interesting things--I'm so glad someone is! :-)

I also hope you're doing well, and have had a good day!

Jewels said...

Can you see the "green with envy" from this side of the ocean - you lucky, lucky girl...

Lenna Young Andrews said...

you have been seeing such wonderful art lately!! whoo hoo : )) I like living vicariously through you!

Printed Material said...

How good to see such fabulous paintings without too many crowds Jo. I like Manet but would love to Kurt Schwitters. Looking forward to your exhibition report from the Tate next week! Alistair Sooke eat your heart out.

firstnightdesign said...

Wonderful post, especially as I won't be able to see the exhibition. Thank you.

Privet and Holly said...

Love that you
are able to pop
into London to
take in all these
exciting exhibits!
I love Manet and
would be so excited
to see this exhibit.

I hope if I return to
London while my
relatives still live
there that we might
meet up at one of
these great venues....!

Happy Weekend, J!

xo Suzanne

Ariel said...

Hi Joanna Happy to know that you loved the card. The tagtuesday looks very interesting. I too would love to join.

SusieJ said...

Ooh, the exhibition sounds wonderful...just have to persuade D to take me. As Manet is his favourite artist should be fairly easy!!!
Enjoy the Tate.
Hugs xx

Virginia said...

Oh fabulous exhibition also loving the building of that set for the Premiere!