Monday, 4 February 2013

Outgoing Mail Art

I had fun with Mail Art yesterday.

One of these envelopes has my 
postcards in it
(the ones I'm sending are in THIS post).
I am sending mine off VERY early and 
there's still lots of time to join in.

The other envelope?
I promised some Mail Art a long time 
ago to a blogging friend and I thought it 
was about time I got my finger out 
and sent it to her!

Both recipients are keen photographers so
I hope they like the photobooth pics.

By the way, the white splatters 
were originally unintentional!
I was shaking a white paint pen 
(to draw the white lines for the addresses) 
and as I took the lid off 
(over the envelope, of course - duh!) 
white paint splattered out all over the envelope.
After a moment of panic I realised I actually 
liked the splatters, so went splatter crazy
(having masked the photobooth images first).

I love happy accidents :)



craftattack said...

Glad you are doing some mail art again. You sure have your postcards ready early! Valerie

Used-to-Bees said...

It must be great to receive these in the post! I've always been curious though - do you put them in another envelope to protect them on their journey? I'd be worried the mail services would ruin them!

Eileen said...

That's the artist in you, seeing the paint splatters as a positive. I would have been so upset and gone into meltdown :-)

Virginia said...

Oh Jo they are gorgeous, I am loving the paint splats too!

JansArtyJunk said...

Beautiful Mail art Jo...and I'm a big fan of paint splats!! So Happy accident indeed! :)

SusieJ said...

A happy accident indeed Jo.
What fabulous mail art...another thing I should try....
Hugs xx

froebelsternchen Susi said...


missy k said...

Great mail art Jo and well done for being extra early!

I like the effect of your 'happy accident'

Karen x

Carmen said...

Hurrah for happy accidents - they totally look like they belong there :)

These are gorgeous, the recipients will LOVE them :)

BadPenny said...

I was going to say gorgeous then saw others had already ... gorgeous !

sugar Creek said...

They are wonderful! Love little happy accidents like that! xx

Terri Corona said...

Oh yes, I'm a big fan of splatters! I'm too messy not to be!

Love both your pieces, the photobooth pics are so adorable and I really like the scratched in red and black lines around them.

Monica said...

Definitely a fun and enjoyable project. sounds like a good day.

Kristin said...

Yes that envelope was telling you who's boss! I love it when those accidents happen too - well, after the panic wears off :) BEAUTIFUL work, I just love them, xoxo

Kristin said...

Oh, and yes, I messed her up after the picture was taken. But, I may have another go at it ;)

Terrie Purkey said...

Beautiful mail art - I'm participating in the Liberate your Art swap too but haven't started my cards. You ARE early! I'm glad you enjoyed my card through Intn'l Swap...mine are still trickling in.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Totally awesome mail art as usual, Jo! You do amaze me : ))