Monday, 11 February 2013

Prayer Flag Swap

Jan from Jan's Arty Junk and I
(Creative Swaps) last year, and as Jan was
keen to increase her collection of flags 
she did a 'shout out' on her blog for swaps.

I jumped at the chance to swap with her 
and we arranged to meet for a coffee 
and swap just before Christmas. 
But everything got kinda busy and 
the pre-Christmas get together had 
to be postponed.  Finally, Jan sent me her 
BEAUTIFUL flag in the post.

(Bloom - photo lifted from Jan's blog)
Isn't 'Bloom' gorgeous? 
 Jan is the 'Queen of shabby' 
- I love those flowers, the colours, the lace 
and the stitching. It's all so pretty.
I've pinched the photo from Jan's blog because 
the weather here is so dull I can't get a 
decent picture (and hers is a great picture).

Now, Jan had to wait rather a long time for 
my flag (I procrastinated somewhat......)
and she was very sweet about it, 
but I eventually put it in the post and 
I know she has now received it :)

I cut up an old denim skirt, otherwise 
destined for the clothing recycling bin.
I enjoyed 'doodling' with my needle 
and added buttons, trims and
the message to 'relax'.

Thank you for swapping, Jan
(and thank you for being so patient!).



Netty said...

both beautiful swops

Terri Corona said...

wow you got a great one, I'm a sucker for shabby chic. And love your denim one - there's just something about hand stitching that adds so much.

Sam said...

I love these!! The shabby one is lovely but I adore your denim one with the hand stitched doodled flowers! I have just spent ages pinning loads of prayer flags on pinterest for inspiration for the prayer flag swap over at Collabor-ART! x

Used-to-Bees said...

I am very impressed with your stitch-y doodles - the denim is perfect for the theme 'relax'. Going to have a look at more prayer flags now.

BadPenny said...

Both are lovely. What a delightful swap.
I love your stitching Jo - reminds me of embellishing jeans in the
70's x

missy k said...

Wonderful prayer flags....

Jan's is so pretty! She is the Queen of Shabby for sure!

Your denim one is really cute. I adore the stitching.

We used to do embroidery at junior school and learnt all kinds of lovely stitches. (If only I could remember them!) It was such fun.

Karen x

Monica said...

What a delightful swap for you both. They are very pretty.

Virginia said...

Oh they are both fabulous I love the upcycled element JO!

Monica said...

What a delightful swap for you both. They are very pretty.

misty said...

This is beautiful Jo! I love the colors and the fact that its from an actual skirt!

JansArtyJunk said...

I know I have already sent you an email....but I was so happy with our swap Jo....So a big Thank you again!! x x