Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Best Laid Schemes.....

'The best laid schemes of mice 
and men often go awry'
(John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men)

and so Hope and I found out today.
We had a nightmare train journey up to London
due to repair work being carried out on the tracks 
but we finally arrived at Tate Britain for the 
Kurt Schwitters exhibition that I was 
SO looking forward to.

But, oh no!
Tate Britain was shut, due to a sudden 
and unexplained power failure.
The nice man sent out to calm the hoards 
of visitors explained that it would be 'at least' 
two hours before everything was up and 
running again, maybe longer.  
I had one of those moments when I wanted to 
stamp my foot.  Indeed, I think Hope was of
the opinion that I might just do that so she walked
me away from the door and talked me through
my repeated 'but I wanted to see it' wails.
Hmmmm, what else could we do?

I suddenly remembered that the
was still on at the
National Portrait Gallery,
which is very near to Trafalgar Square.
We agreed that this might be useful for Hope
and her Photography studies, and so that is 
where we went. I'm so glad we did.

It only costs £2 each to see the exhibition.
The photographs are stunning, some are very large
 and some of them are very thought provoking.
The winner is 'Margarita Teichroeb'
by Jordi Ruiz Cirera,

and it is spellbinding.
Cirera took his winning image while documenting
members of the Mennonite community in the
Bolivian lowlands.  Photography is rarely accepted
in these communities, and is sometimes forbidden.
This 26 year old woman was asked to look at the
camera but that was a problem for her, hence, maybe,
the partial covering of her face.  She looks so awkward
under the gaze of the camera, and very beautiful.

There are three galleries of photographs,
and if you can get to see it I'd recommend
you do.  But you'd better hurry, it finishes
on February 17th!

After a restorative coffee,
Hope and I wandered along to Covent Garden
and spent some time looking at iPads and iPad minis
(we both want one!).
**Any comments about them would
be gratefully received.**

Next Saturday Hope and I are going back up to 
London to go to a War Horse behind-the-scenes 
'show' when all the puppetry will be explained and
 there's the possibility that we will be able to get 
'up close and personal' to Joey.
(Hope and I saw the show a couple of
years ago and ADORED it).
Tickets for this one off event were £4 each,
and it sounds brilliant!

After that, we'll try going to the
 Schwitters exhibition again.
Keep your fingers crossed for us!



Lynn Holland said...

Hi Jo we were in London last week, I didn't know about Kurt Schwitter exhibition or I would have gone damn.
Went to Covent garden and we saw the Jersey Boys. We saw War Horse last time we were visited. Have you done Camden Lock Market it's brilliant.
Lynn xx
Ps get an iPad, I'm on mine now. I LOVE IT

missy k said...

What a shame.... sounds like you had a lovely day anyway and you still have K S to look forward too :)

We had snow this morning!!! Thankfully it didn't lay.

I played with my Gelli Plate when Barry and Woody were out :) What fun!

Karen x

craftattack said...

How disappointing that the Schwitters Exhibition was closed, and that after such a wonderful train journey. Glad you found a good exhibition to see anyway! Valerie

Eileen said...

Shame the exhibition was closed but your day wasn't wasted.
You should get an iPad mini if you can, Martyn had one for Christmas and loves it. He uses it as an e-reader offline and so many different uses online. I'm not jealous, I love my Mac! He wants me to have one too so that I'm not sat at the back of the room :-)
Hope you get to see the Schwitters exhibition soon.

Kristin said...

A good and bad thing! Sorry you missed one, but I LOVE the results of your photography trip - that winning photo is SO interesting and yes, beautiful. Thanks for sharing, xoxo!

BadPenny said...

That photograph really tells a story.
War Horse behind the scenes will be fab. I remember going behind the scenes and under the stage at Saddlers' Wells when I was at college. The dancers laughed at one of my classmates wearing leg warmers ! Then we saw Tales of Hoffman - magic.

firstnightdesign said...

Dropping in to say I would have stamped my foot too! Very glad you were able to make use of the day. Looking forward to your write-up of behind the scenes of War Horse and the Kurt Schwitters exhibition and that the trip goes without mishap.

firstnightdesign said...

Must just add that the Taylor Wessing winning portrait is superb and I'm so glad you included it in your post.

Privet and Holly said...

Joanna, I'm having
SUCH London envy!
I'd be jealous if it
wasn't lovely you and
your daughter who get
to experience all of these
wonderful exhibits : )

Love love the photo
exhibit. The winner
as well as the other
that you show are simply

And War Horse.....oh my!

As for iPads, I have the
regular size. I don't like
squinting at my phone,
so wanted the full size.
Mine does not have the
ability to connect via cell
service, so it is cheaper.
And it's never a problem
to get wireless in coffee
shops, airports, etc.

My son saved up for something
similar to the mini iPad,
but it is made by Acer and
he bought it from the Google
Store ~ $199 USD! It is so
popular that it was sold out
in our area and he had to get
it online. He loves it.

Any other questions, drop
me a line.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

xo Suzanne

Lenna Young Andrews said...

hooray, you two made lemonade out of lemons!! So glad you were able to find a different yet fulfilling exhibit to see. I can't imagine being able to zip around London to see such marvelous exhibits and such! I am sure you will manage to see the Schwitters exibit soon. xo

Monica said...

I have an iPad. There is huge learning curve as everything is new and different than a PC. it is mobile to some extent though awkward. Mine is in a special case bought from Apple to protect it if dropped. It would have been great if that had a shoulder strap. everything you do on it seems to ask for a password that requires my carrying a sheet of passwords with me. It is worthwhile to check out Samsung and all the other copy cats. Apparently they are just as good. Oh one hang up is it is difficult to write a blog and post pictures that required an App Blogsey. This works very well when you have a great broadband service and a high speed router and OK with home routers. I bought it as the squinting at a small screen is not me!