Friday, 15 February 2013

Use Your Words - be TRUE to you

I'm taking part in
Carolyn Dube's FREE online workshop
and this is my first attempt at a journal 
page using the tips picked up
from the videos.

(be true to you)
This journal page is bigger than I usually use,
being 12" x 8".  I didn't have the letter stencils
that Carolyn uses but I did have some very
ancient Reeves waxed letter stencils (picked up in 
a charity/thrift shop), and although they are a
bit big, I thought they worked for the 
be 'TRUE' message.

You can still join in with this 2 week 
workshop, and the videos will be 
available to view for ever and ever.
Carolyn has a very happy and relaxed 
style and I like how she doesn't mind if 
she makes a mistake - 
which she calls 'oops'.

I made a few 'oops' on this simple page 
but that's ok, it's a learning process!



Jo Murray said...

That would have to be my favourite saying. Oops is only a slight mishap that can often be turned to your advantage.

Terri Corona said...

I love the graphic nature of this, really fun. Nothing better than a free workshop, glad you're enjoying it.

sugar Creek said...

Well I don't see any oops on this page at all! Love it! xx

Privet and Holly said...

I couldn't agree more,
especially in our current
society, that always seems
to be pushing us to be
what the Media deems
"ideal." This is beautiful,
Joanna! It would make
a great print.....

Happy Friday!

xo Suzanne

craftattack said...

Great page, looks like you had fun oopsing! Valerie

missy k said...

Great page Jo...

Love the 'boxes' on the right

Karen x

trisha too said...

Well I don't see any oopses--looks to be a great journal page to me.

That workshop sounds very enticing!

BadPenny said...

Looks good to me Jo ! xx

Monica said...

that is a big journal. Good start.

Sarah said...

I don't usually do workshops - no time! - but I like the sound of a lady who embraces her "oopses" :) and your page is fab- alphabet stencils always look great - so I have signed up