Thursday, 21 February 2013

Warm Bodies

Hope and her friend, Tori,
wanted to go to the cinema today
to see 'Warm Bodies', the new

I was their chauffeur and decided to
watch it too as it would take too
long to go home and then come 
back out again to collect them.

The main character, R,
 is played by Nicholas Hoult,

who you might remember in
About A Boy.

He's changed a bit!

The film also stars
John Malkovich
(just being John Malkovich really)
Teresa Palmer (love interest)
and Rob Corddry (zombie friend).

It was a fun film - a moral tale of 
overcoming prejudice, 
good over evil, 
and love winning despite the odds.

If you have teenagers twiddling their thumbs,
at a loss for something to do -
then I would recommend this film.
It's a 12A and there was one 'F' word
but apart from that, considering the 
subject matter, it was a surprisingly cute film.

I enjoyed it :)



BadPenny said...

aww - Bless, he has a better hair cut these days !

Monica said...

I'm not putting it on my Netflix list.

craftattack said...

It sounds just delightful! I think I just might miss out on this one - the last film I saw was the last part of Harry Potter! Valerie

Printed Material said...

Jo, I think I'm a bit past it for a zombie rom com but I went to see The Sessions last night and really enjoyed it. It was touching, funny, serious and I was the brunt of my friend's jokes for wanting to see it but I really enjoyed it. There were only about a dozen of us in the cinema (well it is the sticks after all) but I suspect it might have been busier if there were hunky good looking zombies in it!

Carmen said...

I wanted to watch this anyway - Devvie went and watched it with her teenage friends, cheek. Couldn't believe it when she came back and told me it was the little boy from About A Boy. I feel a bit weird thinking he looks cute as a zombie now... though maybe that's a bit weird in itself... Apparently - according to her, she thinks it's loosely based on Romeo and Juliet the main characters being "R" and Julie. She reckons I'd like it anyway (I was afraid it might be a bit like the Twilight of zombie flms.) So one I'll probably definitely maybe buy on DVD.

Carmen said...

p.s I saw that new BBC3 zombie series advertised last night... looks gooood.