Friday, 1 February 2013

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

(Click the pic if you want to join in!)
Time for me to reflect on what has 
made my week better this week, ignoring 
the things that tried to drag me down.

We saw Les Miserables, at last!

We had tickets booked for a couple of weeks ago
but had to cancel them as the snow made it
impossible to get to the cinema. 
 I was GUTTED!
However, I was also very impressed with the 
customer service given by our local cinema,  
Everyman in Oxted, 
who offered to transfer the tickets to another date,
at no extra cost.  We were even able to choose our
preferred seats.  So on Sunday afternoon 
we finally saw it.
I LOVED it.  
I laughed (Sacha Baron Cohen and
Helena Bonham Carter were sublime 
as the Thenardiers),  
I cried (a few times), and
I sang along (don't worry, only in my head!).

As a huge fan of the stage show, this film lived 
up to my expectations.  If I was to compare 
the two, I think I prefer the stage production
 for it's ingenuity (and there's nothing 
quite like a live production), but the film 
comes a very close second.  And when the 
dvd comes out, guess who'll be at the front 
of the queue to get it?!

Staying on a cinema theme, I was lucky to
get two free tickets for a special preview 
screening of the new Hitchcock film,

starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren.
I'm going next week and I'll let you know what
it's like.  The film goes on general release in
the UK on 8th February.

The most nerve racking thing that happened 
this week was Hope's interview for an 
Art and Design course, at our local college.
She had been warned to allow 3 hours (??!!),
and told to take examples of her artwork 
showing development, and including final pieces.

We went laden down with artwork, including a
4' photography finished piece of Grant in his
police uniform.  We staggered in (I was there as
support and mule), to see the other candidates 
sitting waiting with just a couple of bits of paper.

Hope immediately panicked that she'd over done
her artwork evidence and I tried to reassure her
that too much was better than too little.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, 
she was offered a place, there and then
(conditional offer which is dependent 
on her GCSE results).

I am SO happy for her.
Two years studying ART!!
(I am also, of course, very VERY jealous).

I'm so grateful for our smoke alarm.
Someone, ok - ME, left the grill
on by accident after preparing enough
cheese and toast to feed a small army
(Grant has a large appetite!).
We were in the sitting room and were 
unaware of the acrid smoke filling the rest 
of the house - until the alarm went off.


Note: Despite the loud and piercing alarm,
Luke decided to carry on with his XBox game
("Well, I couldn't just stop, could I?"
"YES, Luke, that's just what you should do!!")

My friend Susie J
sent me a large parcel of art and 
crafting goodies, including folders etc for 
my Vagabond machine, and a magazine 
that I had been unable to track down.

It was better than Christmas!

Thank you so much, Sue!

I am taking part in

(thank you for the prod, Jan!).
This involves sending out 5 postcards - not the 
original artwork but printed versions of them.
Jan suggested I got mine done at,
so I went online and sorted out 20 images 
(the minimum order) of my artwork to be turned into 
postcards.  It's a very easy process - and very 
quick too. I placed the order on Friday night 
and they arrived on Wednesday morning. 
 I am so pleased with the finished result,
 they make my artwork look so
professional :)

These are the 5 I'll be sending off,

once I've finished a bit of Mail Art for them to
go off to Kat in.

Grant and I are now proud to be
authorised distributors for The Utility Warehouse.
The Utility Warehouse is a UK Discount Club
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We have been customers for a while and
are so impressed with the service they give -
hence we are happy to suggest their services
to our friends and family
(96% of customers said they would
recommend the Utility Warehouse to a friend).

Want to know more
- and, seriously, who wouldn't like 
to save some money?

Click on the pig :)
This is a hassle free service and it's 
so easy to save money
(they'll even pay up to £200 to get
you out of existing contracts)!

Finally, a big thank you to a very special 
group of girls on Facebook this week.
I was having a bit of a wobble (quite a bit of a
wobble actually) and they all put their virtual 
arms around me and gave me a big e-hug.
It meant everything to me.

This is for you
(Elton looks a bit mad!).

I'd better go now and get ready to meet
 my friend Sue, for a coffee and catch up :)

Thank you for reading, and
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.



Used-to-Bees said...

Congratulations to Hope! We've been doing that (college visits, interviews, DECISIONS) and it's a relief when it is sorted! Glad a true afficionado of Les Mis liked the film. I might go all on my own to see it this afternoon, as I've been meaning to since it came out (hubby doesn't want to see it...) I set our smoke alarm off last week - grill pan hadn't been washed after lamb chops and I turned it on again. Oops! The smoke made your eyes sting - cue front and back doors both open even as the snow fell outside! Have a good weekend!

Eileen said...

I'm so pleased you finally got to see Les Miserables.
A HUGE well done to Hope on gaining her place at college to study art. I'm sure the GCSE results will be fine!
Just a thought, have you ever thought of applying to college as a mature student yourself?
Thank goodness for smoke alarms, glad you are all OK!
I'll be clicking on the pig to check it out for sure :-)
Glad yo got some virtual hugs, we all need them sometimes. Take care x

craftattack said...

What a busy week. Congrats to Hope, lucky girl! Glad you are joining in Kat's postcard swap this time, it was fun the past couple of years. Have a nice weekend, Valerie

froebelsternchen Susi said...

what a fabulous abnd busy post!
the postcard(s) looks great--lucky swap-partners of you!

I came along also to tell you, that there is a new theme for february on our ART-JOURNAL-JOURNEY

would be great to see you again there this month with an entry -theme is "PEACE"!

scrappyjen said...

Lots of great positives! Well done on college place - art for two years - priceless!!! Thank goodness for smoke alarms! Happy Friday, jenx

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Jo,
My Mr. and I just saw Les Miserables yesterday, I loved it too! A big congratulations to your daughter, I am sure you are so proud!
Your postcard is awesome.
enJOY a lovely weekend,

sugar Creek said...

Wow congrats to her!! That is awesome!!
I want to see that one about Hitchcock. Looks good!
Yes that is probably what my son would do with his x-box game time as well. As long as the x-box is safe he's fine!! lol~!

missy k said...

Well done to Hope.... how wonderful for her.

Enjoy Hitchcock... I've heard good things about it.

Thank goodness for smoke alarms!!!

Have a great weekend

Karen x

Virginia said...

Oh you finally got to see it - yay! I'm glad it lived up to your expectations - a fabulous positive!

I'll be interested to see what you think of Hitchcock too.

Hope sounds she went extremely well prepared for her interview and the news is fantastic although yes I too am extremely envious!

What is Luke like with the Xbox - thank goodness for smoke alarms - maybe you'll have to have dummy fire drills to show Luke what he's supposed to do LOL!

Oh crafting goodies from Susie, how lovely.

I love your postcards how fabulous to have them professionally printed!

Ah and the WW group has been good this week, everyone supporting each other!

Hope you had a lovely catch up with Sue hugs as always

Katie said...

Hi Jo! I am doing the swap too. I love MOO---and I LOVE your cards!!! I recognize one of those! It's a fave! :0) I need to get mine made soon.
Looks like you have been a busy gal and having fun! take care!

Terri Corona said...

How exciting for Hope! That's wonderful, although I agree, jealousy inducing! So glad you got see Les Mis, that's still on my to-do list, maybe this weekend.

So glad you have supportive friends who helped you through your "wobble", hope you're feeling better.

Monica said...

great news about hope. Does she now believe mother knows best. Busy woman. Hugs

BadPenny said...

That's fantastic news for Hope well done her. I'm sure taking plenty of her artwork was appreciated ( I wonder if the ones with thin folders got in ? )

Glad you finally got to see & loved Les Mis.

Thank you for your lovely comment during my wobble this week ! xx

misteejay said...

Busy old week there. Many congrats to Hope.

Have a lovely weekend and a great week to come.

Toni xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Jo, loved your post! So good to catch up with you. I agree, is exceptional! I have had them make postcards for me and mini business cards (their moo cards) all exceptional. What a great idea for a swap! Sorry to hear about your wobbling, happens to all of us. Glad you have a supportive group to help. when you have a minute, please tell me about this facebook group... I was considering starting one myself, so I would love to know your thoughts. And finally, Dionne Warwick & friends truly moved me to tears. What a beautiful song and I love all of those artists. Thank you JO! p.s. decklin & Dallas & spouses arrive this afternoon!!!!xoxoxox

Distinctly Daisy said...

Great choice of work for your postcards Jo - a fine example of your talents.

JansArtyJunk said...

Wow another busy week JO. Big Congrats to Hope, lucky lucky girlie! :)
...and So Glad that you are joining in Kat's postcard swap, your cards look amazing!
Really fancy seeing Les Mis...trying to twist hubbys arm in to going with me at the mo ;) !
OMG! boys would be exactly the same re...the smoke alarm...
when mine goes off...they just shout down 'Dinner ready then?' !! :O
Sorry to hear you were having a bit of a wobble (Hugs!) glad you have supportive friends who helped you through it ...hope you're feeling a lot better now. (LOVE that song!) x

SusieJ said...

What a lovely week Jo!
Well done to Hope...and Luke...typical teenage boy I'm afraid!!
You're very welcome to the crafting goodies..
And thank you for that wonderful song...I was quite teary eyed by the end.
Hugs xx

Carmen said...

Sat here swaying to the music :) Have always loved that song and seriously never realised how many different people sing it!

Well done for being Hope's donkey. It obviously paid off - good for her. Add me to the jealous list :) Well done Hope!

Yay to finally seeing your film - have I mentioned my friend is in that? maybe once or twice? ;) I don't know exactly where I know the scene where the line of girls all lean out their doors singing... she's one of them... apart from that... And sooo jealous you are gettin gto see Hitchcock. HUGE Mr Hopkins fans in this house. HUGE< Well, actually Craig is and I think I've been brainwashed along the way... but we both can't wait to see that. Will have to wait for the DVD though. Last time he and me had a date at the cinema I was preggers with Ruby and he had raging toothache - it was to see Hannibal Rising. That's how long ago! Sheesh! Let me know what it's like?

Postcards look fab - what a great idea - will have to keep that in mind! Have a lovely week Jo :)

Sarah said...

yay - I'm glad that you finally got to see your movie, and that you loved it :)

and you already know how jealous I am of Hope :D

cool idea to get your artwork made into "proper" postcards (you know what I mean....) ... I had some of the little Moo cards done once (like half sized business cards), but have never thought to make my own postcards, could be fun, I could use them for Postcrossing.....

Hope you are having a less wobbly week this week x