Friday, 22 February 2013

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

So what has rocked my world this week?

Half term holiday.
Spending time with Hope,
not having to clock watch,
catching up on household chores
and arting alike.

Meeting up with friends for 
a coffee and catch up.

Day trip to London with Hope,
blogged about HERE.

I caught a horrible cold just as
the half term holiday began, but
I'm grateful it didn't develop into
one of those REALLY awful ones - 
I kept it at bay by (over)dosing on various
medications (thank goodness for them!).

I'm pleased that Luke is also finally
recovering from his cold
(according to him though, 
he had the flu......).

I'm grateful that Grant didn't catch 
our cold germs.

I've enjoyed Carolyn Dube's
free online workshop, which
finishes today :(  I've still got quite
 a few videos to watch.
This is the random letter background
I made following the hints and tips in
the third video.  

It has now been chopped up ready to
use in various projects.

Small Cat
has written 'a day in her life'
diary entry for publication in
the yearly booklet produced by 
(we foster her from there).
She's doing really well for a
16 year old cat with kidney failure!

Her appetite has increased and I'm pleased
that I've finally managed to find some cat
food that she will happily eat....

She refuses to eat all the special diet foods 
for cats with her condition so we agreed that, 
considering her age,
 she should just be given food that she will eat 
- along with her medication.  

Rosie Mae has enjoyed some wonderful 
runs this week.
She's doing really well too, for
a 16 year old dog who is deaf, blind
and has a heart murmur!

Ok, that's about it for this week.
I'll leave my link with Virginia
and go and visit the other Rockettes
to read about what's made their week 
better :)

Have a lovely weekend!



Linda said...

Love that vibrant page you created for Use Your Words!! What a sweet kitty-she certainly doesn't look like she's 16 yrs old or ill.

Monica said...

Friday comes so quickly. That is so sweet of you to care for small cat so lovingly. Sounds like a good week all round.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Small Cat is so sweet. Glad that the meds help....actually for both of you lol. Hope the cold has completely gone now!

BadPenny said...

aww Small cat we love you and Rosie Mae - kiss kiss !

missy k said...

Love the colours and scribbles on your journal page...

Have to say small cat is looking incredibly perky!

Karen x

scrappyjen said...

I like your journal page.. lovely work. Cute cat. love cats too, have a great week end, jenx

Natasha said...

I was so inspired by your page I just went and signed up for the course so thank you!!

Yay for all the good stuff, and drugs working. And Yay for Small Cat!! She is holding her age well. Looks like a great week was had! :)

Terri Corona said...

Small Cat still looks like a young little Miss to me! So glad your entire family, pets included, are hanging in there health-wise - I hope you guys have a great weekend.

Privet and Holly said...

What a gorgeous picture
of Small Cat. Seriously
gorgeous. Not sure if it's
the food or the LOVE, but
she is one healthy looking

Have a wonderful weekend : )

xo Suzanne

Used-to-Bees said...

What a clever cat you have! (Such a sweet photo too...) Hope the colds continue to abate!

Virginia said...

Now that cats got it sussed, gourmet recipe pate cat food - yep definitely got it sussed. Loving the fact you found time to write her diary! And Rosie Mae enjoying her runs - fabulous stuff! Loving the journal page, haven't done nearly as much arting as I would have liked! Loving the fact that the cold didn't turn into something nasty and that you managed to dose (overdose???? arGH) yourself up!


SusieJ said...

A good week Jo...
Max sends Small Cat and Rosie Mae some special doggy hugs
Hugs from me too xx

Sabrina said...

So happy all the furry members of your family are doing well. We came to the same diet conclusion with our previous family cat that was 15 with kidney failure. Let them enjoy something they like!

That "Use Your Words" workshop was a very good fit for your art! You've always been handy turning the perfect phrase, and this has kicked that up a notch! Love the rainbow effect here.

Finally, can they not find a cure for a cold? I mean really!

Eileen said...

I'm glad that Small Cat and Rosie Mae
are doing well.
Glad your colds didn't develop...well apart from the man flu in the family :-)

Carmen said...

Ooh that course looks good - I just went and signed up. I love how you are positive in the face of germy adversity.

Off to read about your London trip now - am on a massive catch up :)