Friday, 8 February 2013

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

(Click the pic if you want to join in)
As I'm late with my Rocking Friday post, 
I'll just dive in with my list of 'gratefuls' 
from the past week.

Rosie Mae.
She's still with us, phew!
She had a 'funny turn' this week which
scared the life out of me (and her) 
but she seems ok now.  
We all love our girl so much.
She also seemed to be getting extra hungry
(and she is a skinny old thing) so she now has 
her own Weetabix and milk for breakfast
in the morning.


Small Cat.
She's still with us too!
At last I seem to have found a way of getting 
her tablets down her throat without causing
her, or me, too much angst.
Thank goodness, it has been VERY stressful!

Playing with my Gelli plate.
Having managed to LOSE the Gelli plate sent
to me by Gelli Arts (I really don't know how -
it must be in 'The Safe Place' never to be seen
again) I gave in and bought another one.
I then signed up to Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's class,
watched the first two videos,

and got painty!

It's very early days, and I know these
are nothing compared to some of the
beauties being presented on loads of blogs
BUT it is such fun and very addictive!

I printed all of mine onto old book pages.

I was just having a play so wasn't planning to use any of
the pages created.  

However I decided to use these two pages 
in my art journal (wip) - the mole is a 
doodle drawn by Hope.

I can't wait to have another go!

I really enjoyed my day out with 
Grant in London (blogged HERE),
and I'm looking forward to going with
Hope tomorrow to the
at Tate Britain.

Thank you for reading
and I hope you have a lovely weekend :)


Oh, and before I go - 
a couple of arty links for you:

Thank you to Linda for pointing out that over on
Carolyn Dube's blog, A Colorful Journey, she is
running a FREE two week workshop called,
Use Your Words.

Carolyn also hosts 
A Colorful Gelli Print Party

Click the buttons for all the details.



Monica said...

Happy to hear both cats are well. It is the worst thing in the world giving them pills. Have a splashy weekend. I wore myself out at the gym. Should never have stayed for the Zumba class. My head and body are in different universes.

Terri Corona said...

Glad to hear the pets are doing well, so hard as they get older.

I've never really understood what gelli plates are, but looks like you're having fun, I must say. I may have to break down and actually look into it!

missy k said...

It's lovely to hear that Rosie and Small Cat are ok... I've never heard of dogs having Weetabix and milk!!! Does she have the ones with golden syrup? I do they are yummy!!!!

You are sure to find your gelli plate now!!!! I've been watching lots of tutorials and will be signing up for Julies class.

Love the colours and patterns you've created with yours and Hope's wonderful doodle!!!!

I've already signed up for Carolyn's workshop....

I was attempting to carve a stamp yesterday and I cut my finger!!! Think I will be investing in the hand guard!!!!

Hopefully I will stay safe with my gelli plate this weekend!!!!

Feeling much much better thank you!

Enjoy yourself with Hope today... looks like a fun exhibition!

Karen x

BadPenny said...

Oh Rosie Mae you are just like Bramble - having funny turns & giving us and yourselves a scare !

Love your messing around & Hope's doodle !

Have a lovely day x

scrappyjen said...

Those pages are great. I have no idea what a gelli plate is! Sounds interesting...! happy saturday, jenx

Eileen said...

Hoping that Rosie Mae doesn't have any more funny turns. Glad you're spoiling her with her own breakfast. Annie always shares Martyn's Shreddies and she won't eat them dry, they have to be well soaked in milk. Once they're gone she goes off upstairs to bed!

I do like Hope's mole doodle. I have a little mole garden outside, I had a phase of buying plastic moles. Think it's because son works underground! Sorry, I don't know what Gelli plates are but I do like learning new things from you.
Enjoy your day out at the Tate.

Jill said...

A gelli plate is on my wish list, but too many other projects in the pipeline. Your prints look great.

SusieJ said...

Yay for Rosie Mae and Small Cat....and sending them both hugs xx

Love the pages made with the Gelli plate...and thanks for the links to the workshops!
Have a great weekend.
Hugs xx

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Always love hearing from you and your 'gratefuls' in life Jo. So good and juicy to pick out all the little things that make you sing! xoxox

Linda said...

It's always a bit sad when our pets age and need extra care-glad yours are doing better with your TLC. Fantastic gelli prints!! It's so fun to just play. Love your sweet doodled mole. I'm going to check your London link-I absolutely LOVED London when I went years ago. Thanks for mentioning me too, along with Carolyn's workshop link-she's such a delight and has no fear of color (which you jknow how I love:)

Sabrina said...

I'm so glad Rosie Mae is better. When our pets get older, it is such a worry! Give that dear girl a cuddle, and remind her not to scare you! I'm also happy to hear you and small cat have worked out the pill issues. It is amazing how much stress that little act can create in one's life.

So jealous of your big city, cosmopolitan ways! (ie. Hitchcock previews, Manet exhibits, etc..) It makes me feel like a suburban hick trying to squeeze a bit of culture from the TV! I've always loved Manet and can't want to hear about the Schwitters show!

Enjoy your week and have fun with your Gellis'. They look marvelous!

Jewels said...

Great Grats as usual Jo - happy to hear about family members doing well - LOVE Hope's mole - well done..still thinkin about those plates. Just finished up (I'm behind on everything) my postcard swap for 52 weeks - pain in the you know what with my personal laptop...J

Virginia said...

Oh some lovely gratefuls their Jo, so glad Rosie Mae is OK and Weetabix for breakfast sounds like a fab plan! Will check out the free classes, loving your gelli plate arts up to now beautiful!

Sam said...

Jo, I have missed so many of your posts, i am such a bad blogger. I have had a good read through and got all caught up. All of the exhibitions sound great, especially the Manet one. Sorry the one you went to yesterday was shut, how disapointing for you and Hope, but it sounds like you enjoyed the photographic exhibition. Gald the animals are both ok, we used to give Willow weetabix and hot milk when she was a puppy! The Gelli prints are fab, they are so addictive!!
Hope you have a great week x