Thursday, 28 February 2013

You've Got To Have Gelli At Your Birthday Party!

It's Carmen's birthday today.
The other girls in our FB WW group
clubbed together and we got her a Gelli plate,
and paints, rollers, journals etc etc.
(A MASSIVE thank you to Virginia for sorting
all that out and for sending it to the birthday girl).

This is the card I sent Carmen.
Do you see the gelli print background and party 
hat is made from strips of gelli printed paper?!
I used Carmen's avatar from her blog and FB.

And yes, she HAS got Gelli (on a) plate
at her birthday party, haha.

The envelope was also made out of gelli printed
paper (well I've got to find a use for all those
prints!!).  I know it's time to move onto more
layered prints, but that's in the next video (in
Julie's class) that I've yet to watch.
Maybe I'll do that this afternoon
(after I've tidied my conservatory studio).

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Carmen.
Enjoy your Gelli, you deserve it!



Sarah said...

ha ha that's awesome!! :D

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Jo, the card is FAB!
enJOY a beAutiful today,

craftattack said...

Have fun, and keep on wibble wobble with gelli on the plate! Valerie

Sabrina said...

Beautifully done ladies. I'm to wish Carmen a happy one!

BadPenny said...

How lovely

Virginia said...

Oh Jo that card is fab!

Karen Isaacson said...

art friends are the best! awesome card to go with a wonderful gift.

trisha too said...

So funny, Joanna! Once you're addicted to gelli, there's just no going back . . .


Printed Material said...

Snap Jo, I tidied my studio (the shed!) today and wondered what to do with all the prints I found.Envelopes is a great idea. I dare not buy a Gelli plate but you've made it look tempting.....

JansArtyJunk said...

Oh what a lovely and personal card Jo...and what a fab nice to have lovely arty friends! x

Eileen said...

She is going to be thrilled with her card, it's excellent.

Katie said...

My birthday's in May. ha!!
That is so great! I loved that you used her avatar too!
Those look so fun!

SusieJ said...

Fabulous card Jo!
Love your prints too...I need to watch #4 of the videos but might try technique #3 first... ;)
Hugs xx

Kristin said...

Okay, I am SO in love with what you all did for the sweet new (again) mama! HOW wonderful must she feel?! That's awesome - love your card too.
So am I the only one without a gelli plate? Should I get one? xoxo

Carmen said...

I have to say my card is even more awesomeness in the up close. And I am STILL in shock over what you all did :) Thank you Jo :)

missy k said...

Arty friends do know exactly what we'd like!

Great card.... Crystal Palaces old colours on the envelope!!!!

Karen x

Linda said...

great card Jo -and what a wonderful gift pkg for your friend!