Sunday, 17 March 2013

Derren Brown - Infamous

Last night, Family Urbani 
had a night out, weeeee!

We went to 
The Orchard theatre in Dartford
and saw 
in his new show,

If you're not acquainted with the 
work of Mr Brown, 
I'm not quite sure how to describe him.

To say he's a psychic would be wrong - 
he isn't.
To say he is a mind reader would be wrong -
 he isn't.

What he is, however, is incredible.

He 'reads' people, to an impossible degree.
He manipulates people, without them 
(or the audience) being aware of it.
He has an absolutely amazing memory.
He also puts together a brilliant show!

I got to go up on the stage and see at 
close hand how he works and 
I still can't see how he does it.

Grant 'Mr Sceptical' Urbani
cannot work it out and he likes to have
a rational explanation for everything
(his brain has now imploded!).

The audience were sworn to secrecy 
at the beginning of the show so I 
won't be giving any spoilers.

It was a fantastic night's entertainment
and if he's performing anywhere near you
(UK venues only - click HERE for info)
I recommend you go and see for yourself.

Btw, there was such a coincidence.
When I went up onto the stage I sat next
to a woman.  We got chatting (it was the
interval, waiting for the second half to
begin) and it turns out she went to the
same secondary school as me. 
Although she's a good bit younger than
me, we had had some of the same
teachers!  Wow!

It's been pouring with rain today.
Rosie Mae walked mud onto the carpet.
I was woken in the early hours by 'morning-
after-the-night-before' revellers.
Grant has to work Nights tonight.

 The new Urbani chant?

"It doesn't matter, 'cos Small Cat's home"

We've all still got big fat grins on our faces
now that Small Cat is back where she belongs :)



craftattack said...

Glad you had a nice day out, sounds like a great event! Have a lovely week, Valerie

Eileen said...

I knew it would be an interesting experience! Glad you had a good night out.
Hope Rosie Mae is forgiven and yay for Small Cat, I'm sure she won't disappear again!

BadPenny said...

oooh that sounds brilliant. I wonder if Derren set up that meeting in the interval !

That's lovely about small cat x

Carmen said...

You know what? I never had much time for him - I put him in the same boat as Paul McKenna... You are slowly winning me round. I loved the zombie show he did - though I would've gone ape at the people who'd set me up if it was me - blimey but that fella must have nightmares. But you are right - there is more to him than the usual entertainers similar to him...

Yeeeeah to Small Cat :D

SusieJ said...

The show sounds fascinating...and how brave of you to go up on stage!
I'm not surprised Grant's brain has imploded!! lol...I'm a sceptic too.
Hugs for you, Rosie-Mae and Small Cat.xx

Monica said...

Great night out with all the family, what is better. And to return home to small cat and revellers for free!

Terri Corona said...

Sounds like so much fun! I've never heard of him - I'll have to Google him and see if he ever comes here...

missy k said...

Glad Small Cat made her way back... she knows where her bread is buttered :)

hmm will check out if Derren Brown is in our area!

and yes it is a small world!

Karen x

JansArtyJunk said...

Love watching Derren Brown on the tele...fascinating stuff!...My boys would of liked to see him in 'Real life'...shame i missed the Dartford Show dates...
Hugs for Rosie Mae and small-cat.. I hope she has not had any more disapearing acts !! :) x