Sunday, 3 March 2013

Postcards Received!

I recently took part in two
postcard swaps, and as promised,
I'll now show you the ones
I've received :)

Firstly, Shannon Ganshorn's 10:10

The ones I sent out can be seen

These are the ones I received.....

Starting on the left, going clockwise; 
Penelope Harris, 
Colleen Kent, 
Debs Pouliot, 
Anthony Evans (age 7)
(I have to be honest, even if it makes me seem very mean,
but I wasn't too impressed that someone thought it
appropriate for their 7 year old child to send postcards for this 
swap.  We all think our children are wonderful but this was an
adult swap which I'd paid to take part in.  Grumble over).

 Starting on the left, going clockwise; 
Christine Simeone,

Starting on the left, going clockwise; 
Karen Burke,
Laurie Morris

The other swap was  a 3:3
organised by Marcia Beckett,

The postcards I sent out can be seen

These are the two I received
(out of the three expected).....

Top: Susan Thomas

So, there you have it -
lots and lots of lovely postcards!
As always, they look even more
amazing in 'the flesh'.  The colours
and textures are far more exciting
than shown in the pictures.


It's Grant's birthday today.
He's at work now but when he gets home
there'll be a lovely roast dinner waiting for him,
a very large cream CAKE (if I can resist it)
with candles, and a glass of red wine.

I found this old school photo of him the 
other day, what a sweet boy.  
It's those beautiful 
blue eyes I fell for 25 years later!

Thank you for dropping by :)



Sabrina said...

Beautiful cards, you must have been a busy girl with all your swaps! Have a happy celebration with your "sweet boy" tonight!

craftattack said...

Happy birthday Grant! I got some of my cards from the same senders, and was also rather p*ssed at that grotty bit of card made by that child! I received 8 in all, not 10, and so I will not join in this swap again.

Leslie said...

You got some marvelous cards but shame on the person who thought it was 'cute' for their kid to scribble out some cards. To swap with his buddies maybe, but not for a paid adult swap.
Love the fish...

Jewels said...

You got some winners Jo! What do you do with them all anyway??? Happy BD to Grant and have a GREAT celebration. J

SusieJ said...

Gorgeous postcards Jo ...apart from that know the one I mean! Honestly some people haven't got the brains they were born with!
Enjoy your evening with Grant...and his gorgeous blue eyes....
Hugs xx

BadPenny said...

Happy Birthday Grant - hope you enjoy your cake ! ( leave it alone Jo ! )

some great artwork here Jo and I agreee about your grumble.

I'm always impressed by these swaps you take part in.

Thanks for your lovely comment about Jess xx

Gina said...

Happy birthday Grant! I had to smile... do we all wear hand knitted jumpers in our school photos from way back then? Of course, now it is just cheaper to buy them!

Katie said...

Happy birthday Grant, you handsome devil!

Love all that good mail!

missy k said...

Interesting postcards.... and I love that photo of Grant. I have one too... I think my mum's mum knitted that jumper :)

Hope Grant enjoyed his birthday... that cake sounds good!!!!

Karen x

Monica said...

Great post cards .happy birthday togrant. At racetrack in Phoenix Az

Terri Corona said...

Happy Birthday Grant! What a cutie... And I'm sure his birthday was wonderful - homemade roast dinner and cream cake, how could it not be?

You got SOME really cool cards there - love the fish.

Eileen said...

Wishing Grant a belated very happy birthday.I'm sure he you made his day memorable with a lovely meal, cake and wine.
I love looking back at old photos, I've posted one of Martyn on my blog from when we were courting almost 39 years ago!
Lovely postcards. It must be exciting waiting for the mail to arrive :-)

Margaret said...

Great swap, you've got some real treasures there!
Hip happy birthday to your lovely bloke! Mx

Corrine at said...

That's some great mail all round. Isn't it wonderful when the mailbox overflows...xox

Linda said...

a beautiful variety of postcards!! I especially love the first one with the lighted windows and doorway on the house-fantastic! and a belated happy birthday to Grant-I bet he loved your special dinner

Virginia said...

No I wouldn't have been impressed in a paid for swap that resulted in that if I'm honest Joanna, however the others are lovely fingers crossed the third missing one arrives soon.

Does hubby know you've been flaunting school piccies of him on your blog LOL! Hope he had a great day!

Sharon W. said...

like you, I was sent a swap card produced by a child. I am glad you commented on it, and hope the person who sent it (once she is "over" being "upset") will think twice before doing it again. I guess group swaps need another rule?? You did receive some terrific cards.