Friday, 15 March 2013

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

It's been a few weeks since I joined
in with the Rocking Friday girls
and I really feel it's time I did.

I am so grateful that Small Cat is back!

We were all desperately worried about
her when she went out into the garden
on Wednesday but didn't come back.
She still wasn't back by yesterday morning
and we were quite convinced that, as it was
 so out of character, our sweet girl had gone - 
especially considering the large number 
of foxes we have in the local area.

We looked everywhere we could think to look;
neighbours' sheds, gardens etc but there was no
sign of her. We were all so sad :'(
But late last night (I would usually be in
bed but was vegging in front of the tv with
the kids watching a daft Kenny Everett film),
who should turn up but sweet Small Cat.

She was very cold, very hungry and smelled 
of shed/garage/greenhouse - a peat-y sort
of smell if you know what I mean?
One of her back legs seems to be a little
sore but she is mainly exhausted.

She is getting lots of TLC,
as you might imagine.
Silly girl is too old for these adventures!

I'm grateful for Mothers' Day,
I felt very loved.

I'm grateful that I got home before the
snow came on Monday night.
Colleagues and friends suffered
dreadful journeys home and they
travelled just a short time later than me.

I also enjoyed a snow day off school on Tuesday :)

I'm grateful that Luke's new computer works -
 he built it himself, along with help from
his friend, Marcus.
It's HUGE so he's clearly working for
NASA without informing me!

(Luke's joke thinking face and Marcus' bum)
I'm really proud of him that he had
the confidence and knowledge to
 attempt this (and also rather
relieved when I think how much it
cost him £££££££££'s!).

I am grateful for Grant,
who is the Best Husband Ever. 
There is a particular reason for me
saying this which I'll share another time. 
I know, I'm a tease ;)

I'm grateful that I was invited
by 'Pioneer' Suzanne, to join

which is an online resource to help
develop and strengthen a positive outlook 
on life.
I started it yesterday and even in the
midst of worry and sadness I could find
3 positive elements to my day;

1 Having Grant with me to look for Small Cat.
2 Great big hugs from Luke because he knew
 how sad I was (he was too, he loves 
that silly critter!).
3  Sunshine and no rain/snow, which made
 looking for her much easier.

Suzanne has explained it all beautifully
on her lovely blog -
click HERE to read about it.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow night.
All four of us are going to see
 his new show (it opens tonight).

What a week of ups and downs -
is it any wonder I've woken up today
with a stinking cold?!
But I don't care because 
Small Cat is home :)

I'll be linking this post with Virginia,
our Rocking Queen.

Have a great weekend,



Eileen said...

I'm relieved Small Cat made it home.
I can imagine how sad and upset you have been.

Wow to Luke and his friend building a computer, very well done to them.

Enjoy your Derren Brown experience, that'll be interesting!

Sending "go away cold" wishes to you.

SusieJ said...

So pleased that Small Cat is home and being spoiled rotten.
Truly a week of ups and downs - I'll be checking out "happify"...
Have a great weekend..can't wait to hear about Derren Brown..:)
Hugs xx

Virginia said...

Yes Small Cat home safe and sound is definitely a 'rocking' moment! That computer is huge Jo - I'm glad it's up and running and yes he may be on a secret machine for Nasa!

Loving the other happy's in your week, will check out that happify and loving yes Loving the look of your blog!

craftattack said...

You week was a real mixed bag! Glad your little cat is back and safe!

Monica said...

I know that feeling. Happy she is home and in the bosom of the family.

I have managed a chocolate caramel egg a day, so I am very positive!

BadPenny said...

Oh Goodness Derren Brown !
Oh small cat stay home - Frankie disappeared for twelve awful days but she was young & strong. Butter her feet - she will never leave again !
Wow Luke that's how computers look in the movies !

Used-to-Bees said...

Oh phew! Poor wee cat, and poor you! When I was 11 we moved house and the first morning there our beloved Blackie got let out by mistake, when none of us was around to let her know this was her new home, if you see what I mean! She was lost for months. And then a nice neighbour said there was an ad in the corner shop about a cat living rough in a shed. I went to the shed with my friends and it was HER! (I was the only one who believed it could be, after all the time she'd been lost!) I managed to catch her a few days later (she'd gone rather wild) and she lived in our cellar for weeks before gradually coming back to be the family cat. So glad you had a happy ending too - and all the other good things this week. (Sorry - gin and tonic in hand - rambling mode on!)

ann @ studiohyde said...

So pleased Small Cat is home safe. I bet she got shut in somewhere then, poor little girl. Your son is very clever building his own computer, how is it that lads can do these things, although I am wondering if your computer is still fully parts missing by any chance, lol.

Jewels said...

What a week for you my friend! Hopefully the world will regain its balance. Lovin the banner too! Did you see the new class Carolyn Dube is giving Now if only I owned a geli plate LOL

Terri Corona said...

So glad your week ended well! Such a horrible feeling, a lost pet.

Kristin said...

Oooooh! SO HAPPY to hear that! I totally get it - I lost my spoiled, princess of a (big, fluffy white) cat years ago for over a week - and I was devastated. Turns out the silly girl was across the street living under a house the whole time. Needless to say, she was not white when she got home but an awful, smelly, dirty, skinny mess. Took us weeks to get her back to her spoiled self :)
HAPPY Mothers day to you as well - glad EVERYONE was home to celebrate you! xoxo

scrappyjen said...

Glad small cat is back... huge computer!.. def working for nasa! will check out happify... could do with that right now through the sniffs! hope next week rocks, jenx

Carmen said...

Firstly, oh, oh, oh how I love your new header. Gorgeous.

So glad Small Cat is home now safe and sound.

When you said that 'puter was big, you weren't kidding! Yikes!

Hope you are having a flabby week Jo x

P.s will be checking out Happify :-)

Privet and Holly said...

YOU have been happiifying
for quite a while with your
Friday posts, my friend! Fun
that you joined and are also
a fellow Pioneer : ) We are in
California this week, so no snow
is currently rocking my world!

Have a lovely week. Wishing
you many happy moments!

xo Suzanne

Natasha said...

So much good stuff happening! But especially Yay! for small cat. Our puppy ran out after a small child did not shut the gate behind them, and did not return for three days. I was beside myself with worry.

missy k said...

Love your new header.... do I detect a gelli influence :)

We have that bargain duvet from Tesco!
It's so pretty isn't it... can't believe Barry actually agreed to have it on our bed (it's so girly!) but I think the price helped!!!

OMG that computer is huge!!!! What clever boys!

Hope your cold is better soon....

Karen x