Friday, 22 March 2013

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

The positives for me from 
the past week are:

I told my boss at work
that I will be leaving in the summer!
I work just two days a week, term time,
but, and I know this is really pathetic,
 those two days cloud the rest of the week.
I've been a Teaching Assistant at
the same Primary school for 12 years
and my job has changed A LOT in that time.

(officially Best Husband in the World)
suggested that I give it up and put
my energies and enthusiasm into our
new upcycling venture, along with
supporting him as a 

We'll have to tighten out belts (yet again),
but I'm really looking forward to
getting started on the next stage of
our lives.

I'm so relieved that I was given
'permission' to give up reading
Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel ;D

It has been more of an endurance test
getting through each page than a
pleasant reading experience. 
I was discussing it with my friend, Ali,
who is an avid and enthusiastic reader
and she simply said,
"Give up on it, Jo - life is too short!"

She's right, of course.
Why was I putting myself through it?!

I should point out that some people
LOVE this book.
I SHOULD have done - it's a period of 
history that I usually enjoy reading 
about and I've no doubt it was a worthy 
winner of the Man Booker Prize.

It's just not for me.

Still on the subject of books,
Alix from Used-to-Bees
offered to send out some books that
she had enjoyed.  I asked for one
of her choice. It arrived this week -

'The Hundred Year Old Man Who
Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared'
by Jonas Jonasson.

I'm really looking forward to getting 
stuck into this one.

I loved Alix's idea to send out books,
so once I've finished this one I'll 
be passing it on in a similar manner
- watch this space!

I am loving the new cd
I bought today while doing my manic 
trolley dash round Morrisons 
(the cd is a necessity, you understand).
I'm listening to it as I type
'Anne Hathaway - I dreamed a Dream'.

I've been waiting for this deluxe double disc
version to come out.  The first cd issued 
was missing a lot of my favourite songs, 
such as this one..........

Do You Hear The People Sing?

I just NEED the dvd now
 (out next month in the UK).

I enjoyed a coffee and catch-up
with my dear friend Sue, even if we
did both start crying about her sweet dog
who sadly died recently.

I loved watching
'Our Queen'
on the tv the other day.
My goodness, The Queen doesn't stop!
I am in awe of her and the job she does
and has always done for the country.

(photo source)
Don't you just love the manky electric
heater in front of the beautiful fireplace 
in Buckingham Palace?!
We've got a heater like that in our kitchen -
to keep Rosie Mae warm at night :)
Grant always says Rosie lives like 
a Queen, he's proved his point!

Last year was an incredible year for the UK
(Olympic Games, Diamond Jubilee)
and it was really enjoyable to relive it.

I'm enjoying taking part in 

which is basically a scientifically backed
Rocking Your World Friday
(Virginia was ahead of her time!).

I have a couple of invitations to offer,
so if you would like one, please let me 
know (you need to have a Facebook 
account to take part).

That's about it for today -
linking with Virginia
our Rocking Queen.

I wish you all a lovely weekend.
Wrap up or keep cool,
whichever is appropriate for your 
part of the world.
(We'll be wrapping up with
yet more snow forecast.
Where are you, lovely Spring?!).



missy k said...


Congrats on giving up your job!!!

I have the 100 year old man book on my bedside table.... not started it yet.

Currently reading 'Mill on the Floss' with my Book Club....

The sunshine didn't last long here today but I did manage to walk into Romsey and it did feel quite a bit like Spring for a little while :)

Have a great weekend

Karen x

ann @ studiohyde said...

Wow! You keep busy too as well as HRH. I'm assuming Grant is on a career change? Sounds very positive for you both, even if I'm not entirely sure what you will be doing....all the best with it though.

Monica said...

Worst thing in the world to go to a job that has run its course. Moving on is good. same with books, if it is not enjoyable trade it in or delete!
have a wonderful weekend After my stupidity of yesterday all is back to normal and it's coctail time.

craftattack said...

Nice to read your society news and glad you are able to give up your job as a teaching assistant. I taught full time for 35 years, and wish I had been able to stop sooner, as it is a grind! Enjoy your new venture, cds, books etc! Valerie

scrappyjen said...

Great list. It is right to stop reading if you just aren't enjoying it even though you think you should enjoy it. And leaving teaching... I did that last year and have not looked back. I still do a teeny bit of supply. Good luck and well done for being brave. The next chapter will be so exciting for you, jenx

Virginia said...

Wow awesome hubby for suggesting you give up.the job and concentrate in.things a lot more positive love it. Didn't see the queen news this week but loving that electric heater lol. Hope you have a fabulous week ahead hugs

BadPenny said...

Lovely happy post Jo. Is Grant retiring from the Police ?

Mum has given me a very heart wrenching book to read about women in the Soviet run part of Berlin after the war. It's an anonymous diary. I'm going to try to get through it then take a light read to New York !

Have a great weekend xx

Eileen said...

I gave up my job two years ago and I have never had one moment's regret. OK, we live on the one wage and I am a bit of a worrier about the what if's in life, but I'm sure I'll live longer being stress free! My husband is very supportive too. I'm sure you'll find plenty to keep you occupied :-)
I've started reading free books on my ipad but I expect I'll still buy actual books to read. If I can't get into a book I quickly give up. Your friend is right life's too short.
Have a good weekend despite the snow!

froebelsternchen Susi said...

congrats on your new personal liberty..
that´s the best we can do for us and our souls!

Jee said...

I loved the 100 year old man ..., but then I liked Wolf Hall and the sequel too. Giving up the job sounds exciting - sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and jump into something new. Snowed up here, again, so might get some reading done too - still have the Queen to watch and I'm looking forward to it.

misteejay said...

Such a positive, happy post - lovely that you have things to look forward to.

I'm awaiting the Les Mis DVD - can't wait.

Toni xx

Kristin said...

WONDERFUL news! Congratulations on quitting your job! I bet you're thrilled - I am SO happy for you! xoxo

Linda said...

that's some list Joanna! Congrats on giving up your job and heading on to new things-I'm sure it's going to add some of the spark you seemed to have lost in the old job. I've given up on movies the way you have with the book. I don't care how many awards or great reviews. I've already stopped a movie after the first 10 min :) Love Les Mis too even tho it makes me of luck on your new ventures!

Katie said...

Sounds like a good week...and I'm excited for your new adventures!
yay for jo!

Terri Corona said...

I'm simultaneously very happy for you and very jealous that you're giving up your job - but mostly happy for you! Sounds like lots of good things happening in your life. And I agree, although I loved Wolf Hall, I don't believe in finishing books I'm not enjoying - life is definitely too short!

I just saw Les Mis for the first time last night...sigh...

Carmen said...

Wow that film is coming out on DVD quick. I'm listening to that song as I type... hmmm. Perhaps not one for me to rush out and buy *g* But I just know my sister will already have it!

Such great news about the job and the new chapter in your life. Belt tightening - it's not that bad once you get used to it ;) I mean - beans on toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner... musical if nothing else *g* Seriously though am wishing you loads of good luck wishes in your new venture x x

I downloaded the 100 Year Old Man in the kindle sales - not got round to it yet but a couple of people have already read it in the Artful Readers Challenge and so far nothing but good reviews :)

Hope you are having a great week Jo x x

Natasha said...

I missed seeing that movie at the movies and will be eagerly buying it when it comes out!

Yay for new directions, and happier mental health moments, some positions suck your soul's energy I think! I have that Hilary Mantel book on my to be read pile, a friend recommended it to me...I have such a hard time stopping reading books part way through. I may just procrastinate some more about it and move it closer to the many other books on my to be read pile it is ridiculous!

You have had a fantastic week!

hula-la said...

Best wishes to you and Grant as you dig in to your new venture! I laughed when you wrote about the book you gave up on!!! And I cried when you mentioned the Les Mis "Dream" daughter just played Fantine in the HS Musical, and she was amazing! I keep watching the video I made of her singing that song...(she just keeps saying..."Mom, enough already...") GOOD LUCK! DEEP BREATHS! AND HAVE FUN ALONG THE WAY!