Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Great Day With Friends at Alexandra Palace.

Today was a BRILLIANT day
(and not just because the sun 
finally came out).

Hope and I set off bright and early
for Alexandra Palace and

Now I'm not a scrapbooker at all,
nor much of a stamper actually.
The main reason for going to AP was to 
meet up with three very special people -
part of a small group of arty friends on
Facebook, and blogging buddies too.
I also met Carmen's lovely daughter, 
Devon, which was a bonus (especially 
as she brought delicious homemade 
lemon drizzle cakes!).
Very much missed were the remainder of
the group; Virginia, Sam and Mel :(
We'll get you next time, girls!

(Sarah, me, Susie and Carmen in the Palm Court)
 We've known each other for quite a while
online but this was the first time we had
managed to get together in person.

After a tiny bit of nervousness,
it was like being with old friends -
with the added bonus of paint to drool over!
We exchanged tags, which I won't show you
yet because the girls that weren't there today
have yet to receive theirs.
We pored over our stash
(Sarah and Carmen came joint first for paint 
purchases while Susie was, I think, somewhat 
disappointed in her search for new 
Tim Holtz stuff).

Want to see my stash haul from today?
Thought you might!

Well, I went looking for masks.
Having caught the Gelli Plate bug
I NEED masks, and lots of them.


These 3 magazines for £5 was a great deal.
Crafty is a super new magazine,
and Prima Spring Makes has got loads of
great ideas - my fingers are itching to 
get started.

Some Vintaj patina, because they were 
much cheaper than I've seen elsewhere 
and I've been wanting
to have a go with them.
MDF letters for altering, spelling out ART.
Or RAT. Or, I suppose, TRA.
A leafy foam stamp,
7Gypsies book covers,
and a strange display thing for £1 -
don't know what I'm going to do
with it, but hey, it was £1!

And finally, I love the 'Everything £1' stand, 
or 12 items for £10.  I got some large chipboard 
tags, a chipboard book, two lots of ATC 
blanks, scissors, acetate, fabric paper, 
a box template, a carton template, 
and a small square punch.

So, all-in-all a fabulous day.
Good friends, lots of paint and delicious cake -
what more could a girl want?!



Sarah said...

more of that lovely lemon drizzle cake maybe?? :D

so good to finally meet you all!

Valerie-Jael said...

This has made me really envious! Seriously! Glad you had a good time though! Valerie

missy k said...

Sounds like a great day!.

What a lot of lovelies to play with.

btw what a great name 'Devon' is:)

Have a geat week... finally it looks like the weather might be getting better.... fingers crossed.

Karen x

Monica said...

How terrific to meet up on line friends and spend the day together doing what you all love, shopping for art goodies.

Leslie said...

That DOES sound like a marvelous day! It's so good to meet artsy friends. I'm just back from 3 days with 2 friends and it was great. So glad you had a good time! And bought so much good stuff!!

Jewels said...

Wow wish I could have joined you - sounds like a great day (and not too hard on the purse LOL)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What a really fun day!! I'm glad you had a great time--I did just reading and seeing your photos! :-)

Eileen said...

It's lovely to meet up with online friends in the flesh so to speak.
Sounds like you all had a great day.

Used-to-Bees said...

Have fun with your haul this week - definitely itchy-finger inducing to bring that lot back with you. It must have been lovely to meet up, and will look forward to seeing the tags.

Jill said...


SusieJ said...

It was a lovely day...well done on your stash haul...I forgot to take a pic before I put mine away...:(
Agree with Sarah about the lemon drizzle cakes...super yummy!!
Hugs xx

Terri Corona said...

What a fantastic haul! I've only been to a show like that once, and I learned an expensive lesson about my ability to have any self control when faced faced with that much temptation!

JansArtyJunk said...

Hi Jo…just catching up here on your lovely blog…How exciting re. the building work in your last post…and I’m too hoping to get to the Lichtenstein exhibition before it ends with son#2…Mmmm I was wondering that too about all the dots making your eyes go a little weird…will let you know how I get on LOL!....and how lovely to meet up with your on line arty buddies (nice pic)and spend time together shopping for arty treasures! ..You got yourself a nice little haul of goodies…. I also went to the show on Saturday (purely spur of the moment thing!) wish I’d chosen the Sunday now, may have bumped into you…would have been nice to meet you and say Hello ...Will look forward with interest to see what you make with your new purchases! x

BadPenny said...

Looks brilliant !

Carmen said...

Devvie and I ate the last two cakes AND a yummy pasty each from the Cornwall Pasty stand in Victoria station on the train home! I know! What pigs! But shopping works up such a hunger! AND I never put any weight on last week - Craig's disgusted :D Even more so that I didn't buy him a pasty.

For someone who wasn't going to buy much - I think you may have beat us all :D Love your stash and loved even more meeting you all - can't wait till next time.

Carmen said...

p.s - have you changed your background again? It really suits your banner.