Saturday, 20 April 2013

Catching Up

Life chez Urbani continues to revolve
around the building works and we're 
now 3 weeks into an 8-10 week project.

(Foregound: Grant the husband.
Background: Barry the builder.
Side: Jay the Brickie)
The District Surveyor has been 
and surveyed (twice)
and he was happy with what 
he saw (both times).

The bricks continue to rise,
the drains have been dug.

(Barry with plank, concrete man with barrow, Jay with foot)
The concrete for the floor was delivered 
this week, and for once the weather 
was kind to us and it has set properly.

(Photo taken today.  Note the SUNSHINE!)
The front garden looks awful.
We still have to approach the front 
door via a series of planks.

Once the extension is finished this 
area will clearly need some 
serious attention.

 Meanwhile, sweet Rosie Mae has 
been giving us major cause for concern.
The 'funny turns' that she's been having
have developed into fainting, which  
 always happens after she's had a mad 
5 minutes racing round the garden
(she loves to go bonkers).  She can go 
out for a long run over at the local
 fields with absolutely no problem at all - 
but the short sharp bursts of madness 
cause her to collapse and is 
totally unresponsive.  

The vet examined Rosie thoroughly and 
said that her heart murmur has deteriorated.
On a scale of 1-6 with 6 being the worst,
Rosie scores a 6.  
Oh poo.
She warned us that we could lose her at any 
time, when her little heart could just give up.

(Rosie Mae sunbathing this afternoon)
Rosie has been prescribed some tablets, 
which may help, and we were advised to 
keep her calm and not let her 
have her mad 5 minutes.

As a family we talked this over and agreed 
that while we wouldn't actively instigate the 
mad activity, if she chooses to do it then 
we won't stop her.  How on earth can 
we stop her doing what she so loves to do
 - racing around, legs going everywhere, 
with that look of absolute joy on her face?  
I can't take that away from her.

She's almost 17 years old.

If it should 'finish her off', at least she'll go
with a smile on her face.  

I enjoyed a coffee and catch-up 
with my dear friend Louise.
We went for a charity shop mooch
afterwards and for a couple of pounds I bought 
some brand new plain white lace-up plimsolls 
that I'm going to give the Gelli plate treatment, as
demonstrated by Carolyn Dube :)

The new term started at school last week,
I worked Monday and Tuesday.
On Thursday, a killer sore throat started, 
and today I have the full works with a 
monster cough developing, bleugh!

I am so looking forward to not working in
a school and being exposed to all the nasty
germs that stalk the classrooms and corridors!

Roll on the end of the summer term!

Hope's GCSE's have started.
She did her Spanish oral exam
and an IT paper last week.
She seemed fairly happy with them,
which will hopefully boost
her confidence before the rest
of them start in May.

That's about it for now.
I hope the sun has come out for you
as it has done for us today.

It was so very welcome!



Valerie-Jael said...

You seem to have enough to do just now....sorry about Rosie Mae but I think it's right to let her enjoy the time she has! Give her a pat from me! Valerie

ann @ studiohyde said...

So sorry to read that dear Rosie Mae has been poorly. I think you are so right to let her run when she wants's what they enjoy after all.
Lots of hugs to her from me.

Jill said...

Sorry to read about Rosie Mae too, I think you're doing the right thing to let her enjoy herself. Otherwise you look busy. Are you sure that's a garage or is it a new workshop for you?

Eileen said...

I'm so sorry to read that Rosie Mae is not well. What a grand age for a grand old lady. Shes marvellous not wanting to slow down, doing what she loves best. Hugs to you both, but it must be such a worry for you.

I'm glad the weather has perked up, it's been a long winter. The building work is taking shape now. I bet you can't wait for it to be finished.

I know how you feel about quitting work, once the decision is made the end can't come soon enough. If you're not sad on your last day then you'll know you've done the right thing!

Used-to-Bees said...

Exciting but disruptive times with all that work going on. We're just doing the windows and that's bad enough! Sweet Rosie-Mae - I do hope the tablets help her, but agree that it would be hard to stop her doing what she loves...Hope the cough gets better quickly - have you tried Vick's rub on your feet and socks overnight? I did it once and it got rid of my cough (though it wasn't a very bad one). Good luck to Hope!

Susan T said...

Darling one, I had to come out of my hideyhole and comment, the new building work will be worth it when it is finished. My stomach gave a huge lurch when you mentioned Rosie - Mae and her health problems, all I can say is I hope she goes out rushing into the sunshine with ears flapping and legs akimbo, the only way to end a happy life.

I hope your health problems sort themselves out - being a stay at home has a lot to recommend it, you can really get down to having some fun then and not fret about the work days - bring it on.

Carmen said...

I agree about letting Rosie-Mae do what Rosie-Mae wants to do. And big hugs for you in the meantime x

That looks a lovely size your extension there (I was thinking all sorts of rude jokes but I restrained myself)

Devvie's confidence has soared since her Maths result so I'm wishing the same for Hope :)

Right - back to tidying my shed :) Have a lovely day Jo x

p.s can't wait to see your plimsolls. I have a pair of black ones (wore them on Sunday) and have a spare pair in the wardrobe - they are cheapy £3 ones from Primark but sooo comfy. I may have to copy you and release the Gelli on them!

SusieJ said...

That's quite an extension you're building there Carmen I won't make any!
Hugs for Rosie Mae...I know you're worried about her but think you're doing the right thing letting her run if she wants to.
Good luck to Hope with the rest of her GCSE's.
And hugs to you...hope the stinking cold disappears fast.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear jo, I am still misty eyed about rosie mae . . I think you & your family have the right attitude about it. Asia who is 11, has a heart murmur and is being treated by tablets too. They have helped, she had to have them to be put under for a severe teeth cleaning & pulling if a few bad ones. They would not give her the anesthesia until she had been on the tables for over a month. All is well now and she often does the same madness you describe rosie doing!

I love reading and seeing the update on your renovation/extention . . . so sorry to hear your sore throat got worse, please drink lots of tea with lemon & honey!

plimsolls? I have never heard that word before!! I am guessing it means sneakers in american speak! Sending LOVE xo

Virginia said...

Oh hope you start to feel better soon Jo, Rosie Mae looks fabulous sunbathing and the family agreement sounds a good idea allowing Rosie Mae to just be herself. Photo of the building works fantastic too, can't wait to see this develop over the next few months

Monica said...

Hi Joanne
Sorry about RM and you have the right attutde towards her future.
When your garden is ready you may want small stones instead of grass. Less work overall but you do need a thick barrier under them to prevent weeds. Maybe it won' t work so well in a wet climate although we did that in Houston as DH was fed up with mowing and edging.

Jewels said...

Jo the renovations look like they are coming along. So sorry to hear about Rosie Mae but I agree with all of you - let her live her life to the fullest - that's what happened with my Gryphon. Hope you've recovered from the nasty. I REALLY need to settle in to my Mail Art this week..LOL

missy k said...

Hi Jo

Really sorry to hear about Rosie...

I hope she carries on enjoying those mad five minutes...

The 'project' is coming along well... fingers crossed for more of this beautiful weather!

Poor you ... hope you feel better soon.

The best of luck to Hope for her exams xxxx

Karen x

Linda said...

awe sweet Rosie Mae- I'd let her be just as you will-this is always the toughest part of having a loving pet in your life.
I hope you feel better soon-it's never fun being sick but especially when you have so many things happening in your life right now.Sunshine always helps :)

BadPenny said...

I don't think my comment worked...
Lovely Rosie Mae having her mad moments. Sam did too at a wobbly fifteen !
Good luck to hope and the building work is coming along nicely.

Terri Corona said...

Can't wait to see your yard when it's all done! Looks like an exciting project, you just have to survive the chaos.

Sweet Rosie Mae, I hope she gets plenty more mad runs before her time.

Natasha said...

I am sorry to hear about Rosie Mae, I hope you all have more quality time together. They become such members of our family.

I am sending strength and patience, two of the things that I would need when dealing with the building site that you are, though I expect it is also very exciting!

I have just tried gelatin printing last week, so addictive, I am going to watch the video and see if it is translatable to a gelatine plate. I can feel myself inching closer to splashing out on a gelli plate, if only for the convenience that I will be able to fit food in my fridge. :)

Relyn Lawson said...

I'm hoping Rosie Mae is feeling better by now. And that your project is going well.