Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Postcard and Mail Art Swap - The Language of Flowers

The merry band of two three swappers,
Jewels, Lenna and me,
recently swapped a Postcard and Mail Art
with Jewels' suggested theme of
The Language of Flowers.

Jewels and Lenna were very patient
waiting for mine (life was getting in
the way of arting, grrr!), but they have 
finally received them.

(Daisies postcard)
I chose daisies as my flower.

Daisies symbolise
innocence, purity and loyal love.

I thought the three young girls in the image
(which I've had on my computer for ages 
and can't remember where it came from) 
looked like innocent bright eyed daisies,
as in the sweet poem by Christina Rossetti.

(Daisy chain Mail Art)
I have a rubber stamp of a single daisy
and I used this to create the daisy chain 
around the envelope.  The petals are white 
paint pen, tinted with pink Inktense pencil.

Lenna's vibrant postcard and Mail Art
BURST through my letterbox, bringing
some much needed colour and Florida
sunshine into the house!

Lenna took the photo of orange blossom 
actually growing in her new yard!

(Lenna - Orange Blossom)
She included a very interesting sheet
explaining the history of orange blossom.

Orange Blossom symbolises innocence, 
eternal love, marriage, fruitfulness, 
fertility and happiness.

Read all about it on her blog HERE.

Btw, I rather like being addressed as
'the awesome' Jo Urbani.  
Just saying ;)

Jewels made and sent her lovely postcard
and Mail Art from Canada, where she has 
only limited supplies.
You really wouldn't know, they're super!

She chose French Willow as her flower.

French Willow symbolises 
bravery and humility.

(Jewels - French Willow)
The quote, "You never know how brave
 you are until being brave is your 
only choice" is so true.

The image of the flower has been printed 
onto yellow tissue paper.
The envelope is sheer painty goodness :)

Read all about hers on her blog HERE.

Our next swap is planned with a swap date
for the end of the month.  
Jewels has come up with yet another 
brilliant theme, that has 
an 'added ingredient'!



trisha too said...

Wonderful mail art, Joanna!


Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely mail art, enjoy! Valerie

Monica said...

Lovely just the way to hurry spring in.

Jewels said...

whoot, whoot - love to see them all together (you are too kind about that dang envelope LOL)....off to work on G,T&T :)

SusieJ said...

All those cards are gorgeous Jo! Cool swap.
Hugs xx
p.s. you need to trademark your new name....lol!

Carmen said...

I had a package arrive to Carmen Whoop the other day. Craig refuses to adopt it. Humph.

What a gorgeous trio of cards and envelopes - I must get into decorating my envelopes. They make such a difference nestled inbetween the bills and junk mail. They really truly do brighten the day.

Eileen said...

They are all lovely. I agree that the envelopes make such a difference from the usual bills and stuff!
I like the children and daisy chains,
pure nostalgia!

Sabrina said...

I love, love. love the daisy chain. What an awesome stamp to have. I'm sorry it's been a while since I've been here. Your new header is beautiful! Gelli?

Linda said...

oh what beautiful mail art-and a really lovely theme for your swap!! I love your daisy chain envie and postcard Joanna!

Distinctly daisy said...

Love your daisy postcard & envelope - very Jo.

BadPenny said...

Your daisy themed card is so pretty. Lovely swap girls !

Virginia said...

OH Jo they look fabulous - I'm so loving all those daisies!

sugar Creek said...

Don't you just dislike when life gets in the way of making art?? lol! Love your card so sweet with the gils and daisies. Love the look of your blog too!
Thank you for the comment on my Meagan and Cam! Yes he has found his tounge and 2 teeth! xoxo

Ahayes1225 said...

These are all wonderful postcards. Glad you got mine.

missy k said...

Beautiful mail art...

I think Mail Art should be compulsory!

The world would be a happier place!!!

Karen x

Karen said...

Beautiful mail art! Thanks for letting me know about the postcard!