Monday, 8 April 2013

Roy Lichtenstein Exhibition

(click the pic above for exhibition details)
Having waited quite long enough
for a lovely warm Spring day,
Hope and I bit the bullet and went 
up to London today.
Would you believe it - 
the sun actually came out
(although it has to be said that there
was also a bitingly cold wind!).

The exhibition we went to was 
at Tate Modern, and was

I enjoyed seeing these paintings full size -
in books and on posters you really don't
get a true idea of their size and scale.

However, the many many small dots, which 
feature in almost all of his artwork, 
were often quite difficult for me to look at 
because they made my eyes do 'funny things'.
How on earth Lichtenstein painted them all
without going barking mad is quite beyond me!

He often took his inspiration from 
comic books and altered small features 
of an image to suit his needs 
to tell a story.  It would have been 
interesting to have the original comic 
book image alongside 
the new version to see how RL 
(sorry for using his initials but
 Lichtenstein is too long to write every time!) 
decided his 'story' could be better told by
cropping an image, eliminating detail, and 
deleting or editing speech bubbles.

I really liked the room with his
black and white paintings of 
everyday objects.

My favourite painting in the exhibition?
Well, not one of his most famous ones,
that's for sure!

I loved 
'Washington Crossing the Delaware',
which is RL's interpretation of the 
1851 original painted by 
Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze 
(seen below).

I love the naivety of it,
(and the smiley faces, 
I'm a sucker for smiley faces!).

Hope was able to take some inspiration
from this exhibition to use in her final
piece for her photography GCSE
(oh no, it includes dots, aaarrrgghhh!!).

I'll leave you with some photos
from 'the building site'.
We're having a single storey extension
built onto the side of our house.

(Barry the builder and Grant, the mountain of earth and the snow)
It will include a garage/workshop,
a laundry room and an extra loo.

(The mountain of earth being removed)
To keep costs down,
Grant is working as Barry's labourer.
Grant chose Easter for the commence-
ment of works because the 
'weather would be warmer'.
Unfortunately, Mother Nature 
had other ideas!

(The foundations!)
Once the work is finished I'll be able to
get going on my upcycling venture.

(Uh-oh, who said Luke could have a go?!)
Hurry up, boys - 
I'm itching to get started!



Monica said...

Bust time ahead. Hoping for a few warm days so they can get some work done and it is soon finished.

Eileen said...

Mother Nature is not being kind this year. I hope the weather picks up so your new extension speeds ahead.

Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein said...

How about recognizing the ARTISTS Lichtenstein “RIPPED Off”?

Here’s a list of the Artists with instructive links for your perusal.

Jack Abel

Tony Abruzzo

Ross Andru

Martin Branner

Milt Caniff

Hy Eisman

Myron Fass

Dick Giordano

Jerry Grandenetti

Russ Heath

Gil Kane

Jack Kirby

Joe Kubert

Irv Novick

William Overgard

Arthur Peddy

Bruno Premiani

John Romita

Bud Sagendorf

Mike Sekowsky

George Tuska

Deconstructing Roy Lichtenstein © 2000.
David Barsalou MFA.

missy k said...


Sounds like an interesting day out...

Good luck with all the earth moving!

Karen x

Jane Housham said...

Really glad you enjoyed the show and had a good day for it. I see you've had a comment from someone who feels RL ripped off other artists -- perhaps there's more heat in the controversy than I thought. Funny that the painting you liked best is the one I liked least! V healthy to disagree, I think.

trisha too said...

Joanna, you always have something fun going on--okay, so the building thing isn't always exactly FUN, but wow, what a great project!!


Carmen said...

I think Devvie has looked at his work for her art class as well. The spots would've driven me potty too.

How exciting with all that building work - though my eyes must be playing me up. I thought "ooh look how close she lives to that rape field..." and then realised it was a big yellow truck! Duh!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

love hearing about your art trips with Hope and seeing your house construction - thanks Jo! xoxo

Virginia said...

Oh interesting day out, intrigued by the big comment up above. The building site looks interesting but boy did Mother Nature not roll out the warm weather - it was freezing over easter!