Sunday, 28 April 2013

The British Museum - Life and Death Pompeii and Herculaneum etc

Yesterday, Hope and I went to
to see the exhibition,

Tickets for this event are scarce and 
I was unable to book any for a time and
 date convenient for us, so I joined the Museum 
as a member online and we were able to just 
turn up and walk straight in.

(Hope and the hoards of Museum-goers)
I also want to go to their exhibition
of Ice Age Art on another day,
and, with those two exhibitions alone,
 the membership will have paid for itself.

We both really enjoyed this exhibition,
especially as we have been to Pompeii 
(amazing place) and Hope has been to 
Herculaneum.  She is also about to sit her 
Latin GCSE, so she was taking many
notes as we went round the exhibits.

There were far more exhibits than I thought 
there would be.  The amount of information
 given was not overwhelming, but succinct and
highly informative.  The exhibition
focused on the everyday life of the inhabitants 
of these places, showing artifacts in, roughly,
a room like setting.  Some of it was very
moving - such as;
 The baby's cradle, totally intact 
but turned to charcoal.  When originally discovered 
the baby's tiny body was still inside, covered with a 
wool blanket :(
The casts of the family who died where they sat.
The famous Pompeii dog

found in the same house as this mosaic, 
the same dog?  Possibly.

Also, there were beautiful mosaics, 
using the tiniest of tiles (tesserae), 
stunning murals with the softest of colours, 

and original advertising for
bars and restaurants.  I loved the 'speech' 
written above some of the people on these
Roman 'posters', giving a very realistic picture
of the average Roman's life (with rather
fruity language too!).

There were utensils, tools, furniture, 
games, food, statues, jewelry etc etc.

The Museum states that most people get 
round Exhibition is about an hour.  We were 
in there for nearer two hours, although it 
was very busy so we had to wait to see 
some of the exhibits properly.

(I had to wait in the queue for the ladies
toilets almost as long!!  Why are there
never enough Ladies toilets??!).

Hope and I remarked that we felt rather
sorry for the tourists arriving at Pompeii and
Herculaneum - as it would seem that most of
the artifacts are in the UK!

Thank you for all your comments and emails 
about our sweet girl, Rosie Mae.
When she started the medication she had a 
couple of days of being very 'sluggish' and
we worried that she was struggling.  However, 
she has rallied and has been happily going out 
for her runs.  She hasn't, so far, felt the need to 
have her mad 5 minute race around the garden 
(the trigger for her fainting), so we have yet to 
see if the tablets will help in that situation.

The extension 'grows', slowly but surely.

(Turn around, Rosie, time to have our photo taken)
The rooms have been marked out so it's 
easier for me to visualise how it will look.

(Smile, Rosie Mae!)
Hopefully the weather will be kind to us 
next week and 'the boys' will be able to 
get on with the next stage of the project.

Thank you for dropping by and 
for leaving a comment, I really
appreciate each and every one.



JansArtyJunk said...

Wow...Another wonderful exhibition Jo!!...And your building work is coming along nicely...Big Hugs for Rosie May...bless her!

Virginia said...

Oh the exhibit sounds great Jo, lovely photo of Hope too. Loving seeing the building works coming along will have fingers and toes crossed that the weather remains good so progress can be made. Glad Rosie Mae seems to be managing at the moment too, will keep my fingers and toes crossed on the mad five minute moments! Hope you've had a great weekend.

Valerie-Jael said...

The exhibition sounds great, there was the same one here a couple of years back in Bonn. I visited Pompei and Herculaneum in my youth, too - those were the days! Hugs to Rosie Mae! Valerie

ann @ studiohyde said...

We visited Pompeii and Herculaneum years ago..well back in the 1970's...yikes! Pompeii wasn't very tourist orientated then (don't know about now) but we paid what was probably about 6p to go in! It was a vast site with only a very small part uncovered, it would obviously take years and years to really see what is there preserved - I reckon even by now they won't have got far with it. We thought Herculaneum was better, smaller, but the treasures uncovered there and mosaics were amazing...(you've probably just seen them, lol).

Good to see your extension is coming along there. It always seems to slow down for a while and then all of a sudden it will be finished - believe me all the hard work will be forgotten once you are living in it :)

Going on the photos you have posted of yourself on here, I would say Hope really looks like you!

Natasha said...

The exhibition sounds fabulous. I am very jealous. How incredible to be witness to so much history in person.

Yay for Rosie Mae, and extension progression.

Used-to-Bees said...

You do get around - good for you! I'm hopeless at getting organised and making 'things' happen...You can really see the progress on the extension from last week - I think you need to do that same shot each week for us! I believe the sun is shining in the south the next couple of days at least, as we're constantly looking to see how much progress we are likely to make with the dratted window renovations!

Jewels said...

I would have loved to have gone to that exhibit - lucky you....glad to hear about Rosie Mae....your hubby looks quite happy considering the mess behind him LOL...

Monica said...

Sounds like a fabulous exhibition. You do make the most of things where you live.

Eileen said...

The exhibition sounds wonderful, am a bit envious! We went to the British Museum once just to see the The Rosetta Stone and were thrilled to be able to touch it :-)
I'm so pleased to see Rosie Mae looking wonderful and so pleased she is living life to the full. Please give her a big squishy hug from me!
The extension is looking good.

SusieJ said...

What a wonderful exhibition! Wish Hope luck from me on her Latin took me three attempts to get mine...but I did it!!
Great progress on the extension...yay!
And a lovely photo of Grant and darling Rosie Mae...Max sends more doggy hugs.
Hugs from me too. xx

Sharon W. said...

great blog entry, great photos. Now, regarding bathrooms: there are neve enough for women because they are planned by menand reflect mens' actions. Men enter the stall, stand, zip, pull, piddle, push, zip, and leave. Women enter stall, remove jacket, hang it and purse on hook, wipe seat, lift and lower clothes, sit, piddle, stand, rearrange clothes, restore jacket, gather belongings, and leave. Is it any wonder there are long lines at the "ladies"????

Carmen said...

That's a thought. All these people travelling to Pompeii or whatever and there are probably signs "on loan to The British Museum" Ha!

It sounds such a fascinating exhibition as does the other one - I just clicked the link for a peek.

Hope Rosie-Mae continues to do well. She is such a gorgeous doggy.

Terri Corona said...

Oh my gosh, I'm experiencing Museum envy! That exhibit is so up my alley - thanks for sharing! And I didn't realize you were actually adding on to your house, I thought it was an outside patio or something - more rooms, that really IS even more exciting...

BadPenny said...

Amazing exhibition - so glad you got to see it. Jess & I didn't go to any museums after her American Visa trip we just walked along the river.
My brother took his little grandson to the mens' public loos for the first time this weeekend !
The hand drier blew his face !

Good luck to Hope x