Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves Swap

Jewels, Lenna and I
have been swapping again :)
 Jewels came up with another
fab theme - using the song sung by Cher
"Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves."

Bring back memories?!

So, the swap was for a postcard and
Mail Art using this theme as inspiration.
We also had to use a technique that we
hadn't used before.

This is what I did....

I used an image from The Graphics Fairy
and printed it out onto fabric from the computer
(that's the 'new technique' box ticked!).
I know you will probably all have done this,
and do it all the time, every day maybe.
But I have never done this before, and
in case there is someone else out there that
hasn't done it either, I'm going to share the 'how-to'.
I read about this on someone else's blog a
gazillion years ago but don't know where, so I'm
afraid I can't give credit where it's due - just know 
it wasn't my idea!
Iron the fabric you are going to use
(the closer weave the better).
Using an A4 self adhesive label
(I got mine from ebay, much cheaper than the shops),
carefully stick the label onto the fabric.  Try to avoid
any creases, and if you do lift it up and smooth it back.
I also used a strip of Selotape across the top to
avoid the end curling up as it gets fed into the
printer.  Print image as usual (your printer will be fooled,
and won't know that fabric is going through it, hahahahaha!!).
Remove the fabric/sticky label from the printer,
remove the sticky label.
Note: the printed image will not like water, do not wash 
unless you know the printer inks are permanent.

The Mail Art envelope carried on with the theme.
I used a photograph I have of some fellas from
the early 1950's.......

and they became the men drawn to the travelling 
show every night (sorry, boys, I feet a bit guilty 
besmirching your characters in this way).

Lenna had some Gelli print fun with hers,
and she focused on Cher - who has had such
a long musical career, reinventing herself
regularly long before Madonna did!

Remember 1971?

I was 7 years old,
 and went to Crook Log Primary School.
I was a Brownie and
I lived in Bexleyheath, in Kent.

 What were you doing?
Where were you?
How old were you?

(Please note: I am amazing!)
Lenna chose a great image of Cher for her
Mail Art envelope, along with some more
Gelli printing, stamping and doodling.

Jewels' 'take' on the theme is different again,
and she chose to focus on the itinerant life
of gypsies - and their 'wanderlust'.
Great word, wanderlust.

Jewels has promised to explain the techniques she
used for this postcard, so keep an eye on her blog.
I do know it didn't quite go according to plan,
but it looks great anyway!

(Front of mail Art)
She used sheet music from, appropriately,
'The Gypsy Caravan'.

(Back of Mail Art)
This was a great swap,
and the next one is already in the pipeline
(Jewels came up with the theme again,
she is very clever!)



Monica said...

I always liked that song. Though never a fan of Cher as she is too plastic. her 84 year old mother also looked like she was plastic and had 8 marriages. Sounded plastic in and out.I may have to have done the card on plastic!

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely postcards! In 1971 I had a 5 year old daughter, had been teaching for 4 years and was preparing to move to Germany - your question made me feel ANCIENT!!! Valerie

Terri Corona said...

Ooh, I love all of them. What a fun them. I've wanted to try printing on fabric but have never gotten around to it.

Terri Corona said...

Ooh, I love all of them. What a fun them. I've wanted to try printing on fabric but have never gotten around to it.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

So silly, but I love reading about our swap on yours and Julie's blogs!! Great job, Jo! I am hoping I will write a post for my poor blog too : ) Glad you tried the fabric printing. I usually take a piece of cardstock and a piece of fabric slightly smaller and then use masking tape to tape down the top edge that is going through the printer. Use some masking tape on each side too -keeps the fabric in place. The masking tape on the top gives the printer something to grab onto and "tricks" it into thinking it is not fabric going through there, hee hee! This method might work better than the sticky label? i am not sure having never tried that yet, but you can give it a try, usually works well for me!

Eileen said...

I'm still laughing at Monica's comment :-)
I enjoy reading about your mail swaps, they're all really good!

I haven't owned up to this on my blog but in 1971 I joined the army nursing corps aged eighteen. I only did eighteen months of my training and spent the whole time in Aldershot. Fed up I bought myself out, transferred my training to civvy street, hated that with a vengeance and eventually after marrying and having two children I ended up as a shop manager! If only I'd gone to Germany with my pals my life would have taken a very different course!
You did ask :-)

SusieJ said...

What fun!! I remember the song...and since you ask I was 17 and doing A Levels before going to Uni in 1971.
Loving all the different techniques and takes on the theme.
Hugs xx

Virginia said...

Oh fabulous work, amazing to see how different everyone's turned out!

BadPenny said...

Fabby swap - I like all the cards & envelopes - so inventive !
1971 ?
I was eight and a Brownie too !

Jewels said...

It was a lot o fun Jo! I think they all turned out wonderful. Thanks for posting ( I did on mine too!)...Jewels (I was a 14 year old public school geek in 1971 and a Girl Guide...)

Carmen said...

In 1971 I was but a twinkle in my mummy's eye :) The World wasn't graced with my presence till 1977.

I love seeing all these different takes Jo, same theme - such different postcards. I love that you felt guilty about those men's characters :P

Looking forward to seeing what your next swap is!

Apparition said...

I wasn't born till 1977 either. Must have been a good vintage that year with Carmen born then as well!

Loved seeing the different interpretations. I have never printed on fabric before. Thanks for the mini tutorial, I will give it a go!

Linda said...

what gorgeous art and mail art you guys are swapping-I'm enjoying all the themes too!