Wednesday, 29 May 2013

New Challenges

What do you do if your house
is a building site,
your 'studio' is in the middle of
redecoration and cannot be entered
without risking life and limb,
and you are already behind with swaps
and collaboration projects?

Well if you're anything like me,
you take on some more arty challenges!

First up - 

ICAD starts on 1st June
and lasts for 60 days.
It's run by Tammy over at Daisy Yellow.
Does what it says on the tin, really,
but all the information can be found

Next, starting on June 3rd,
Kristin's third year of

I've joined in the previous two years
and have loved it.
One prompt a week (for 6 weeks)
to be interpreted creatively in 
any way you wish.
The excitement is building up over at
All the information is HERE.
I'm really looking forward to this :)


Finally, I read about a FREE online art
class on Karen's blog, and she's explained
it beautifully HERE.

It's called 
'Introduction to Art: 
Concepts and Techniques'.

This class lasts for 7 weeks and if
completed, earns you a certificate of some
kind (although that bit doesn't interest me) -
or you can just dip in and out of what
interests you.
All the details about the course are HERE.
Once you've signed up you'll have access
to the class content for ever.  

Apart from these I have my 
swaps with Lenna and Jewels,
swaps with Sharon,
art collaboration with the WW:FB girls,
and a new banner collaboration 
with the WW:FB girls.

I'd better get off this computer and
finish decorating that conservatory.
Flat pack box 1 will be opened forthwith!



Sarah said...

That 7 week course looks really good

Maggi said...

You are a creating MACHINE! <3 I'll have to check out this class, I need to get back on the horse! LOL

Sharon W. said...

well, if you change your mind about having to use the gelli plate for our swap (you may not be able to locate it??) just sing out! I did icad last year and finished it, so hope to do it again. It is a great way to use up anything that walks by: scraps, lists, news clippings, photos, cat hairs etc!!!!

Monica said...

and add to the list got Monica in trouble. She signed up for the class. What a busy gal you are. you must be rescuing the postal service!

SusieJ said...

You are busy!!!
I've signed up for the course too...
Hugs xx

sugar Creek said...

You are a busy busy bee aren't you!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear Jo, have I told you I love your posts? :) You know, previously the ICAD project never appealed to me. Now it does! I think I would like to do it simply to jump-start more active creativity into my life. So thank you for mentioning it again! And a second mention of Massive Open Online Course - Frree!! has me thinking of doing that too. You are such an art enabler, something to be proud of!!! xoxoxo hugs from Florida to Kent, can't wait to have you settled in your new studio, new cupboards, things where you can find them -yay!

BadPenny said...

Oh my goodness this all sounds fab and I'd really love to join in some but not for now - but thank you !

Jewels said...

Yes get off the computer LOL! Actually I am in awe you are doing all of this while remodeling - I am struggling as I have a really inexplicable need to leave the house "tidy" before the contractor shows up which include cleaning up my art area sigh....I'm such a ditz....looking forward to the Summer of Colour!

Carmen said...

Yep, yep, yep. Am signed up to them all now :D We'll see how I manage to keep up with them all. I'm really looking forward to SoC and Craig raided his drawers (ooer!) and came up with a bunch of index cards to start me off. So no excuses ;)

Natasha said...

This should be labelled Public Service Announcement. I was ready for ICAD and Summer of Colour. But the free art course...I am now all signed up...there is always so much to do. I wish I could steal time from all the people who are bored and just tack it on to mine!

Kristin said...

Awe, yay! Thank you thank you!! xoxo

Printed Material said...

I never fail to be amazed at your relish for challenges. You are a one woman power house of creativity. I would be so undisciplined if I had to sign up to 60 days of something. You are my hero for doing all of this!