Friday, 3 May 2013

What's Rocking My World This Friday?

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Wow, I can't believe it's been
so long since I last joined in with
'Rocking Your World Friday'!

Rosie Mae is doing well on her medication,
and so far there have been no more 
episodes of fainting.

Question: If it takes Rosie Mae ONE DAY 
to remember that she has her tablets at
certain times of the day (wrapped in a small
slice of cheese to help it go down), why has
it taken her FIVE WEEKS (and counting)
to remember that, while the building work is
being done, she has to get to the garden
via the conservatory.

FIVE WEEKS she's been standing and barking
 at the back door, and then trots after us to the

Small Cat has survived another adventure!

What is it with that cat?!
She doesn't seem to realise that she's
16 with hardly any teeth and kidney failure!!

This time, she entered Luke's bedroom
when we were all asleep at night
(she NEVER EVER goes in his bedroom,
which is a very wise decision in my opinion),
climbs over him to get out of his open bedroom 
window onto the conservatory roof below and
then engages in mortal combat with the entire
local cat population (the dreadful noise of 
which I heard from the safety of my bed, 
never for one minute thinking 
that Small Cat was involved), and, somehow,
she manages to come away unscathed.  When I
got up in the morning and looked out of the 
bathroom window, there was my silly
cat sitting on the patio looking decidedly 
proud of herself.

However, since then she has shown
no interest in going out - maybe she 
feels she's made her point?!

Hope had her last proper day at school today.
She will only return to sit her
GCSEs and for a final assembly
(and, of course, for the dreaded Prom!).

My goodness, where has that time gone?! 

(Day 1, Infant School)
(Last day, Secondary School)
I enjoyed a wonderful day today with
my friend Margaret.
Margaret has recently retired from teaching
at the school where I work and I was
her Teaching Assistant for a few years.
She's great fun!
We went to Wisley
The sun was shining, 
the Spring flowers were out,
and there was the added bonus of a

Grant slogs on -
helping out with the extension
whenever he isn't at work.
He's a star.

dusted his bedroom this week.
I know.
Hold the front page!

The final of Masterchef.
Oh my goodness, how tense was that?!
I wanted them all to win but I agree 
that the best person, Natalie, won.

That's all for now!
Thank you for reading, as always.
I hope all the Brits reading enjoy
the Bank Holiday weekend
(shhhh, I've heard it's going to be
sunny and warm!!!!).

Bye for now!



Used-to-Bees said...

Rosie Mae knows what is good for her, is why she remembers her medication, but the way out of the house, well that just sounds like a fun game! Love the photos of Hope - I'll have similar to share this week (two more days to go as her year group are deemed 'naughty' and not trusted to revise at home except for two days!) I feel the same as you about 'prom' - bleurgh, did I really mention the word? 'Masterchef' was fab - I wanted each of the last 4 to win, but Larkin and Natalie a little more, and Natalie most of all!
Have a great weekend.

Eileen said...

I'm glad Rosie Mae is doing well.
The tablet in the cheese is a real treat for her, she's not daft, and she knows full well she can't go out the back door, she's playing a game :-)

Little cat had devised a cunning escape plan and has now realised which side her bread is buttered :-)

Good luck to Hope in her exams. I still remember sitting the dreaded O levels as they were back then.
We didn't have Proms, are we going to be treated to seeing Hope in her dress? She is very pretty, I'm sure she'll look lovely.

I remember I used to look into my son's bedroom and then quickly close the door again!
They do discover dusters and the wash basket eventually :-)

Enjoy your weekend x

Virginia said...

Oh Rosie Mae and Little Cat's escapades this week had me giggling - so glad that they both survived! Loving everything else that's going on in your life, home improvements, dusting in bedrooms (when does that ever happen) however, children growing up wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too fast is just crazy stuff isn't it! Have a great bank holiday weekend Jo!

SusieJ said...

Your day out sounds wonderful and I too had to giggle at the antics of Rosie Mae and Small Cat..:)
Great photos of Hope...time does just fly past doesn't it?
And well done to Grant for helping with the extension....and to Luke for his dusting skills..
Hope you're right about the weekend weather....
Hugs xx

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

HELLO JO!! I have loved this post and am grinning from ear to ear!!! And it has helped me to remember that I've NOT given any meds to one of our dogs since we've been on holiday here in Tennessee for a few days... Thanks for the reminder, I'm glad I stopped by!! :-)

BadPenny said...

Oh Rosie Mae you are funny ! Small cat must be enjoying Spring as was Luke ( Spring cleaning ! )
Exams & Proms mark the end of an era for Hope & a new one bekons x

Natasha said...

I am glad Rosie May and Small Cat are both okay. :)

Time goes so fast doesn't it? That feels a long time away for me, but I know it goes by in a blur.
Yay for all your rocking moments.

Carmen said...

Rosie Mae and Small Cat - they do make me laugh. Are they in cahoots I wonder.

Devvie will be in a similar position as Hope soon. It can't be possible. Not my baby. She's mentioned the dreaded words: Shopping, Prom and Dress this week. Noooooo!

Master chef. Loved it. Was team Natalie all the way, she was just so consistently good and made me laugh with her down to Earth-ness. Though think Saira's food was what I would love to tuck in to.

Have a fabulous week Jo x

misteejay said...

Where is the time going - I've been MIA from WRYWF for a few weeks without even realising how much time had passed.

Fingers crossed the rest of the BH weekend sees better weather - Saturday was rain all day followed by one of the loudest thunder storms we have had in ages.

Wishing Hope all the best with her exams.

Toni xx

Monica said...

Heading home. How funny Little Cat is she certainly knows everything that happens in. Your home. Cats prefer nighttime saunters so watch those open. Windows. She sees you when your sleeping.......

Kristin said...

Haha! Hold the front page!
AND noooooo, it's too fast to be the final day of school. She looks adorable in her first baby picture, then so beautiful in the next. I'm gonna encourage Kendra to fail a few grades just so I can keep her home longer (see what I good parent I am :)
AND yay! Thank you for putting the new SOC button on your blog and thank you for your excitement! I can't wait either, xoxo

Terri Corona said...

When I'm an old woman I want to be just like Small Cat! She must have been quite the hell-raiser when she was a youngster! And speaking of youngsters, what a precious picture of Hope's first school day. Amazing how time flies.

Sam said...

Hi Jo! Just had a major catch up on your blog. You have so much going on, the extension looks like an epic build! Lovely pictures of Hope, Caleb finishes in a couple of weeks for study leave, I have no idea where the time has gone either. I am glad that Rosie Mae is ok and small cat sounds like he had a great night on the tiles. X