Sunday, 19 May 2013

What's Rocking My World This Friday (late)!

The time has come to put together
a list of all the good and positive 
things from the week that's just passed.

Rosie Mae.
Following another trip to the vets
we agreed to take her off her
medication and see how she does.
The tablets were making her sluggish
and she was lacking the va-va-voom
that made her Rosie Mae.  She hasn't
had any more fainting spells, but then 
neither has she had the joie-de-vivre 
that previously inspired her mad 
five minutes racing round the garden.

Grant and I took her out for a run
yesterday and she was like a puppy!
She looked so happy, running in
the grass and wallowing in the stream.
She jumped into the boot of the car
like she had springs on her paws!

I am convinced that we have done the 
right thing for her.

I won a prize from Cowling and Wilcox
on Facebook :)
Sketchbook, paintbrushes, paints,
sketching pencil and a bag for
it all to go in.

I did a Snoopy Happy Dance!

The extension grows, oh-so-slowly
(can you tell I am oh-so-NOT patient!).

Apparently, by this time next week the roof
tiles will be on and the windows will be in :)

Hope and I enjoyed a trip to IKEA.
She wanted some (VERY BIG) picture frames 
for her bedroom, and I wanted to have a 
look at the 'Billybookshelves and doors.  

I have now ordered them online, and 
they will be going in my conservatory studio.  
All the old hotch-potch of furniture will be
 coming out and neat and tidy and streamlined 
(and very organised) furniture will be going in.

I've got to have a brutal clear out and 
repaint the walls first (dove grey, I think),
and as they're being delivered next 
Friday I'm going to be busy busy busy!

We visited our friends, Jan and Brian,
who moved recently.
It was lovely to see them and listen
to their plans for their new house
(a really interesting building, converted
from the old village hall).

WW Facebook Group.
I love you girls.

Small Cat deigned to come and sit
on our bed last night, while we were reading -
the first time since we collected her 
8 months ago.  She was only there for
10 minutes or so, but at least she tried.

I have counted the number of days I have
left to work at school.


Apparently I'm not being replaced.
I've decided to not take that as an indication
that I don't do any work, but more of
an appreciation that I am irreplaceable :D

(In reality, I suspect that it was a 
budgetary decision).

That's about it for today.
I'll leave the link to this post with
Virginia, and later I'll catch up with the
other Rockettes to find out what's been
good for them this week.

I hope you have a great week next week!



Valerie-Jael said...

Hi! Glad Rosie Mae is feeling better. Congrats on the prize! How did I ever last through 35 years of non-stop full-time teaching? Lucky you being able to get out! Valerie

Virginia said...

Oh a lovely Rocking post, hurray for having Rosie Mae back to her old self, will keep my fingers and toes crossed that she gets to enjoy being herself again for a very very long time and that the medication just gave her a dose of time out for a bit that she really needed!

Ooh prizes - I love prizes I hardly ever win anything but I love prizes!

The extension is loving fabulous, can't wait to see it finished!

Oh do you know I think the billy bookcases and doors might have been a better option for said 12 year old last year - sod might have a rethink about his room - I love Ikea furniture lasts forever!

Dove grey is an unusual choice in colours, I don't think I could cope with grey but with the bookcases I'm sure it'll look extremely sophisticated!

WW facebook group - love you too!

Small cat makes me chuckle, she should meet my sisters cat by far the most anti-social cat I've ever come into contact with!

15 days - 15 - for real - wow Jo that's amazing - wish sometimes I only had 15 days left at work LOL - but I guess you'd know that!

And yes you will be utterly irreplaceable!

Hope you have had a fabulous weekend, we've managed loads, we've had a housey weekend which I like (other half not so keen, but even he's glad with what we got done)! Managed a bit of arty stuff as well - win win!

Hope this week coming is fabulous for you too, fingers crossed for plenty of family time, time at home arting, good weather and not too much work.

Hugs as always!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I always love the upbeat and fun of your Friday posts, and I'm glad that your girl is feeling better!!

Eileen said...

Oh Rosie Mae I'm so happy you have found a new zest for life!
Maybe her body just needed to have a little rest.
Very well done on winning your prize.
I think the extension is coming on really well. It's nice to be able to plan it all out from scratch.
Roll on the end of the job day for you, not long now.
I remember my last day well. It was nice to have hugs and gifts from my colleagues and one was quite tearful...but not me, I knew absolutely I had done the right thing and have never had a single regret!

SusieJ said...

Love this post! So many happy things in your week.
Max says to tell Rosie Mae he's happy she's more like her old self (as am I!).
Jealous of your extension and studio....dove grey...very sophisticated.
And congrats on the win!!!
Hope you had a lovely weekend.
Hugs xx
p.s.Only 14 days to go now!!

Sharon W. said...

what lovely work someone (?) did on matching the placement of the new bricks to the old. As a fussy quilter who wants all points and seams to meet flawlessly, I am impressed.

When I converted my work space from "sewing room" to "studio" I found myself starting to say the first and ending up with multiple s's on the second. So now I have given in and have a "ssstudio" !!!

BadPenny said...

Rosie Mae & small cat make me smile.

I can't wait to do our office / dump out & will be grey & burnt orange & hopefully new storage units ( IKEA will be visited ! )

BadPenny said...

Rosie Mae & small cat make me smile.

I can't wait to do our office / dump out & will be grey & burnt orange & hopefully new storage units ( IKEA will be visited ! )

Privet and Holly said...

I am winging my
way home at 10,000
feet from my annual
mother-daughter trip
with my mom, happy
for some idle time to
catch up on my fave
blogs. Your addition
looks wonderful and
I bet you can't wait for
it to be completed!

Glad all is right and good
in your world. How exciting
that in 15 days, a new
chapter will begin. And
I believe that YES, your
employer most certainly
cannot replace you, dear

xo Suzanne

Carmen said...

Dove grey makes me think it would have a soft tinge of purple in it - I don't know why. But it sounds lovely - I hope we will get before and after pics?

The extension is coming along lovely. Wont be long now ;)

I think you've done absolutely the right thing for Rosie-Mae.

And yes, irreplaceable. Definitely x

Apparition said...

It sounds like the perfect thing for Rosie-Mae!

Gosh the extension is coming along. How exciting to see it come to life in front of you.

Yay to new furniture as well. And to wins! Big wins. Sounds fabulous.

Enjoy the last 15 days, definitely irreplaceable! :)