Saturday, 25 May 2013

What's Rocking My World This Friday!

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Ho hum, my Rocking Friday 
post is late again - but
I do have the excuse that it's
crazy busy here with all the house
stuff going on inside and out so it's
actually fairly amazing that I'm made 
it here at all!

So what's made me smile this week?


Luke has been feeling a bit poorly (a virus)
so I took him to the cinema to cheer him up.

I have to confess to having a little sleep
half way through the film (I was really tired!)
 but I don't think I missed too much.

We both really enjoyed it,
Benedict Cumberpatch was brilliant!

This little fella :)

He's called a quokka,
and my friend Sabrina found him on 
Pinterest and shared him on Facebook.
Look at that cute little smiling face!
And here he is sleeping...

.......still smiling!
He made me smile too.

This label on a bottle of wine.

Is it wrong to buy a bottle a wine
just because the label is this pretty?

Luckily the wine was lovely too.
I might have to buy another.......

The new cupboards for my conservatory 
studio arrived from IKEA
and are currently laying flat on the floor
in the sitting room, waiting to be put 
Flat. Pack. Furniture.
10 boxes.
Deep joy.
I'm half way through painting the walls
(ugh, why does each wall need 
3 coats of paint??!!),
and hopefully everything should be up 
and running by this time next week :)

Hope has got through her heaviest week of
GCSE exams - 8 of them in 5 days, phew!
She's still got quite a few to go but they
are spread out better, which gives her time
to breathe (and cram revise!).

I am amazed how well she has coped
with this stressful time.

The half term holiday is here.

Also, only 13 more working days until 
I give up being a Teaching Assistant.

For. Ever.

Rosie Mae, whose new trick is to forget
that she's had her dinner, so an hour
after she's been fed she's asking again.

Thing is, I just can't resist that begging face
so she's been getting little snacks to 
keep her going.

Hmmmmm, not so silly 
after all then, Rosie?!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow evening
when our friends (and neighbours)
Barry and Susan are coming to us for
a meal.
(Barry is building our garage).

They're always great fun to be with.

Grant, who is, as always, FAB!
He's been working very long hours
(since the dreadful murder in Woolwich
this week) but he just gets on with it.
We're always so grateful when he 
gets home safely. 

He is a star. Fact.


Ok, that's it for today.
Drop by Virginia's blog if you want
to join in, and leave the link to your
Rocking Friday post
(and it really is a great thing to do.
Sometimes I sit here and don't think I'll
have anything to write about, but once
I really start thinking about it, then it
gets easier.  It MAKES me think
about the positive things in my life,
which helps when there's loads of other
usual rubbish-of-life stuff to deal with).



BadPenny said...

I think I'd like to see the star Trek film - I used to love the series ( never watched the later series or films )

I have cats like Rosie Mae when I give Finn his lunch the others turn up with a "was I fed ?" expression !

Keep going Hope it'll be over soon !

Used-to-Bees said...

Oooh - flat pack heaven! Wish I was there to help with such fun! Instead I am going to continue dipping my toe into the world of textile ATCs, as I joined in with a swap. Not sure it was a wise idea so may be begging for advice later...Have a good Sunday, Bank Holiday and half-term!

SusieJ said...

Such lovely reasons to be grateful.
Rosie Mae is not alone...Max is like that too!
Hope you have a great weekend.
Hugs to Grant...what a dreadful week.
Hugs xx

Jewels said...

Sounds like a good week with one exception for your DH - I too hope he stays safe. Looking forward to seeing Star Trek myself as well. And good on Hope for getting herself through all those exams. Cheers Jo (and yes the remodeling WILL come to an end - from one who KNOWS LOL

Suzy said...

Sounds like a busy and happy week. It will be worth it when your craft room is all done and yes I would have bought the wine for that label too

Monica said...

How exciting to be getting a studio. I thought of grant when we heard of that terrible murder. I do not know why all these people live in a country they hate and why they just don't go and live in a place that thinks and acts like them. I have friends coming over for dinner and have of course gone overboard. i just printed the menu. Sounds very affected but if i don't I forget something.
Better have a shower.

Carmen said...

I don't own any flat pack that doesn't have a donk in it somewhere where either Craig or I have lost our temper with it whiole assembling. I remember an Argos desk once. Fully assembled. That we lifted to try and move and the top pinged off or something. I saw red and went all Incredible Hulk on it's arse, smashed it to pieces. (WHY. CAN'T. I. AFFORD. A. NICE. ANTIQUE. BUREAU. INSTEAD. OF.THIS. CRAP. Something along those lines inbetween each smash) Craig and I hadn't been together that long - am surprised he stuck around! :P

Studio sounds fab and so does the garage. I hope you peeled the label off the wine?

Rosie-Mae. She does make me smile!

Have a great week Jo x

Eileen said...

Good luck with the flat pack building.
Glad Rosie Mae is doing well, having the munchies is no bad thing!
Dreadful events in London last week, absolutely shocking. I understand your worry about Grant's job. I have a son who works for LUL.
Busy time for you all, take care x

Virginia said...

Yes you definitely find the positives when you sit and reflect and a fine list this week Jo. Into Darkness fab film, we went on Friday and enjoyed it. Love the quokka - very very cute. Wine - nom (enough said). OOh can't wait to see your studio - do we get to see photos - pretty please. WTG Hope on getting through these exams - 8 in one week - crikey - that's a lot!

13 more working days and counting.

Loving Rosie Mae's new trick - genius!

Neighbours and hubbies - being awesome all fab stuff.

Hope the weekend is proceeding positively - hugs as always!

missy k said...

Sounds like a busy week but with lots of positives....

Good luck with the flat pack!

Love the quokka he is SO cute.

The boys have finished their exams... Livi has just one to go! She can't wait to be done!!!

Good luck to Hope with the last of her exams :)

Karen x

Sabrina said...

Good artwork, I have found, is an excellent method for choosing books, wine, and music! You have so much going on over there! I can't wait to see pictures of your new work space! A few more days of teaching assistant - yeah! I'm sure that will feel good once complete. It unfortunately sounds like that job has soured over time, so nice to be relieved of it! You are so good to keep up with Fridays, and swapping, and soforth with all you have going on. I'm trying to creep back by at least reading all the posts! Oh, and loved the Star Trek movie as well! I had seen almost no ads for it and when Benedict popped on screen, I practically had a conniption of excitement (it doesn't take much). I hope your week ahead makes you as happy as a quokka!

Natasha said...

Star Trek. It opened up on the 9th May over here so I nabbed it as my Mother's day present. I really enjoyed it.

Sounds like you have had a fabulous week. I had to laugh, I have bought wine based on the label before!!

Not many more days now until no more teaching assistant!! I hope the furniture is coming along.

Sending Hope some good exam finishing vibes, yay for handling stress well. And go Rosie Mae, a dog after my dauighter's own heart.

Sounds like a dreadful week for Grant, I bet he is grateful for the appreciation. Great week!

Terri Corona said...

I'm in love with that little Quokka!

And let me just say, if it's wrong to buy bottles of wine just for their labels, I don't want to be right!