Wednesday, 22 May 2013

WW Art Collaboration - The Motion of the Ocean.

You might remember that us girls in the 
WW Facebook Group
are taking part in an art collaboration
(I blogged about it HERE).

Well I have just finished doing my bit
to Sam's card, which she has given the theme,
"The Motion of the Ocean".

(click on the pic for a bigger image)
Sam did the first layer (at the bottom of
the 8"x10" card) - I really like the text background,
aqua colours and cute little 'bubbling' fishies.
She also started a couple of 
meandering trails of teeny-tiny fishies.

So, then it came to my layer.

I carried on with similar colours,
and painted pearlised paint over sequin 
waste, and then painted fine glitter glue 
through the sequin waste too, 
adding some shimmer.
I stuck on a fish postage stamp, 
added bigger bubbles, 
some 'found' text saying,
"When the whispering had finished 
the fish swam away", 
and continued Sam's trails of
teeny-tiny fishes, although mine are green.

Susie has received it, 
I wonder what she'll
do for her layer?

I now have Carmen's Edgar Allan Poe 
inspired card to be working on.  
She and Sam have already done their 
layers and they're brilliant.  

I am somewhat intimidated :/



Virginia said...

Oh this one is looking lovely! I love the teeny tiny fishes too!

The Faerie Factory said...

So pretty, love the little fishies .. Sarah x

Monica said...

What an interesting swap.

Carmen said...

Oh it's beautiful! I love that you carried on her fishy trails! I never thought to scan Sarah's with mine on it - I just took a picture of the layer I did! Poo! Will have to message Sam!

Sarah said...

This is looking fantastic already. I like the way the little trail unites the two pieces. Cool (postage) stamp too. I have a huuuuuge bag of stamps somewhere. Really ought to use them some time in collage or something as whenever anyone else does I always love it.

Terri Corona said...

What a great continuation of her section - how fun!

JansArtyJunk said...

That's looking great Jo...Love your bubbles and how you have used the fish stamp and words. What an interesting swap! x

SusieJ said...

I love both sections so far..still pondering as to what to do for mine...eek!!!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I really like how you added to this collaborative piece, jo. I love your signature postage stamp so much! The whole thing looks great. I have done something like this before, 4 quadrants of a canvas and so enjoyed. I like the words you added too! Good thing your school job ends soon, (yeeha!) as you are very busy with art!! xoxox

Natasha said...

Oh beautiful job! These are all going to look fabulous when they are finished!

BadPenny said...

Really looking forward to seeing the finished cards.

Linda said...

sounds like a really fun project Joanna!

missy k said...

Cool project... love the colours.

Karen x