Monday, 13 May 2013

WW Art Collaboration Project

The WW (Wednesday Whine) girls on
Facebook have decided to do a 
round-robin art collaboration.

Most of them already join in with various
 art collaborations in Sarah's group,
(pop over and have a look)
but, so far, I haven't.
I just don't know how good I'll be at 'sharing'.  
Will I be confident enough
 to add to someone else's artwork?
How I will react to someone else
working on some artwork of mine?!

Hmmmm, I can act like a spoilt brat (sometimes).

So, whilst discussing this on WW,
I suggested that we did a collaboration -
just between us; friends who know me
well enough to not get upset if I start 
throwing my toys around ;)

Each card is 8" x 10".
Originally there were 7 of us taking part
but one had to drop out (something to do with
pressure of work studying for a degree, pah!!),
so then there were 6.
Except silly me forgot to do one less strip, duh!
 One of us will do 2 sections on mine.

For my card, I chose the theme,
'Colours of the Rainbow',
and kicked it off with

Everyone sing-a-long now......
"Red and Yellow and Pink and Green,
Purple and Orange and Blue,
I can sing a rainbow...."

Susie has now received it and will work
on the next section.

I have received Sam's card, which is 
brilliant with her theme being
 'The Motion of the Ocean'.
I'm mulling it over before doing my bit.

So far so good.
I am behaving myself with no tantrums :)

And just a little reminder that coming soon
is Kristin's Summer of Color 3.....

Click on the button above for details.



Sarah said...

Well I WAS singing the rainbow song but by the time I got to the bottom of your post I was in full on Hairspray mode - I LOVE that motion of the ocean song - you can't stop the beat!

This collaboration should be fairly tantrum free (I hope :) ) as nobody will be actually working over anyone else's stuff, just alongside..... so I think you can relax :D

LOVE your red stripe (isn't that a beer?) - I wonder what colour/s I'll have by the time it gets to me? Are we doing them in order?

I've already sent my "copper and teal" and Virginia's "red and black" onto Carmen, I think I have "steampunk" coming next, exciting!

SusieJ said...

It is safely in my paws Jo.....
Hugs xx

Sharon W. said...

EEEEEK! That is the very round robin project I described to you in my latest email! Here's hoping it is smooth sailing for your group!!! As I said, when working with one inch strips people can become verrrrrrry territorial.

sugar Creek said...

That sounds like fun! Love that one, haven't heard of it before but I like it!
Can't wait for summer of color as well!
Hope you and your family are doing well! x0x0

Valerie-Jael said...

Have fun with your joint venture. Things like this are not really my cup of tea, they remind me too much of the art-therapy groups at school! By the way, my writing was better at 4 1/2 than it is now! Valerie

Kristin said...

Oh, look! The SOC button! Thank you so much - very sweet of you to include this - and the rainbow song is so perfect!!!
AND you cracked me up about being a brat - noooo, just honest! I would feel the same :)
AND thank you for your suggestions about my spam issue - it's for some reason not happening now - but I loved your idea of the approved comments - YESSSS, I will do that one if the problem comes back.

Kristin said...

Ha! I was a blue too :)
No surprise there :)))

Natasha said...

:) Love that idea, and I know have that song stuck in my head!! :)

I have just started a project with someone that involves working over each other's work. I am a little nervous about that idea, I don't know how I feel about it, or how I will feel working on something someone else has done. It will teach me to be less precious.

JansArtyJunk said...

Sounds like a fun collaboration Jo...I've done projects like this before...and tend to dither because I never know how much/little to the strip for each person is a great idea... Mmmmm I've got the rainbow song in my head now LOL!! x

JansArtyJunk said...

Sounds like a fun collaboration Jo...I've done projects like this before...and tend to dither because I never know how much/little to the strip for each person is a great idea... Mmmmm I've got the rainbow song in my head now LOL!! x

Carmen said...

Now that I have screamed at the screen whilst realising I have messed up my sizes AGAIN I can come back and re-ogle.

So looking forward to seeing all these completed. I love your red bit :)

Jewels said...

Okay seriously when do you have time to do all this stuff! LOL sounds like a brilliant idea (and always good to do in safe company though I am sure none will be shy in offering their feedback)....looking forward to seeing how it turns out....J

BadPenny said...

I had to sing that blasted song aged five in front of a packed school -parents n' all. Supposed to repeat the next day & couldn't stop wee'ing ( someone else did it ! )

I love what you have begun & admire you so much. Perhaps when we get our office rebuilt I can craft again !

Sam said...

Hi Jo, loving the red strip..i'm feeling really naughty and when it gets to me I may doodle a little something on your strip!!!!! Only joking, dont throw anything at me! Cant wait till i get yours, i am hoping purple is still available!

Virginia said...

Oh you'd love the collaboart thingy - I'm telling you! this one as it's side by side should hopefully go OK provided RM behave! Now the dilemma i have is that we've always sung the song differently - drat - will WW you LOL