Thursday, 13 June 2013

Art Car Boot Fair

Last Sunday, Grant and I
went to East London for the

It was held in a car park just
off Brick Lane, a part of London
that I hadn't visited before.

We had to queue to get in.........
.......which gave us an opportunity 
to enjoy some brilliant street art.

I was disappointed to see how dirty
the streets were :(
I overheard someone saying that people
had queued overnight for this event,
so maybe this rubbish was left by
them and was unusual.

I particularly liked the one above,
I thought it was very clever
(definitely an idea to steal!).

Inside, it was very VERY busy and I
got the impression that 'the best' had
all gone when the doors opened,
just half an hour before.

There was 'Pearly Royalty' there,
and they posed prettily for me to take
a photograph.

This car had been customised by

And this one was all about 'Doubt' and
we were invited to write our doubts on it.

This Doubt is not one of mine, but it
made me smile!

There was a VERY long queue for
prints being produced, there and then, by
I would have liked one of his prints,
but I think we'd still be in the queue.
(which Grant thought was the 
queue for the toilets!).

Overall, I was distinctly underwhelmed 
by the art car boot fair. 
I wasn't impressed with
 the talent or artistic skill and there was
a lack of fresh and innovative thinking.

I was hoping to see 
(as promoted in the advertising)
but there was no sign of them.
There was a Tracey Emin stall being run by 
two other ladies, but, from what I could see from 
the back of the crowd, they only seemed to be
selling raffle tickets for one of her prints.

But it was certainly an experience!

Having had a look around we hopped
onto the Tube and then walked through to
Covent Garden where we sat outside 
and enjoyed a carafe of red wine 
while listening to live music.
Lovely :)



Eileen said...

Was an experience for you even if you weren't too impressed with the art car boot fair. I hate seeing streets full of litter too.
I love the missing poster, very clever.
I love Covent Garden, always head there when we go to London. Not very often anymore unfortunately.

Virginia said...

Oh Jo - it was a shame you were underwhelmed, but I love the photos of the art that you took and the doubt car - genius! I love the missing poster and the fact you had a carafe of red on your way - lovely stuff!

Natasha said...

How disappointing you were overwhelmed, but the street art, live music and red wine count as part of the total experience! The street art was fabulous!!

BadPenny said...

You'd think that they could have at least piled the rubbish up if it was left by those queuing.
I've never been to Brick Lane but intend to one day.
Glad you turned your trip around & had a good time !

Monica said...

I would never imagine she would show up at a street fair now she is so applauded. A carafe of wine always improves the viewing!

Carmen said...

Well. You've saved me wasting my pennies next year. I'll save up for a different day out. I do love your pictures of the street art - hey - maybe we should save for a day with Sarah giving us that tour of all her favourite places!

missy k said...

Well it was an experience anyway.... hope you didn't have to pay (too much) to get in!

I smiled at the Tardis art and I loved the Missing poster too.

The simple ideas are generally the best... I just wish I could think of more!!!

Why do people have to drop rubbish? It really really annoys me!

Have a great weekend

Karen x

Printed Material said...

I used to work near Brick Lane and, if memory serves, that litter was there then! Laughed at Grant being in the queue for the loo - or not as it turned out. An experience Jo, if not a great one!

Gina said...

The wole thing sounds like a fabulous concept... what a shame it was so disappointing.

JansArtyJunk said...

What a shame you were disappointed Jo...but an arty experience all the your street art photos and I would of been in button heaven seeing those pearly royals!!...