Sunday, 16 June 2013

ICAD{3} Week 2

By the skin of my teeth
I'm keeping up with the
Index Card A Day
challenge :)

(Long Live the Queen)
I saw this image of the Queen in a copy
of The Radio Times, and loved it.
The background is acrylic paint, messily
finger painted.

(He's Got the Whole World in his Hands)
I was lucky to get some vintage copies of
the National Geographic magazine 
(1950's and 60's)
and some of the images are amazing.
I loved this black and white photo of a man
holding a globe.  I changed his background 
with black and silver acrylic paint,
and used a star burst stencil with white gel pen.

(Thinking this way)
Another image from a Nat Geo mag.
I enjoyed painting the bubbles :)
Found text from a book.

(Follow your Heart)
The two cars were an advert in
a Nat Geo mag (sorry, you're going to be
seeing quite a few of these images!).  I
used gesso in the background, adding texture,
and used a compass mask and an arrow stencil.
The postage stamp is 'franked' with
'follow your heart'.

(I think......)
I had great fun with these bubbles!
Gesso smooshed through a stencil for
the background, the circles then painted to
look like (thought) bubbles.

(She was So Busy)
Another Nat Geo image.
There are days when, as women, we 
wear many different 'hats'; nursemaid, 
cook, chauffeur, waitress, wife etc. 
 The background is Inktense pencils 
used with a stencil.
Found text from a book.

(Be Positive)
I cut out the image of a woman from a
magazine and used her as a mask.  
I then used a mad scribble stencil 
with Lumiere paints
(they have a wonderful sheen that
 doesn't come across in the photo).
I always try and have a positive attitude 
in life.  My glass is half full :)

Thank you for dropping by!



Monica said...

normally not into vintage but they sure make for great mixed media. I love how you made them and thought the young queen has worn well!

ann @ studiohyde said...

I think your Index Card A Day art is great. You were so lucky getting the Nat.G. mags to inspire you, and inspire they certainly have. Love those bubbles too.

How's the extension on your house coming along?

Susan T said...

Blimey you have been busy. You know I love your work. I am not surprised at all that National Geographic has inspired you I think their photography is out of this world. Ha I think too much

Sharon W. said...

You seem to have been doing lots of stuff "by the skin of your teeth" these past few weeks. Save some of that skin for your old age, girl!

sugar Creek said...

Oh my I love them all! I really can relate to the one with all the different hats!

missy k said...

These are such fun Jo I really love them all ....

The one with the Queen is so striking and the one with the different hats made me smile :)

Karen x

Virginia said...

Oh they are gorgeous Jo I love them all particularly the one about the Queen!

Jill said...

Fab bunch of cards. Looks like the National Geographicals could be a great resource.

Karen Isaacson said...

such fabulous cards. You're putting those images to great use!

BadPenny said...

I think too much too but I do think these are fabulous ! Love the Queen at the beginning x

Natasha said...

Oh my gosh! These are such works of art. All so fabulous, though I am quite partial to the Queen. Stunning job!

JansArtyJunk said...

Oh wow...these are fab Jo!

Privet and Holly said...

J, these are all so
brilliant, it's hard
to pick a favorite!
I do love the first
with the Queen!!!

I'm not sure how
in the world you have
time to create like
this every day, but
I'm envious. This
summer, especially,
is off to a frenetic
start and I seem to
be snatching snippets
of time as I can find
them, between wearing
all those hats, most
notably that of a
taxi driver for two
busy teenagers : )

Keep creating--your
work is so wonderful!

xo Suzanne

Linda said...

oh what marvelous collages for your ICAD challenge! I love how you outlined and added to the B & W man one..and those bubbles-really fab!

Carmen said...

Oh I had missed some of these. Love, love, love them all! The thought bubbles in particular made me grin and The Queen. Did you see her grinning her face off when her gee gee won? Don't think I've ever seen her proper smile like that! Has to be said as I grow older I gain more respect for her. Brilliant. Loving these.